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Former Atty. Gen. Michael Mukasey Full Speech at Republican National Convention

Your president Donald Trump

Tuesday, July 19, 2016: Former Atty. Gen. Michael Mukasey Full Speech at Republican National Convention.

RSBN's live streaming coverage of the Republican National Convention continues on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 from Cleveland, OH. Watch the live speeches from the convention floor and get updates from RSBN hosts live at Quicken Loans Arena.

Republican National Convention Live Stream – July 19, 2016 – Day 2

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  1. cullen manley says


  2. sherri99516 says

    Two thumbs up for Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and his speech
    with all those little inconvenient truths about Hillary Clinton highlighted
    reminding all that gov accountability, honor and promised commitments of
    sworn oaths to uphold their office do matter after all. The message is very
    clear as to what Hillary Clinton has done and how dangerous she has been
    for America and our foreign policies. Trump will be a breath of fresh air
    for our country and I really think he can set us back on the right path
    with our US Constitution and rule of law once again securing all American’s
    freedom and security… that the US citizens, their health, welfare and
    livelihoods will indeed come first.

  3. Jean-Michel René SOUCHE says

    “No way Hilllary, no Way on earth”. Atty. Gen. Michael Mukasey

  4. Vic_Jule says

    the traitors are digging their own grave, Clintons,Bushes,Obama,Comey for
    covering up and Loretta the scumbag Lynch

  5. Maddy “Tater Salad” Perennity says

    Waterboard her until she confesses, then lock her away for life.

  6. shepherd rescue says

    please play this over a loud speaker at the DNC… :)

  7. mrbopolini says

    You know, when obama took office and was sworn in, he was supposed to hold
    up his hand correct? He held up his hand alright, only it was the finger !
    To all of us.

  8. Gina 1965 says

    Secretary is defined as someone who is entrusted with a secret. SECRET is
    the root of the word secretary. And yet, she thinks letting out GIGANTIC
    secrets is “no big deal.” Wow.

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