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FREE – Royalty Free Sound Effects for Your YouTube Videos

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Are you Looking for Royalty Free Sound Effects to use in your YouTube videos? Then, you need to watch this video were Derral shows you a whole library of Free sound effects to use on your next YouTube project.

FREE – Royalty Free Sound Effects for Your YouTube Videos

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FREE – Royalty Free Sound Effects for Your YouTube Videos

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  1. ExploreList says

    Spent a bit of time watching your videos this weekend +Derral Eves and wondered where you were? Missing your videos – I’m sure though you are very busy! 🙂 

    1. Grim reaper77 says

      +Derral Eves how do i add them to the video

    2. Dylan says

      +Derral Eves is there a way to do this from a Mobil device?

    3. batboydom says

      +Grim reaper77 i was gonna ask that to

    4. Delaila Baker Official says

      +Dylan U can access YouTube through your browser. view it in desktop mode n u’ll be gd to go.

    5. Zesty Pineapple says


  2. Christian Z says

    this video was not helpful for me. i’m looking for sound effect different from youtube audio library…

  3. RogueXendrome says

    wait can i download this effects on my pc

  4. Yanaroo says

    who else thought they already watched it because of the thumbnail? just me? ok.. :l

  5. Dasher Miner says

    OMG thanks soooooo much this will help my animation by alot

  6. Birdy Official says

    How do you add the sound effects?


    need royalty free video fx!

  8. Groovin Ruben says

    Thanks for the information!

  9. All in one Hindi channel says

    I watched full ad for 4

  10. Nayan Mia says

    But how can i find out most nice tune from here? There are so many tunes, so have you collect the name of these audios?

  11. Stop Motion J says

    Thank you! I didn’t know there were sound effect built in to youtube. This is the droid you are looking for. 😉

  12. Portable Pocket says

    with youtube editor

  13. Hurricane Gator says

    how do you do the swear beep sound in sound effects on youtube

  14. Queen G. says

    This is only for pc?

  15. Erik Becker says

    That ending earned you a sub sir lol

  16. Grimm 5144 says

    yea yea but how do yo apply them

  17. Gia Reyes says

    thank you this really helped

  18. mrbbell says

    But where are the good music effects…

  19. Jack Raiden says

    I subscribed…. o.o

  20. Kovar Coley says

    I want to put a xenomorph sound effect in my video will it be copyrighted?? Please reply

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