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F**k Beyoncé

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Beyoncé is a complete hypocrite who has exploited 'Black Lives Matter' riot chic to inflate her already mammoth ego and bank balance.

Beyoncé is so 'proud' of being black that she's physically bleaching her skin to become white.

F**k Beyoncé.

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  1. Harry Bleachwood says

    black people are sad…and that’s not racist they keep proving it over and

    1. John Nodoe says

      Beyonce is half chimpanzee

    2. oh no says

      John Nodoe she isn’t mixed .

    3. John Nodoe says

      So full blood chimp

    4. Kiros Amhara says

      Look at all these butt-hurt trendy Alt-right simps on this page spreading
      racism. yet it is Afro-Americans spreading this vitriol right? LOL! The
      hypocrisy has already been here before you fools started denying with your
      inferior politics you call “truth.” “Don’t judge us all based on race.”
      Then proceed to look at all Afro-Americans as a collective. Yet if one of
      us were to say this we are racist, and further dividing a divided nation
      that has never been united. This is why White peoples are pathetic. I
      really wish segregation stayed intact.

    5. Thato Sello says

      According to Youtube : Highlights view on comments
      Many of you indicated that comments could use an overhaul and hoped that
      was a part of the redesign. We’re happy to say that it is. Today, we’re
      introducing a “highlights view” of comments which summarizes top rated
      comments, up-loader comments, video responses and recent comments in a
      single “front-page story” that you can drill into for more detail. You can
      see an example on this video and this one. We’re continuing to make the
      highlights better as we learn how people interact with it, so please let us
      know what you think in the comments below.

  2. Doxi Stavrou says

    Paul come on you should know she is a he

    1. Neptuno Vasto Lorde says

      Did you just assume its gender?

  3. JJ B says

    She takes money from her poor fans and does not have to live in the real
    world that her fans inhabit, she is so removed from the “street” . She is
    useless and has nothing to do with people.

    1. sunlotuslion says

      JJ B but of course will donate to useless charity that impact the black
      community 0.99%

    2. fine and fancy says

      JJ B, wouldn’t you move if you had almost a billion dollars in your
      account, too? You don’t know where she spends her money. In fact, it’s no
      ones business. But, I insist you look up the huge list of things she’s done
      for others. She even opened a school.

    3. fine and fancy says

      JJ B, she doesn’t take from her fans. They pay to see her.

  4. Thomas Rizzo says

    Beyonce hates white people she is a racist female !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. kuroichan101 says

      she doesnt hate white people moron.

    2. Leonard F says

      She hates, but she wants looks like a white woman. lol

    3. James Gray says


    4. Kiros Amhara says

      She is not trying to look like White females. She just wears blond hair.
      Dude in the video is a lying racist fuckboy point blank period. She darkens
      during summer months, lightens during the colder periods. She does not
      bleach. When Afro-Americans age we either get darker or lighter. There are
      Bleachers, but Beyonce is not one of them. He is just a Alt-right trendy

  5. Chris Oakland says

    what happened to beyonce she used to be me and my sisters favorite female
    artist when we were kids, how disappointing…

    1. Collective Consciousness says

      Same here…

    2. Brian Long says

      You are disappointed because you just learned the truth

  6. Чёртов нарик says

    Marijuana is OK, unless, of course, an idiot smokes it and starts attacking

    1. Theo Local Loner says

      Чёртов нарик like black lives matter?

  7. SUPERCHARGER2001 says

    Kanye West supports Trump

    I’m cool with that

    1. Walter White says

      SUPERCHARGER2001 me too

    2. Foxboy 614 says

      I did not expect to learn that.

    3. SUPERCHARGER2001 says

      mioryder on CGN p idk man, it’s all bout the image you convey to the

  8. Sydney O'Bier says

    The best word to describe Beyoncé is a hypocrite. All she cares about is
    being Michael Jackson and making money. She saw BLM as the perfect
    opportunity to regain her “queen bey” title, fiending concern for
    minorities and police brutality…she grew up in a 6 bedroom house with
    republican parents…she’s a Christian with god given talent but as a
    fellow Christian it kinda offends me to see someone of faith in videos like
    Baby Boy, Partition, and Video Phone. The music industry doesn’t care about
    morals, it cares about money. She’s just a popstar.

    1. IllDillWill says

      Sydney O’Bier exactly, the money and popularity is the only fucking thing
      she cares about.

    2. David Belcher says

      Someone of Faith??? What?!? May as well call Satan a person of Faith….

    3. Tiago Palmela says

      Sydney O’Bier religion doesnt carro about morality either, only Control and
      money 😉 ohh and its all fantasy

    4. Sydney O'Bier says

      Tiago Palmela ok but that’s what you believe

  9. Pat Kittle says

    She b apropreeatin blond hayer frum witey

    1. David Belcher says

      She wants to be accepted by White people and be White herself SO bad she
      can’t fucking stand it!!! She is appropriating our culture…..she is a

    2. Matthew Walter says

      David Belcher have you ever thought about this great thing called lighting

  10. Mike Foley says

    That thumbnail looks like Kaitlyn Jenner.

    1. Punching Guy says

      Mike Foley she has literally killed someone look it ip

    2. Mike Foley says

      +Punching Guy Beyonce murdered someone?! Who?!

  11. Mike Foley says

    Paul……you KILLED it on this one, bro. KILLED it.

    1. casper Splidsboel says


    2. Jack o says

      Paul always kills it. he lights their asses on FIRE

    3. OIdiesCentral says

      So,?A jew isn’t allowed to tell,what’s on his mind and the minds of many
      millions around the world?You sound like the russianvid dude,who only uses
      that screen name to fool people into believing,that he’s on their sides.

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