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New Tech Evo

Stream NATION APK! Tons of Free channels for ANDROID. This is another LIVE TV FREE APK for all Android Devices.

Source 1: http://overdose.srve.io/apk – This is for ES File Explorer
Direct Download Link: http://overdose.srve.io/apk/Stream-Nation.apk

✂username: stream-nation.tv
✂password: stream-nation.tv

Cable Cutters! ✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂ Enjoy! Hit the Sub button if you love me, hit the dislike if you hate me 🙂 *** PROTECTION YOURSELF FROM GETTING NOTICES FROM YOUR ISP****

Always use a VPN when watching IPTV, MOVIES etc.

I recommend IP Vanish, due to their Zeo LOG policy and speed.

Click the link below to protect yourself:

https://www.ipvanish.com/kodi/?a_aid=newtech&a_bid=48f95966 *** PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ISP SPYING AND GETTING ISP NOTICES****

Always use a VPN when using your favorite add-ons. VPNs encrypt your online activity and allow you access to blocked content.
I recommend IPVanish, due to their zero-log policy and fast speeds. Click the link below to protect yourself:


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  1. newtechevolution says

    Thumbs up if you love cable cutting ! ✂✂✂✂! ✂✂✂✂! ✂✂✂✂

    1. Deacon Clak says

      Nothing happens when I click the file.

    2. Gil W says

      no longer working!? 🙁

  2. Manny G says

    Thanks for adding it to your overdose

    1. newtechevolution says

      no problem 🙂

    2. Ephrem Bisimwa says

      thank you brouther. its working.

  3. Rich Wapner says

    it will stop working. u will have to put the password in again when it goes

  4. Alex Ayala says

    Similar to Mobdro

  5. Anthony xxKodixx says

    another great video New Tech!!???

  6. arvind padhiar says

    good one, but when channel playing there is a circle spin in middle what is
    that and how to fix? thank you.

  7. kevin shaw says

    once I got thru to apk list it wouldn’t download any apk. …

  8. Lawrence Siegfried says

    its all good now

  9. DrMoorehen says

    marvellous thanks
    also didnt quite get the es file download method until you explained it
    hope this app keeps going
    so glad i subscribed to your channel!

  10. zyplex1 says

    Major buffering, thx anyways

  11. bladeanton says

    anyway to stop the buffing on it , everychannel buffers on my fire stick

    1. Chris Thomas says

      dump those sticks and get a box…they are garbage bro!!!

    2. Alex Loera says

      my stik work perfect..dump those boxes

    3. Chris Thomas says

      You will see in a couple of weeks..

    4. Alex Loera says

      Chris Thomas lol

    5. Alex Loera says

      Chris Thomas lol

  12. Todd Evans says

    Hope everyone has been enjoying our app and streams. We couldn’t have
    done this without the help from my crew at DNA.
    Everything is coming along nicely and there will be an epg soon as well.
    We are in testing phase and it will remain free for now. Eventually we
    will launch and let everyone know where to sign up and get the latest
    app but until then ENJOY it for free. Thank you <3

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Todd Evans good news thats awesome 🙂

    2. Zerak Khanzada says

      Todd Evans the server isnt allowed to display iptv json?

    3. zyplex1 says

      Todd Evans I guess it’s not free anymore

  13. Burque Lobo505 says

    can i use this on windows

  14. Paul Daniels says

    Anyone else getting message server is not allowed to display iptv json? If
    so what does this mean?

    1. Anthony Rock says

      I just installed stream nation on my Android tv box and I am getting the
      same error message. I am in Trinidad.

    2. Toni Mccollin says


    3. Anthony Rock says

      I guess thats the end of the freeness, looks like they are going to start
      charging for it pretty soon.

    4. Zerak Khanzada says

      yup same if anyone knows anything plz help

    5. Jack Moran says

      worked last night, but get the same message today the server isn’t allowed
      to display iptv json – any thoughts

  15. Jim Cicchitti says

    Must be down now. Good while it it lasted.

  16. Michael Bull says

    does anyone have an update on this app, a new server?

  17. chad mortensen says

    NEWTECHEVELOUTION……..what’s up with stream nation and why has it been
    down for soo long? Is it ever gonna come back online? This is really

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