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F**k the ‘Vote Remain’ Campaign

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If you have to exploit a murder victim to make your case, then you've lost the argument.

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  1. Icicle Jr says

    Next warning from Cameron:
    Leave and Godzilla will attack

    1. I am Jesus says

      I heard if we leave they will nuke imagination land

    2. Johann Gaius isiNwinga Zulu Ahuitcoyotzin Hirohito says

      +Bad Company Gaming Ask the Russians, they have some past experience from

    3. Lord Lazy says

      Rik Rina rip english

  2. SofaTrooper says

    I’m going to have to find away out of the UK if we stay in the EU. Looks
    like I’m about to become a migrant.

    1. Lucas Beast says

      Snipercube are you fat shaming now how do you know what thulis person is
      like in real life. Get a life

    2. Snipercube says

      +Lucas Beast fat shaming huh? Yes I am. Fat people are fucking disgusting.
      Your mother is most likely a fat welfare lesbian

    3. Lucas Beast says

      +Snipercube – SGF Leader nah she’s a married European citizen who
      immigrated here and doesn’t sit on her Arse and collect benefits as what
      you probably think all immigrants and obese people do according to what
      you’ve said

  3. Łukasz Witkowski says

    I hope UK’s exit will be first step to collapse this stupid and mostly
    pointless “union”.

    1. Mayhzon says

      +Alan Falk It’s not a surprise. From the very beginning, the EU currency
      zone was a project purely aiding the top dogs of society at the cost of
      everyone else. From the top of my head I can’t remember a single time the
      European Commission did anything that benefited the working or middle class.

    2. Thepro98 says

      It is not esentially pointless, mind you – more correctly it wasn’t.
      Without it there could have been still very varying and brooding relations
      between nations since the end of WW2. Instead, the nations joined together
      and pursued goals that profited each of them. But as everything noble and
      majestic, it gets taken down by hungry fatcat pursuers of eternal authority
      and it is the majority that suffers.

      It’s long overdue we restarted everything.

    3. Jemase says

      The trading block and free travel was a good idea. But they tried to go too
      far too fast with banking, immigration, and domestic economics. They turned
      a blind eye to blatant cheating in the banking systems, endangered the
      whole EU by not enforcing economic responsibility, and ignored cultural

    4. silverbird58 says

      yes lucas

    5. Laura Waterfield says

      +DaMaster012 Really??????How many organizations are abbreviated? Several.
      British people are not stupid. They may have bombed us but they didn’t take
      over our country .

  4. Juan Patrice says

    Her family did not look like ANY family I have ever seen that is grieving.
    Seems strange, abit to similar to the Anna Lindh story for my liking

    1. topaz pitt says

      might not be as much fun for him, now – since the thrill of getting away
      with something is gone…?

    2. AnAccountHolder says

      probably in shock

    3. Lawrence Newman says

      +AnAccountHolder The kids will be. I think the husband is a psychopath

    4. Lawrence Newman says

      +KSQ God, he’s nauseating. Blood type = progressive liberal. “the language
      was coarsening” Ugh, the way they speak is just gross.

    5. ComocosonoEWL says

      you mean like every crisis actor at every “mass Shooting” that never have
      any proof of anything and most buildings get bulldozed.

  5. Kraut and Tea says

    2:16 I have to disagree there on a small detail, actualy a big detail. The
    MAJORITY of people who came to Europe last summer claiming to be refugees –
    were not refugees. In fact, at best only arround 42% were Syrian. The
    majority were Pakistani, Algerian, Morrocan, Afghan, Tunisian, Egyptian and

    1. Kris Tophon says

      the point is that ISIS want the refugee crisis as a means to infiltrate
      countries in europe with ISIS members, this is not paranoia. its only
      paranoia if it not the truth. this is only the beginning of ISISs war on
      the west. we in the west can only think in terms of our own generation. the
      islamic funamentalists think of this as a multi generational conflict

    2. Anime freak17 says

      Kraut and Tea On uk radio I heard that online news is fake news the
      globalist have infiltrated the radio station and said online news is fake
      the establishment has infiltrated the radio station and giving bullshit
      that online media is fake …..don’t trust the mainstream media they are

      Wiki leaks
      Paul Joseph Watson
      Everyone on YouTube aren’t fake they speak the truth don’t trust the
      mainstream media

      They are infiltrated the radio and papers and tv news don’t trust the
      mainstream media

    3. mark david says

      You speak the truth brother.

