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Football Circus ● Crazy Showboat Skills ● HD

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Showboat Skills by Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Robinho and ect.

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1. Tarik – Alrigh
2. YONAS – Live It Up
3. Yonas – Stupid Brilliance

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  1. cihan eroglu says

    Whos that at 1:10 pls someone Tell meeeee

    1. Zachary Brady says

      +cihan eroglu snoop dogg look alike

    2. Kgaugelo Thapelo Nkgabe says

      +cihan eroglu Hendrick “Pule” Ekstien from South Africa. Kaizer Chiefs
      football club

    3. Bruno Alba Villanueva says

      +FootoZ le copia a wrzzer

    4. thetaze22 says

      hes a fifa 16 online gamer who only does skill moves because he knows how
      to do skill moves 😀

    5. Selamola Tloubatla says

      pule eskstein

  2. Zhantore Turdali says

    Андрей, отличные видосы творишь! Только вперед!!! Какую прогу используешь?

    1. ก็ แค่นั้น says

      อืม ไช่

    2. ivan ocampos says


  3. Mohamed Osman says

    less than one month 2m views OMG

    1. Tarek Alzanati says


    2. SRD TAO says


  4. MrRoCkXd says

    Anybody know the rap song in the beginning? I didnt find nothing on

    1. xTenzity says

      Tark-Alrigh its in his discription

    2. MrRoCkXd says

      +Aim2Gain Thanks

  5. juaquin Dure says

    principal song?? plisss

    1. juaquin Dure says

      Genia!! Graicas!!

    2. TheChiaraOffic says


    3. moustafa fedawy says

      do you know the second song ?

    4. guy ahanga says

      see the description

    5. BomBa says

      Follow-up of this new channel

  6. David Pineda says

    como se llama el del comienzo el número 24

    1. Oliver Atom says

      +David Pineda El número 25 decís? Es Thabo Rakhale

  7. ‫القناة الرسمية للعلامة الشنقيطي محمد ولد سيدي يحيى‬‎ says

    Leo Messi !!!?

    1. Andy Tops says

      +‫القناة الرسمية للعلامة الشنقيطي محمد ولد سيدي يحيى‬‎ leo messi is…. No

    2. Tấn Hùng Dương says

      no and never

  8. Lesiba Murphy says

    No no no. Why is it only Africa, South America and Europe? Include some
    Asian football skills. I’m sure they do have have skillful players too.

    1. Keagon Louw says

      Funny you should ask that question on this video. Have you gone to the
      other videos and commented on how much europeans are in those videos,
      because the other videos consist mostly of europeans and ive never seen a
      comment like that there? Unless you apply your “Why is it only…” attitude
      there too my suggestion is to “Check yourself before your wreck yourself”.

  9. Stooge ‏‎‎‏‎ says

    Who’s the guy with mad dread locks

    1. Lilitha says

      SIPHIWE TSHABALALA plays for kaizer chiefs south africa

  10. gonzax gamer says

    alquien me puede decir como se llama la cancion la primera que sale la del

    1. Benja Quiroga says


  11. xTime4R3kt HD says

    1:40 this guy is so mlg lol

  12. Surge Hyp3r says

    Wow I never saw messi lol

    1. Surge Hyp3r says

      +Daniel Hdz007 ik

  13. Saba Tanay says

    first song?

    1. Tamás Molnár says

      tarik alright 🙂

  14. Yoga Cholandha says

    South African players really love showboating don’t they?! :D

    1. SAYBingo says

      +KING 1 for All yeeeeaaaaaaaaaa maaaan I’m African

    2. unofficial Siphelele says

      we call it kasi flava

    3. Yoga Cholandha says

      +unofficial Siphelele kasi flava. Nice! What does it mean, by the way?

    4. unofficial Siphelele says

      yoga cholandha search for shkwarma sama tariyana on YouTube I can’t explain
      it but I can show you

    5. Yoga Cholandha says

      +unofficial Siphelele I’ve seen it! It’s really cool and entertaining!
      Almost like Brazilians’ Joga Bonito. So, is it exclusive for South African
      players or what? Because most players I’ve seen doing that are particularly
      from South Africa. And if so, how did it become a thing for South Africans?

  15. roshan raja says

    KING CR7.

  16. Rayan Aladen says

    why is wen Ronaldo looks like his making the ball floating is a cool skill?



  18. Liam Gildenhuys says

    representing South Africa!!!

  19. YogiiJaay says

    This is what football should be about. Fun.

  20. Gurnoor Singh says

    What the music

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