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Joel: http://www.youtube.com/xJMX25

How we got the pitch: https://www.mylocalpitch.com/

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  1. Charlie McManus says


    1. Jason Castillo says


    2. Evan O'Reilly says

      no it was his friend

    3. Air destroyer says


  2. Lionel Messi says

    w2s wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kerry Drinkuth says

      Lionel Messi I agree

    2. Kerry Drinkuth says

      meg ella I don’t think he is the real one

    3. Martinko Kiss says

      Lionel messi.genak

  3. Achal Singh says

    0:35 song pls?

    1. Konri Xd says

      Achal Singh lookas starting over

    2. Pancakes Potts 2 says

      Achal Singh darude dankstorm

    3. DC_ PLAY_Z says

      Konri Xd it is actually by ookay

    4. Petrit Bouzo says

      ookay starting over

  4. Jakeunivers says

    What is that song called when it’s says I loved u something

    1. Foamed says

      NonStopGamingPlays! And Shane Denby you use something called faceQ, you can
      download it on App Store. But I have a different profile picture now.

    2. Superstar boy 123 says

      Jakeunivers the song is called I’d love to change the world

    3. Cyb3r_ Bolt13 says

      Superstar boy 123 music 1:54

    4. Steve Smith says

      Jakeunivers I’d love to change the world mastubs remix

    5. Sergey Petrov says

      Guys that is wrong music what you said, but i need this music too, so can
      someone help out?

  5. MR MIME Member says

    Song at 2:40

    1. #Command_3000 says

      I’d love to change the world – Jetta

  6. Mohamed Said says

    I think w2s won

    1. Mohamed Said says


  7. SAMMOBOB133 says

    Who does harry actually support cause he has about 9999999999 different
    shirts like if u agree

    1. SAMMOBOB133 says


    2. SAMMOBOB133 says


    3. SAMMOBOB133 says


    4. SAMMOBOB133 says


    5. John Leighton says

      SAMMOBOB133 cup

  8. Roma + says

    What song 1:51 ?

    1. Zitronensohn says

      Also want to know ….can someone tell ?

    2. Roma + says

      Zitronensohn Do you know the song 1:51 ?

  9. Alfie Harmes says

    is JMX you brothr

    1. Swag Skillz says

      Alfie Harmes no

  10. Michael Reid says

    W2s wins because he is a beast at free kicks

    1. ندى الماجد says

      في عرب

    2. I am from england says

      ندى الماجد what?

    3. I am from england says

      ندى الماجد we talking english

    4. john jeffreys says


  11. Snipz Shark says

    Does W2S reply….. let’s see

    My rock died ????????

    1. SwagBH Gangster says

      Snipz Shark No he doesn’t mate.

    2. Snipz Shark says

      SwagBH Gangster you can’t speak

  12. Gábor Balázs says

    what must write in the three two one goyou that we the it’s title.

    1. Ethan FIFA hd says

      Gábor Balázs it’s lookas genisis

  13. Nicu GODICA says


  14. Jooa Vuorisalo says

    vähä sovittu toi eka

  15. jenil Niculkumar says

    you won your the best of all

  16. DavHon 654 says

    JMX has bader goal

  17. Osmel Cruz says

    U scored the best goals ws2

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