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Football Fights & Angry Moments 2016 ● HD

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Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Costa, Alexis Sanchez | Fights & Angry Moments 2016

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Song: Laskah vs Gio – Finale HR Instrumental

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  1. PsychoDorito89 says

    I just counted, Diego Costa is in it 6 times.

    1. Kieran Coyle says


    2. malcolm campbell says

      +PsychoDorito89 Because he’s a total wanker….

    3. malcolm campbell says

      +PsychoDorito89 Because he’s a total wanker….

    4. Kuma The Tyrant says

      +PsychoDorito89 because he is a idiot

    5. SebSk says

      @Kuma I agree but you (ironically) misspelt ” *an* idiot”…

  2. FootoZ says

    Grateful to everyone for 30 000 subscribers! Thanks to you, it happened!

    1. Lena Jaitley says

      You deserve it

    2. FootoZ says

      +Lena Rpz Thank you

    3. Tobias Hansen Hafjall says


    4. Selim Ziane says

      das Video ist geil

  3. Mr.Man says

    Footo do u live in Mexico?

    1. FootoZ says

      +Mr.Man no

    2. Ерасыл Смагулов says

      +FootoZ Russia?

    3. FootoZ says

      +Ерасыл Смагулов No

    4. BB7 says

      +FootoZ Narnia?

    5. Crazy Pro says

      +FootoZ you are the best of doing Football vines!

  4. Art Chanell says

    кто здесь русский или я один?

    1. FootoZ says

      +Art Chanell Я

    2. Кирилл Шалданов says

      +Art Chanell Я ТОЖЕ РУССКИЙ

    3. Андрей Хон says

      нас двое, ты, да Андрюха – кореец)))

    4. мирал зубайра says

      Теперь трое

    5. Rangaswamy K.Sampath says


  5. ◄ziadTheJinnai► says

    Best fight between a student & teacher :

    STUDENT: Sir, can I ask a question?
    TEACHER: Yes!
    STUDENT: How do you put an
    elephant inside a fridge?
    TEACHER: I don’t know.
    STUDENT: It’s easy, you just open
    the fridge and put it in. I have
    another question!
    TEACHER: Ok, ask.
    STUDENT: How to put a donkey
    inside the fridge?
    TEACHER: It’s easy, you just open
    the fridge and put it in.
    STUDENT: No sir, You just open the
    fridge take out the elephant and put
    it in.
    TEACHER: Ooh…ok!!
    STUDENT: Let me ask another one. If
    all the animals went to the lion’s
    birthday party, and one animal went
    missing which one would it be?
    TEACHER: The lion of course!
    Because it wud eat all the animals.
    STUDENT: No sir, it is the donkey
    becoz it’s still inside the fridge.
    TEACHER: Are you kidding me?
    STUDENT: No sir, 1 last question.
    TEACHER: Ok!
    STUDENT: If there’s a river full of
    crocodiles and you wanted to cross,
    how would you?
    TEACHER: There’s no way, I would
    need a boat to cross.
    STUDENT: No sir, you just swim and
    cross it because all the
    animals went to the lion’s birthday

    1. Robert96902 says

      So repetitive, it would have been more exciting if the teacher trolled the
      student at the end

    2. Ozzer Inman says


    3. ◄ziadTheJinnai► says

      +Robert96902 teachers are dumb

    4. StillHdz17 says

      lmfao this is amazing

    5. Mrsanchoo says


  6. Tyrese Davis says

    did he just kiss this man on the neck? or bite

    1. Tyrese Davis says

      +DagHD kinda gay?

    2. Strohhut Ruffy says

      +Tyrese Davis ?

  7. Masterofall says

    If you could choose one player to be your mate in an on field fight who
    would you want?

    1. PreLAPS says

      +Masterofall ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC! 1,95 cm 90 kg Taekondo black belt

    2. Masterofall says

      +PreLAPS cant argue there. Does he have the leadership skills though?

    3. PreLAPS says

      +Masterofall I dont know, you say for a fight

    4. Käsebrot 1999 says


    5. iSamzyyHD says


  8. ZRGAMER says

    Costa vs Vardy would be a good fight

  9. Talent Over Power says

    “Diego Costa fights and angry moments 2016″

  10. Ruslan Sharipov says

    Diego Costa is fucking idiot, hate that player

    1. football fan says

      I know rigth

  11. Karcok Kurczok says

    1:00 Mandzukic to my Lewandowski ? ohohohoh Lewandowski + 1 shot =
    Mandzukic down Kappa

    1. Karcok Kurczok says

      +disna angalla bayern monaco >? WTF

    2. disna angalla says

      +Karcok Kurczok in italy we call the team bayern monaco that have
      neuer,muller , lewandowski ecc

    3. Karcok Kurczok says

      +disna angalla no, im not a fan of bayern, but i like them 🙂

    4. disna angalla says

      +Karcok Kurczok ah

    5. Deniz Sümer says

      Karcok Kurczok İts not easy

  12. PhrMeerAnZ Hussain says

    im a cr7 fan but i like messis one cuz he skilled the player and like huh
    what dd u just say??!! EPIC

  13. Acha Hajjour says

    hahahah all i see is diego dickhead costa

  14. Mario Ng says

    wow…finally a nice music to suit the fights

  15. OBgaming !!! says

    in these moments the goalkeepers should come and help seeming they mostly
    tower every other player

  16. Mehran Latif says

    90% diego costa

  17. Romeoshine Corner says

    God I miss Hockey

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