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FIX – YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing on Facebook

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This video shows you how to fix broken YouTube Thumbnails on Facebook – If Facebook isn't showing the thumbnail on a video you want to share, follow these simple steps before posting!


Facebook Debug

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how to fix broken YouTube Thumbnails on Facebook

FIX – YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing on Facebook

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  1. Raymond Leddy Cycle Gran Canaria says

    Nice simple instructions. but still doesn’t work??

    1. Derral Eves says

      Yep! At least it did last week.

    2. brokebust says

      +Raymond Leddy Cycle Gran Canaria Yeah neither method works for certain
      videos unfortunately

    3. Twawn says

      Worked for me, Thanks!

    4. Calvin W says

      You did something wrong then.

  2. Hu Hao Yang (胡浩洋) says

    Thank You!!!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Hao Yang Hu You’re Welcome

    2. Tracy Lundby says

      +Derral Eves Is it possible to post more than one url on fb at a time? I
      can only get one to show when I want to post multiple links. Thanks!

    3. IronMask75 says

      +Tracy Lundby You can put more than one link at a time in a FB post, but
      only the first one you enter will get parsed by FB and given a thumbnail.
      There simply isn’t the capacity for FB to do this at this time as the
      backend coding doesn’t allow for it.

    4. Tracy Lundby says

      Gotcha. Thanks!

  3. InsidePiano Video Tutorials says

    It did not work at first, but after hitting the button scrape again 3 times
    it worked just fine!

  4. Greggy Soriano says

    You saved my life! Thank you! Hugs! You’re like teddy bear! ;)

    1. ExEDE says

      Sumbudy wunts come

  5. Hangar Living says

    I recently changed the image from my youtube’s video and so the title of
    it. Everything changed when it comes to share it on fbook except from the
    new video image :(

    1. Hangar Living says

      it worked after I posted it hahaha

  6. ablestmage says

    Thanks! First option still works at least, but design of the page is a
    little different now (but generally the same). If it doesn’t work the first
    time, you can “scrape again” and it took me like 10 re-scrapes for the
    thumb to finally appear, but it did eventually =)

  7. Ben James says

    Dude you’re a legend!! Thank you so much. Would give you a bigger thumbs up
    if I could! Do you have a solution for that?! It wouldn’t surprise me if
    you did!

  8. Mad Chronic YT says

    Video starts at 0:38

  9. Kati Morton says

    Hi Derral! Thanks for this video. I fixed my issue with Facebook! You’re
    the best :)

  10. Robert Nugent says

    Nice, fixed my post. Thanks.

  11. Jim Ridgway says

    Neither of these solutions are working for me as of Sept 27 and 28, 2016.

    1. dannon flynn says

      It is because facebook is actively censuring certain videos.
      The only way around it is to hit the share button on the video and share on
      facebook and post it to your timeline. That is fine if that is what you
      were trying to do anyway, but if you were posting it as a comment in a
      thread then oh well.

    2. J. Roger Smith (Author) says

      Wow. This means that the atheist owner of facebook is censoring the Bible.
      Because that is the only thing I have been posting since Aug 1st.

    3. Brendan Zerafa says

      Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t for me :/

    4. J. Roger Smith (Author) says

      I tried Dannon Flynn’s suggestion. It worked. Sharing is the only way
      around this mess. Don’t copy and paste the link. Just go to Youtube and
      share the video to Facebook. (You can leave a comment about the video
      before posting it.) Thanks Mr. Flynn. 🙂

  12. Lengo67 says

    Nope. Doesn’t work. The new and improved Facebook fails to show the
    thumbnail either way using Mozilla, with Mozilla firefox set as default

    1. Theresa Robinson says

      I was having this issue as well on Chrome but the second option he showed
      of using Bitly worked like a charm. It didn’t appear to at first but after
      hitting “enter” after pasting the link, it did show.

    2. Anglynn74 says

      I’ve been having this issue suddenly for the past few weeks on & off and
      now for the past week not working at all. Neither fix works.

  13. Lengo67 says

    Nope. Doesn’t work using Google as default browser. I get a warning:
    Objects of this type do not allow properties named ‘og:video:tag’. THat was
    using the address in address bar.

    I then used the link shown when you like, or share the video. It’s already
    shortened. The scraper returns nothing that I understand, and recopying the
    scrape result link then pasting it into Facbook, does not show the player.
    All that shows is the link. This link works, but it opens youtube at that
    video. I need the preview or inline player whatever it’s called.

    Bottom line: Facebook fixed it until it’s no longer working!

    1. dimeuno says

      (Edit: Confirmed this works. I tried it again, both Spacebar & Enter work.)
      I just had a video that wasn’t showing the thumbnail after waiting for a
      long period and refreshing many times to try again. What got it to work was
      I pressed Enter after pasting the text and the thumbnail actually decided
      to show up. I don’t know if pressing the Spacebar would have the same
      effect. It’s possible it was a coincidence since I did try the Facebook
      debugger link, and it didn’t seem to be working, but it might be that
      there’s a couple minute or so delay.

    2. Anglynn74 says

      hey this just worked for me…finally. I pasted the link and then hit
      “enter” and poof the thumbnail showed up. Lengo67 please try this, first
      time it has worked in weeks. Thank you dimeuno 🙂

  14. Theresa Robinson says

    People seldom click on any video where they can’t see the preview and I was
    becoming so frustrated because mine just wouldn’t show. I used the Bitly
    option and it worked like a charm. Thank you!!!

  15. Christine Kocher says

    I’m not seeing when you hit the refresh button. I can hear you saying, but
    don’t know what you are doing.

    1. anonymous Creations - Thug life videos says

      hey guys for those of you are still facing this problem i know how to fix
      this just go to your chrome browser setting > then go to advance settings
      and then just reset your browser thats it it will be fixed >please also
      have a look at my channel and sub if u like it 😛

  16. Clare Lochary says

    This was really helpful. Thank you!

  17. James O'Rear says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your channel has helped me so much. I subscribed!

  18. Joshua Wilcox says

    Why does the thumbnail itself get cut off? I am able to post the link just
    fine and it shows the text, BUT it only shows half of my custom
    thumbnail….Just like in your video you have posted.

  19. John Plumstead says

    Thank you

  20. TJack Survival says

    I had to strip it a couple of times but this worked. Thank you! Are you
    from Utah? You look the part. LOL

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