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New Tech Evo

This IPTV will work on your phone or any android device and its FREE! YES. You can even register on the website to keep favorite channels which makes things super easy. Check this out! at:

You need Chrome or Firefox for your Android Box



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  1. Inffini TV says

    Great job bringing this one to life buddy.
    I knew you would have and did a great job.
    Email received ?
    Keep up the good work ?

    1. newtechevolution says

      Thanks bro!! I will pin this comment so you get some recognition great Find!!

    2. James Williams says

      newtechevolution how do I install on firestick

    3. Jason Torres says

      newtechevolution looking for vpn you recommended

  2. Randal Peckham says

    does this work on roku???

    1. newtechevolution says

      no roku!!!

    2. Randal Peckham says

      newtechevolution what do you recommend and should i ditch the roku???

    3. newtechevolution says

      Ditch it! get an android box!

    4. Randal Peckham says

      newtechevolution which do you recommend??

  3. Free Cable Guy says

    your KILLING IT Newtech!!!…way to go bro!!!

  4. Stephanie Lofton says

    Great video. can this be loaded into kodi?

  5. Kendall Ray says

    Hello My Friend thanks for all the great videos. Can you please tell me the name and the model number of the Key Board that you are using. I want to get one for my Amazon Firestick.

  6. Lonnell Bivins says

    Another great one!

    I downloaded Chrome on my Fire TV and searched the site and it works like a charm!!!

    Thank you again, New Tech!!!!

  7. peter russell says

    Thank you very much, for another great apk ?

  8. DrMoorehen says

    tried with Firefox on androud but website says firefox doesn’t support has streaming. So will try on chrome

  9. Tri Tran says

    Awsome. I am gona try. thank.

  10. T Simmons says

    something is up with kodi lots of addons not working but apks work fine woner if they started blocking like they said they was

  11. Tracy Oh says

    This is simply the best, better than Filmon by far. Thank you…

  12. martien v.rooij says

    the site works even here in holland so thank you but i want to ask you if it is possible to cast it to tv with chromecast?

    1. Peter O'Donnell says

      yes most channels will cast

    2. martien v.rooij says

      it does not work, but mayby chromecast cannot play the filetype

    3. Peter O'Donnell says

      Martien, check if your phone / tablet and Chromecast are using the same type VPN. For instance if your phone is using a VPN and your Chromecast is not, then you will have problems. Hope this helps. enjoy.

    4. martien v.rooij says

      Peter, thanks for your explanation, i try to figure it out

  13. carlos zuin says

    are you Spanish where in Canada

    1. newtechevolution says

      +carlos zuin toronto i am polish

    2. carlos zuin says

      north York close to Lawrence

    3. newtechevolution says

      Yah same location bro

  14. Ahmed Mamundzai says

    Do you have any websites for just sport related channels and south Asian channels?

  15. scorpiodansounds says

    very nice thanks bro

  16. Dianne Robert says

    C00l again !

  17. Niall Kennedy says

    thanks man great apk , got it working on my Macbook ,all good . But no joy on my Andriod box ,just could not get to play ,

  18. Jason Torres says

    Can you post the vpn that you suggested I want to purchase the one you recommended Newtech

  19. Aj Fernandez says

    how do i upgrade my firestick from 16.1 to 17.0

  20. Brad King says

    Hey when I go to the USA channel on the website, it says offline, what does that mean, it does not wanna play the current show that is on as I click on play

    1. Esteban Mendiola says

      that means if they don’t work they you press offline to let site know is not working
      it takes 30 sec or less to load the online channels is better you put on full screen if you are in older computer.

    2. Brad King says

      I am on a all newer model computer, I was on my android box when that problem occured, uh huh on an android box, I pressed offline last night to let’em know it was not working and within 30 seconds it did not get back up running, I had to click on use external player

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