Four new bodies push Mount Everest death toll past yearly average


Here is News Insider…

A grim discovery is raising new questions about the safety of climbing Mount Everest. Four bodies were found Tuesday inside a tent at the highest camp. This year's death toll on the mountain has risen to 10. Vladimir Duthiers reports on why it may be getting more dangerous.

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  1. Unfortunately, nobody of these plunder bipeds showing the respect to the nature, everyone want be a conquer or a colonialist, but really these idiots showing to be more and more smaller than they already are. It’s necessary the prevention to protect the nature and forbid all climbing to the Himalaya mountains, no more permissions and send back home all these unsustainable turists. And before that, them should clean the mountains of all their waste. No tragedy only idiots!

  2. You’ll hear a reoccurring theme of “they weren’t qualified” that mountain has killed people who have been to the summit 5-10 times. They hire guides Sherpas who have climbed it to take them up but it’s on them. The 4 dead in the tent died from carbon monoxide from a heater.

  3. Tragic? No, whoever tries to climb Everest must know that death is a possibility. That is: they estimate the possible success being worth  that risk.

  4. Pay tens of thousands of dollars at a great chance of dying so you can tell everyone….I conquered Everest.

    Or……fly first class to Hawaii and enjoy a luau!

    • Norbu Lama sorry last year did you say? Doesn’t that mean that 4 people on the planet went missing and no on knew about it even though they went to Everest? That doesn’t make sense. Someone’s son, daughter, husband, wife, partner is going to think you know Ron went to Mt Everest last year whatever happened to him. I haven’t seen him in a while?

  5. You pay money to get killed, people nowadays are so f**ing dumb !!!
    my advice to people who may consider to visit Everest =>
    If you’re not a climber & you don’t have physical capacity to climb, please stay at home. it’s better for u & your family

    • ياسر الخليفي true, however some people think it’s more like any guided tour, like the guide is going to make sure everything comes out perfectly well but it’s not like it in the mountain, up there if you realize too late that you’re not fit for it, you’ll probably die

  6. This is a mis-informed news story. The sherpa who discovered the tent made a mistake. Four bodies were not found. The whole story is fortunately not true.

  7. At the moment, none of this has been verified and no climbers have been reported missing, and no climbers have reported seeing bodies or a tent.