    4. Anime freak17 says

      mark david I think most people on the net know about the establishment and
      the globalists and Islam trying to take over the world…..we just need to
      keep spreading the word

  6. ukguy says

    It is pissing me off so much that I have lost all respect for anyone who is
    in the Remain camp.

    1. Andrew Atkinson says

      dame right its. a failed project with a failed currency run by corrupt
      unaccountable brussel sprouts and i for one am glad we’re out and. we get
      to watch as. the ship gos. down from. this little life bouat called hms
      united kingdom

    2. Mikayla Barber says

      At least they left now

    3. XtotheZ Xzibit says

      ummm yeah – 3000 years of history.

    4. Ashley Green says

      hahaha its so fun looking back at these videos after Uk left eu

    5. silverbird58 says

      Ash lets go a bigger jump (for me ,in my time ,At your age ) .
      Review Robert Welch speech From 1958 And 1971 ,
      I saw this in high school March 9th ,1974 . At 6pm .it was on every channel

  7. LimeFroge says

    They’re letting people from outside the EU vote too, it’s a fucking joke.
    Not only are they rigging this against Leave, they’re also trying to get
    undecided people to join Remain through using this woman’s death.

    1. louislungbubble says

      +Jason weir I suppose the awful inconvenience of applying for a work visa ,
      or the inability to scam your way around Europe on a never ending working
      holiday counts more to some people than a bit of old fashioned pride and
      concern for the future of your race….some people look at it objectively
      and some subjectively I suppose…what can you do? vote to stay then…and
      let the locust plague come from the east…….marty

    2. Chris D says

      Wait wait wait, how can that happen? Also if it’s true I’ll do what they
      did in Kansas in 1863.

    3. CRedding94 says

      The US government is allowing illegal immigrants in to vote for Hillary who
      supports letting these Syrian “refugees” in.

  8. Jeremiah Brand says

    I’m voting remain because a comedian on HBO told me to

    1. AuroraS 92 says

      John Oliver.

    2. qwerty ytrewq says


    3. Lord Lazy says

      Then enjoy more tax, expensive fuel, less freedom and no sovereignty

  9. Laura Waterfield says

    Good on you Paul. Just another way to use a death for their agendas. How
    ironic her death would occur shortly before the vote. I hope England votes
    to leave the EU. Any type of violence in US as well blames it on guns. Such
    idiots out there. I’m a Brit and know more about the 1st and 2nd amendments
    of the constitution then alot of Americans. Was shocked when they asked
    American citizens on the street and they are ready to ban the amendments
    not knowing what was in them. Shocking??

    1. jaseandjohn says

      Sigh, inexcuseable bullshit way to explain that garbage, maybe in YOUR
      world Americans had to be taught the constitution, but FACT is it never
      was, you had to KNOW IT not be taught the mutilated republican version
      which was invented to fight the soviets, and now you “claim” that we have
      generations of Americans who have no clue what their rights are, listen kid
      if you argued with said people, you’d get destroyed on how much they know
      their rights without using god or the inferior bible as an excuse, but I
      know for a fact that ain’t gonna happen when these uneducated faggots only
      know the entirety of the constitution on the 2nd amendment, they believe
      THAT is the constitution/bill of rights and neither can exist without it.

    2. Laura Waterfield says

      +jaseandjohn I never claimed America wasn’t founded on Christianity. If you
      ask the average American and they did they want to abolish the 1st and 2nd
      amendments not even knowing what their about. I wasn’t trying to be a know
      it all just think it’s a shame I know what the amendments are as do some
      other nations. Yet most Americans don’t. I don’t have anything against
      America. Yeah they left England to get away from taxes and other things.
      Ironic how later taxes became a problem. America was known as the great
      experiment. America became a great melting pot for all nationalities.
      America needs these amendments for freedom of speech, religion, the right
      to bear arms and so forth. Criminals and terroists can get guns illegally.
      Gun control(confiscation) would put cizitens unable to defend there selfs.
      Ifyou know your constitution and support it that’s fantastic. That puts you
      ahead of the game. Before you put words in my mouth you need to really read
      what I had written because you got a few things wrong on what I said.
      Leaping before you write.

