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Fractures between Trump and allies visible at G7 meeting

Here is News Insider…

President Trump is in Italy for meetings with leaders of the world's biggest economies. The Group of Seven are discussing trade, terrorism and security. Margaret Brennan reports.

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  1. Maiden America says

    to subject our own military force to cover ‘the debt’ not paid by our allies isn’t fair either. Glad he spoke up for our service members. we’ve had enough covering the world.

    1. Fernando Smith says

      why should NATO pay the only one who has ever needed NATO aid is the u.s refugees, u.s refugee camps, u.s rebels ect. the massive European refugee crisis is thanks to the u.s. refugees are flooding Europe thanks to the u.s. EU terror attacks because terrorists r trying to retaliate against u.s

    2. Bake been says

      True, countries like Germany have been free loading for years, look at it this way, half the German cars that are on US roads have been paid for twice by the rest, the German’s are very quick to but Billions in to their car industry, but slow to give it to NATO.

    3. Maiden America says

      Fernando Smith ISIL was Obama’s Junior Varsity team. Iraq was Dubyas War on false intelligence. so, yes…the US can be aggressive. Don’t think all Americans wanted that War.

    4. anonymusum says

      Aha, which car company exports most cars out of the US? It´s BMW.
      Germany actually invests twice of that money that the US invests in Germany.
      Germany took about 1 1/2 mio. refugees from Syria, the US not even 20.000. And who caused that war there they were fleeing from? Could it have been George W. with his war in Iraq?
      I agree that Germany should invest more money on their armed forces. But Trump didn´t realize that this 2% limit wasn´t even an official contract. It was an agreement by choice. But it gave Trump the opportunity to agitate against the NATO, which he already thought to be obsolete.

  2. Back Nforth says

    NATO must be like: why we should spend more money if you’re gonna bail us out if Russia or anybody else attack us and use it as an excuse to take over their country?

    1. edgar delgado says

      +Challenger Z no your just to stupid to understand the comment

    2. Alain PANNETIER says

      +Back Nforth
      >>> if you’re gonna bail us out if Russia or anybody else attack us
      If Russia attacks anyone in Europe, then the Russian spies in the white house will know in advance and give up Nato and Europe intelligence to Russia. Manafort. Crimea. Stop playing cowboy, you’ve been sold by your government.

    3. Alain PANNETIER says

      +edgar delgado
      >>> your[sic] just to[sic] stupid
      And -your- you’re -to- too uneducated to spell. Another proof +Challenger Z is right and you’re wrong.

  3. ImperialLion says

    NATO = North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

    1. Andy May says

      TRUMP = Trumpery, Rude, Unstable, Molesting, Potbelly.

    2. Edelgard Goldmann says

      ImperialLion Did you forget, our NATO backed you in your horrible war? America asked the NATO für help! And our soldiers died for you.

    3. OK! But then again. says

      Imperiallion = girlie boy

  4. Andy May says

    God help the USA. … Anybody will be better than him…

    1. Andy May says

      ItzDaveYO, Dumb remark, how can those idiots be president of the USA?

    2. CCAN says

      Andy May like who Hitlary, Sanders? get lost.

    3. Cesar Ruiz says

      Andy May maybe if Hillary would’ve run, she might’ve been able to beat him, too much competition in the democratic primaries

  5. Carmen Santana says


    1. CCAN says

      tock101 she’s upset her Hispanic entitlement is over

    2. leon singleton says

      Obama is a losing queer.

    3. LindsayLohansBox says

      leon simpleton Yeah what a loser, just ask McCain or Romney 😉

  6. Julie Anne says

    Trump is a shameful disgrace to the office of president of the United States.

    1. John Hillman says

      Guess what was a major mess when obama began his first term. Be fair. Trump has not done so well so far.

    2. Sarah Miller says

      C- ROCK You realize society is global. Your tax dollars do help at home, but at the same time, countries have national and foreign obligations. You’re looking at it too simply. Also consider, helping others in their time of need, just as the U.S. wants help in her time of need. It may not be today, but tomorrow you could be the immigrant seeking shelter and aid; Or seeking relief from natural disaster.

