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Man City's Vid: http://youtu.be/_gngRaSCMiM
Calfreezy: http://youtube.com/Calfreezy

My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw
SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe
Subscribe: https://youtube.com/Sub

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  1. JordHD says

    My friend challenge me to get 100 in a week

    1. GT Soccer sim Dev says

      nah i will sub after 1 week I will unsub cos I will help u

    2. JordHD says

      GT Soccer sim Dev thanks

  2. Ian Souza says

    chama o Gabriel Jesus

    1. Ian Souza says

      Silvestaro ✌✌✌✌

    2. Doge says

      Silvestaro where have you been???

  3. Everything “RandomRaspberry” Gamer says

    My favourite footballers are

    Luis Suarez
    Eden hazard
    Arturo Vidal
    Olivier Giroud
    Wayne Rooney

    Read the first letter of the names

    1. JW Productions says


    2. JamezzTheGreat says

      Everything Gamer lemon whiski

  4. AK Ahmad Khan says

    Every like I get is how many days I won’t maturbate

    1. JP JB says

      Ibrahim Khan you’re*

    2. Zero Funk says

      song at 3.05?

    3. TheBossMan says

      AK Ahmad Khan ur just a kid

  5. Ms. OMG says

    Lets help him get to 10 mil subs leave a like if u agree with me

    1. Fado Subrahimi says

      Ms. OMG I agree

    2. Saul Arredondo says

      JxGaming well dude he has a life unlike you

  6. Axellent says

    Who else misses the old man city logo?

    Like if you miss it! ??

    1. gamer 10.0 OP says

      Axellent yep me to

    2. Knimaster193 says

      Axellent I don’t the new one is better

    3. TheDoctor2511 says

      Axellent a

  7. Dimxara says

    3:08 SONG?!

    1. LewPlayz says

      Dimxara do you know it yet

    2. Dimxara says

      LewPlayz no so u????

  8. ZedPenguinYT Andrei says

    1:05 music pls?

    1. MLfoot says

      Olivier Heldens – Koala

    2. ZedPenguinYT Andrei says

      MLfoot thank you

    3. Zero Funk says

      MLfoot song at 3.05?

    4. MLfoot says

      Zero Funk That I do not know

  9. Sub to And meatloaf PLAYZ says

    Like=You Meet Sterling⚽
    Sub=You Get Into Man City??

    1. Clorox Bleach says

      Sub to And meatloaf PLAYZ kys

    2. Hipster Nyan Whale says

      Sub to And meatloaf PLAYZ Scott sterling

    3. Henri Dibby says

      Sub to And meatloaf PLAYZ sexist much?!

    4. FoxyGaming 94 says

      Sub to And meatloaf PLAYZ a

  10. Fed96 says

    please tell me what is da song at 0:55

    1. Exiav says

      Fed96 Pegboard Nerds – Frainbreeze

    2. Fed96 says

      Exiav thanks mate

    3. xKing_Razvan YT says

      song 1:40

    4. Zero Funk says

      song at 3.05?

  11. iBluezify says

    1like=sex with crush
    scroll=10yrs of bad luck
    insult=sleep & never wake up

    1. Sgt Cool says

      iBluezify lol

    2. James O'Hara says

      iBluezify your such a fucken autistic faggit

    3. Joef47 says

      Yo the beef is real

  12. Zeger De Smit says

    I love man city

    1. Henri Dibby says

      Zeger De Smit what about women?!

  13. MV28 says

    Hey guys! I just uploaded a video about Quaresma, so if you’re interested
    please go check it out! 😀

    Like if you love your mom. Have an amazing day! :)

    1. Oscar Grzes says

      I mean pewdiepie

    2. MV28 says

      Oscar Grzes Thanks man!

    3. Aphmau Family and friends says


    4. Efekan Gömük says

      i agree with you QUARESMA

  14. LavaArts says

    For the people that are wondering what the name is of the song at 2:49 it
    is: Dirty Audio – Gorilla Glue [Monstercat Release]

    1. Ben Drew says

      LavaArts thanks

    2. LavaArts says

      noproblem bro

    3. Clash Tirex says

      LavaArts song 3:05 ?

  15. Anna Huber says

    Mate I love ur vids but u have too long between each one! I mean 6 days????

    1. Anna Huber says


    2. Deniz Gül says

      Oliver Heldens – Koala

  16. Gérard M'enfin says

    Lawl when sterling plays, he looks like a girl ??

    1. luisGTAV says

      t’es la toi mdrr 😉

  17. gidionapa says

    song at 2:03 plzzzz

    1. hafsteinn jokull says

      gidionapa song name is rimnaríki konungsríkið

  18. Artysta Kombinator 69 says

    song at 0:42

    1. Marc Gamer says

      Did you found the song ?

  19. Ferbi gaming says

    oglonda ktoś z polski

    1. Lays says

      Ferbi gaming ogląda

  20. BrotherMohd Hanif says

    please play for man city.

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