    3. Laura Waterfield says

      One correction on my part. Not most Americans but alot(on the
      constitution). I cheer the citizens of America who know their rights and
      are willing to stand up and fight for them in a peaceful way. You are truly
      super people. Cheers to all nations citizens that stand up for their

    4. FARK GUUGLE says

      Laura, im not one for conspiracy theories but is it just a coincidence that
      out of all the remainiacs, the one killed was cute and nice and friendly…?

    5. Caucasian African says

      American here, agreeing with you completely.

  10. WizardIF says


    1. Religion of Pizza says

      You really shouldn’t say stuff like that. Cameron’s a scumbag, but begging
      someone to kill him is worse.

    2. WizardIF says

      +Privileged Oppressor Yea i shouldin’t say something like that even if the
      EU fucked over it’s members.

    3. Religion of Pizza says

      +WizardIF Non-sequitur.

      Just remember that the police take such calls to action seriously when
      they’re made against the “right” people.

    4. Lord Lazy says

      I’ll chip in a fiver 😀

  11. Ultimate Handyman says

    I have already voted leave via postal vote ;-)

    1. Small Fri says

      F**k u vote leave. You have done it. Our lives will go down from now on

    2. Snipercube says

      +LPSdozy dogs127 you upload videos of you playing with little plastic
      animals. Politics aren’t for you little girl.

  12. PS says

    Christian man refuses to bake a cake and ALL CHRISTIANS are anti-gay bigots
    #destroychristianity tags abound. One muslim man massacres fifty gays…and
    we get #notallmuslims tags abound.

    When are people going to wake up and see that the absence of consistency in
    these arguments should be proof alone that we’re all being played by the
    media? #wakeup!

    1. PS says

      +Matiss Gross that we should not be proud for our own accomplishments
      because in God’s eyes we’re all the same.

      Hell and heaven are conditions of life. not real places. And only you have
      the agency required to pull yourself out of hell and into a more heavenly
      state of mind. As we do this collectively the world itself becomes more
      heavenly. Sure, you can thank God for this or say that it’s only by his
      grace that you were able to do this, but we could likewise attribute our
      thanks to the sun for without it, everything would be dead.

      At the end of the day the buck stops with each of us and we are to take our
      agency and be responsible.

      The government wishes to strip you of your agency, it wishes to abolish
      morality and destroy your memory of God.

    2. Megadebt says

      +PS Now we’re on the same page mate.

    3. PS says

      +Matiss Gross I’m very enamored with this topic but it’s too vast and
      precious to engage with it over a youtube thread. I really enjoy the
      writings of HC Mehdi and Eckart Tolle. I would highly recommend them. They
      encapsulate very well what I’ve come to understand regarding life and
      death. Here’s one from Mehdi:

      “The wax imprint is only seen once the stamp is removed. Such are the marks
      left in our hearts by those we loved.”

      Tolle has a great youtube channel too: /user/EckhartTeachings

    4. Sevival says

      pretty sure there are more anti muslim posts than muslims are not the same

  13. Driver says

    It will be the end of the UK as we know it if they remain in the EU.

    I would rather go through hard times for a short while versus give up power
    to a centralized government in a foreign country. There is too much power
    in the hands of very few people in the EU (just the way they like it). The
    people will suffer and the political leaders will be just fine (they always
    do well).

    A civil war may be in the near future. Too many citizens are losing out to
    illegals and now politicians are looking out for the best interest of
    illegals before said citizens.

    1. Natalie Skinner says

      +Jack Strayfeald My husband feels the same way.

    2. rachel hutchinson says

      That’s what I’ve been saying. If tightening our belts is the price to pay
      for living freely and not having masses of yet more rapists and murderers
      who hate us anyway being forced upon us, then bring it on.

    3. kentagion says

      it is the same in the US, the globalists of the EU/ the global elites are
      trying to get a fight, they think they are going to wipe out conservatism
      and common sense. They forget they are the ones that have disarmed
      themselves in their fury to ban weapons in the US. so you have unarmed
      retards picking fights with armed men and women. they totally want war,
      that is their main game. That is where the big money is now. Trouble is,
      they are fighting a losing battle.

    4. Thomas Alvarez says

      I`m too young to vote, but I think whatever happens, something bad will
      happen this is EVERYONES fault, it will be funny to see the chaos, plus
      people are so worked up about this vote XD I`m pissing my self laughing.

    5. Alex Feehan says

      And we voted leave by 4%, and the sore losers on the remain camp are asking
      for a second referendum.

  14. J. Dana Clark says

    Why in the heck did you guys join in the first place? ??

