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New Tech Evo

This APK is flawless for watching Sports.

Original Source: http://i4pro.co.uk/website/Android_i4sprts.htm

Repo: http://overdose.srve.io/apk

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  1. Kevin Steele says

    Had Flawless for like a year, easily as good as Sports Nation HD etc

  2. Bisoye Toyobo says

    very nice!!!

  3. uk78622 says

    SORRY, BUT in your opinion which better iptv settv, gears or nitro

    1. newtechevolution says

      this is free

    2. uk78622 says

      true. This is a side question from this video.

  4. Toysif says

    For some reason the bt channels aren’t full screen on mines?

  5. clipperfan913 says

    hey bro what’s your opinion on the players klub iptv? I’m thinking of signing up but still not sure…

    1. Docwho 10th says

      Watched the Boxing PPV last week with ZERO issues in hd!

    2. clipperfan913 says

      Awesome Thanks bro! I going to try it out bro…Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Retro Slotter says

    simply a great sports only apk, one of the best to date. Thx man!

  7. Addison Walker says

    I hit the like because I like you and what you’ve done. However my question is; All the APK’s, have you given up on running KD?

    1. newtechevolution says

      Addison Walker nope will get into it soon 🙂

  8. eddie green says

    nice apk, we appreciate what you are doing

  9. ahmad zahidi Ismail says

    Brilliant. Works flawlessly

  10. Timothy Schmidt says

    Will this allow me to get UFC live PPV events? Thanks

  11. Sheetza Man says

    Thanks keep àpks coming

  12. christopher o rourke says

    fantastic ???

  13. Barry Bomb says

    Hi mate the app has gone down on firestick. Its saying update needed. Do you have an update version in the repo? Cheers mate

    1. newtechevolution says

      Barry Bomb check description and use the source.

  14. Thomas Clancy says

    Got it this morning and updated. Worked fine but now says can’t play link on everything

  15. Waking up To the truth. says

    Updated from original source link just underneath this video it directs you to the site, deleted old version and installed the new version ie 3.0, was working perfectly yesterday, but today not working, tried same procedure as yesterday ie deleted old version, went on site installed again but it’s still 3.0 and now doesn’t work.
    Looks like it’s down.

    1. newtechevolution says

      Waking up To the truth. might be getting updated

    2. Waking up To the truth. says

      newtechevolution yeah just checked again, now working again, although only stays on for a few minutes then goes off, then have to click on link ie sky sports 1 again and it comes back on, so unfortunately seems to be on for a few minutes then goes off, until you click on link again.

  16. Michael Dos Santos says

    How did you get Brazilian TV?

  17. M Rojas says

    Is anyone having trouble with i4 sports? I keep getting a message saying unfortunately i4 has stopped
    Any thoughts of what to do to resolve this?

    1. Waking up To the truth. says

      M Rojas yeah me too, think it’s down unfortunately.

  18. S Robinson says

    can you do a video for adding a fitness app

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