F**k George Clooney


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George Clooney is a total prick and a massive hypocrite. F**k George Clooney.

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  1. Guess again you liberal fucking puke…..Trumps is gonna win in like 15
    minutes. He’s currently at 266 Hillary at 218. Ah ha ha ha ha. Get used to
    saying President Trump.The people have spoken.

  2. I had to come back to this on this wonderful day! I have been waiting on
    this for a while! well well Clooney what about it?! rich prick.. Hit the
    road and go to Sweden to live with your wonderful muslims! oh by the way,

  3. Hah! Stick to acting or get out of acting and run for President.
    Unbelievable. Lets take in more refugees, well, not near my $10 million
    dollar mansion, please. What a POS.

  4. Clooney doesn’t have to be fear anything, because he has enough money to be
    and feel secure. I wonder how much money, personally, he has donated to
    refugee settlement program? I also wonder if he knows that the radical
    Islamist’s would put at the front of the line to cut his head off? Oh the
    publicity it would garner for their cause.

  5. How much would you pay NOT to attend…”Ladies and gentlemen, an evening
    with George Clooney, Bono and Bob Geldof”. Three world class
    condescending, obnoxious, self-righteous assholes!

  6. i’m not gonna go for the conservative bias and say that he’s a bad actor,
    cause he’s not. he’s a fantastic actor. which is EXACTLY why he’s so stupid.
    how can someone, who’s lived his entire life in the artificial light of
    fame and fortune, have any idea of the darkness around him? and don’t try
    to compare that to Trump. Trump has actually worked for something in his
    life, unlike clooney.

    My god, it’s hard work to stand in front of a camera and pretend, while
    someone else cooks your gourmet dinner in your golden palace, and serves it
    on a silver platter. and someone else waters your flowers and someone else
    drives your car, cleans your house and does the hard work that allows your
    luxurious lifestyle for you.

    flip the switch, and look at the darkness. it’s there, whether you want it
    to be or not.

    • right… who said anything at all about smartphones or tv’s? i have a
      laptop and an internet connection. as for phones, my phone is second hand
      from my brother.
      Buses? where i live, we don’t get buses. two buses pass by in a 5 km range
      and they’re both inbetween the hours of my worktime. as for my car, i got
      it used as a birthday present from my parents when i got my driver’s
      licence. the car is 19 years old now. for all i know, Kindle could be a
      town in china.

      but no, go on and tell me how easy it is to live in a big city and actually
      get the luxury of public transportation and such.

    • +Torkil Hansen A laptop and an internet connection are expensive things. I
      pay a tenner a month for my connection and a laptop is at least £80. I
      don’t live in a big city – I live half an hour away from the nearest town,
      which is actually pretty small at only 40,000 inhabitants. But buses are a
      regular thing even that far out, and even if you don’t (like I do) live on
      a main A-road. You think 19 years is old? We only recently replaced a car
      from 1989 with one from 1998 – 18 years old.

      The ‘luxury of public transportation’ is not something I receive because I
      live in a big city, it’s because where I live we actually have a decent
      public transportation system.

    • why are you so dead set on disproving my claim of living under the poverty
      can you not see the ridiculousness of this entire argument? we’re arguing
      about who is poorer.
      You don’t know my situation, i don’t know yours. stop.

  7. Forgive him folks, George is another dumb actor who spent all his time
    partying and not learning. His opinion is irrelevant.