    1. Bastardosupremo says

      There was no vote join. And it wasnt a bad idea to begin with. If it was
      just the western European countires that have similar economies we would
      still want to stay. The trouble started when they allowed the Eastern block
      to join.

    2. J. Dana Clark says

      Something that serious should have been a minimum of a referendum.

    3. James Bondage says

      This all started with the EEC: European Economic Community. Not a European
      politic union with also a lot more countrys as it is today.

    4. Jordan H says

      +J. Dana Clark .. I was being ironic.

    5. J. Dana Clark says

      Sorry, irony isn’t widely practiced here whe I’m from. Dirty jokes and fart
      humor on the other hand…..

  15. 99IronDuke says

    Vote to leave the anti-democratic EU on 23 June, vote leave and take back

    1. OwtDaftUK says

      +99IronDuke Not technically left the EU yet so have not got all the
      benefits but still have all the uncertainty, so things will likely still
      get better. Though there is still a global crash coming non Brexit related.
      They will try pin it on Brexit so all be aware.

    2. Sam O'Hara says

      Explain please. Unless you want to call rises in hate crimes and a weakened
      (albeit now less so) pound “excellent”.

    3. Ian E says

      Oh, the strange spike in “hate crimes” immediately after, hmmm… yeah,
      that wouldn’t be left – wing thugs would it trying to tarnish the

      With an appalling track record I wouldn’t put it past them. With all the
      hissy fits they were throwing it would make total sense.

      You people never mention the endless list of “hate crimes” against children
      in Rotherham, though. Funny that.

    4. Sam O'Hara says

      So rather than it be a logical reason as to why hate crime went up, you
      decided to conclude that the people who are generally on the more ethically
      tolerable side of the political spectrum were to blame, just to make those
      who voted leave look bad? Are you for real?

      And what the hell has the Rotherham child sex scandal got to do with those
      that are left of centre? That was to due to some seriously gross negligence
      from the South Yorkshire Police. Why did you decide to pluck that one out
      of thin air?

      I’m not against leaving the EU if the country can make it work for the
      better, but shifting the blame on hate crime and changing the subject to
      make sceptics look bad is not going to convince me any more than the Leave
      campaign did.

    5. Ian E says

      There’s no logical reason why hate crime would go up after the referendum,
      because if anything, people would be less frustrated, so hate crimes going
      up seems ridiculous.

      I was just making a point, I hear about this all the time, about poor
      immigrants this and that.

      Yet no condemnation of the massive rape scandal which was the result of
      unabated Islamic immigration.

      I’ve heard nothing of any substance when it comes to these so called hate
      attacks and so forth, and it pales in comparison to the fruits of mass
      immigration to the native population.

      I just find all these scare stories overblown, that’s all.

  16. firstandforemost87 says

    One lone gunman/terrorist (not known to be politically minded in the past)
    murders an MP in the name of nationalism -> Has everything to do with

    Thousands of Islamic terrorists kill tens of thousands in the name of
    Islam; often citing Islam’s holy book as justification and declaring
    allegiance to the Islamic state -> Nothing to do with Islam…

    I knew I would see a swing in the polls when I checked out the economist
    and bloomberg today. fear mongering and gross generalizations, totally okay
    when the left does it I guess…

    1. WrathofNoGod says

      Muslims can tell the left that they support the killing of gays then they
      still wouldn’t believe them, they would say not all Muslims believe what
      you believe and stick their fingers in their ears. Last time I checked, a
      white person didn’t massacre 49 people in a gay club or blow themselves up
      on a London bus or flew themselves into a building killing 5000 people.

    2. Stony Stevenson says

      And now there’s been an apparent attempt on Donald Trump’s life, which
      presents something of a conundrum for the left, doesn’t it? Muslim slays 50
      gay people – nothing to do with Islam! White man kills one labour
      politician – everything to do with Brexit! White man attempts to kill
      Donald Trump – errr, Trump provoked him?? :/

    3. firstandforemost87 says

      +Stony Stevenson
      It would be a conundrum….. if the progressive left was consistent

    4. Stony Stevenson says

      +firstandforemost87 Fair point..

  17. Snipercube says

    My family voted leave :-)

    1. Munchmá Fuzi Qüchi says

      You won! Congratulations!

    2. Snipercube says

      +Munchmá Fuzi Qüchi thank you!

    3. Munchmá Fuzi Qüchi says

      +Snipercube – SGF Leader Thank you from America!

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