    3. Andy May says

      Leon Singleton, the USA was in the worst mess ever when Obama arrived in the White House. Thanks to him he turned the economy around and in better footing when he left the presidency. If Trumpery won’t be impeached/evicted our country will be in the worst state since George Washington, and I don’t care whether Trumpery is a bankruptcy specialist.

  7. Patricia Were says

    I’ve never cringed harder when he pushed that guy

    1. leon singleton says

      patricoa; Obama would have fondled his balls.

    2. anonymusum says

      Look around. The US and Europe are like natural allies. You can count on Australia, Canada and New Zealand, maybe Japan as well. That´s it. Russia? China? Forget it. And the USA needs allies and partners – as every other country in the world.

  8. Colin Silver says

    Quickly now, get him back to American soil; I’m sure he doesn’t have the “stamina” to continue that trip.

  9. Americans Against Narcissists says

    *God, Trump is FAT!* Ugh. Gross.

    1. A B says

      He is also the sole representative of America on the world stage… Well the rest of us are laughing anyway 🙂

  10. Cj Johnson says


    1. flying fox wing says

      Cj Johnson. do you want that to happen?

    2. Cj Johnson says

      flying fox wing; YES I want Trump Impeached !!

    3. flying fox wing says

      +Cj Johnson not that, the loosing allies part and stuff. Trump won’t be impeached no matter what anybody does.

    4. anonymusum says

      No, I don´t think so. We Germans know that Trump doesn´t stand for the whole USA. The only thing is: How can we all stand the next 3 1/2 years?

  11. Tesco Primark says

    1:20 wow… that shows his personality.

  12. Bagabones Felis says

    all the world leaders EXCEPT DRUMPF are intelligent, healthy and professional, drumpf is a disgusting fat slob, IGNORANT, rude and clumsy

  13. Sarah Miller says

    Compared to the other male world leaders, does Pres. Trump leave his jacket unbuttoned because he’s pudgy? It makes him look unprofessional.

    1. Sarah Miller says

      visakhans Midwest monkeys? U.S. influence may weaken under current presidency, but American power and influence not likely to fade easily.

    2. visakhans says

      Sarah Miller Midwest monkeys refers to your so called red states which is the poorly educated belt in the Western Hemisphere. It’s them who brought this upon the US. As an outsider we look to the US for leadership. Over the years we have started to see the US wane as a power and the rise of Asia and China in particular. No doubt you are still número uno. But with that trade deficit widening, public spending seeing cuts, health on a decline, defence budget starting to stagnate when the others are steadily catching up will surely Ensure this down the road. But the stupid orange thing is hastening this process. & don’t mistake that the void left by the US will be filled by one or more powers. The US by then will stop preaching democracy and will participate with the rest. For now your ‘real estate dealer’ prez will take you on a giant slide. I don’t like this, but the writing is on the wall. Amen

  14. Salvatore Servodio says

    he is worse than Berlusconi! lol

  15. Xr8dACE420 says

    trump is anti N.A.T.O. because Putin told him too be… #trumplovesputin

  16. M. Rodrigo Lemus says

    Chump dances and praises Muslims in Saudi Arabia… Bows to the King and kisses the ring… Later scolds NATO Europeans… Who’s your Muslim President NOW Trumporrhoids.??

    1. Scandicraft says

      best comment

    2. Rachel D says

      M. Rodrigo Lemusits called deplomacy you idiot….he wont get their cooperation by going balist on them…geesh

    3. M. Rodrigo Lemus says

      Rachel D : Oh yeah… but you imbeciles Trumpanzees wasted no time in criticising President Obama for doing the exact same thing. ?

  17. Ashley Johnson says

    OMG I am so embarrassed look at the other country leaders compare to the buffoon sellout clown standing next to our flag I am ashamed to be American.

  18. kinn grimm says

    As an europen, i am glad that he can be maximum 8 years in office and i am looking forward to the time when he will have left.
    You can say what you want about democracy, being able to get rid of leaders without bloodshed makes it totally worth it.

  19. Nate Lyless says

    Macron is sexy af btw

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