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Funny & Crazy Goal Celebrations ● Circus ● HD

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Best Goal Celebrations by Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney, Balotelli, Pogba, Neymar & Robinho, Tevez, Henry, Suarez, Totti and other

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1. Desmeon – Hellcat [NCS Release]
2. JJD – Aeon

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  1. Sarjo Manneh says

    That fishing celebration is amazing

    1. Anahi Moreno Diaz says

      yes jeje

    2. bearbabyfly says


    3. EternalDestruction says


  2. PorcuPineAppleSauce says

    if some of these guys lose their jobs they can go to wwe

    1. Gillbert Cassidy says

      +RFLP SK better than u

    2. Brian Li says

      henry’s was so good

    3. DonkeyPlays says

      +Gillbert Cassidy reigns sucks! Lmao

    4. PorcuPineAppleSauce says

      huuurrrr reigns suck

    5. amy leonzo says

      +PorcuPineAppleSauce he sucks bad

  3. John Ainul says

    that blue team have many goal celebration

    1. tomyman says

      7.. most annoying team to play against

    2. Dominik Weiser says

      and very crative!

    3. Flaavis Vlogs says

      The blue team is Japan. I believe.

    4. NoLimits Dusza says

      It’s team from Iceland (Stjarnan FC)

    5. HARAMBE says

      +Michael Z. I think that Santos when neymar use to play for them

  4. the pros gamers says

    I like the bike celebration from Mexico

    1. the pros gamers says

      I also like the dab from Italy

    2. Anthony Carsoulle says

      +the pros gamers Pogba french the best

  5. raiden 911 says

    wtf min 7:43

    1. k k says


    2. raiden 911 says

      +k k sale qatar 2022 XD

  6. _ItzMango_ says

    3:56 music?xD

    1. JM Pelailua (FCG) says

      Darude – Sandstorm

    2. AaKash Rohilla says

      Darude dickstorm

    3. Omar Guidoum says

      +AaKash Rohilla darude shitstorm

    4. Mumsaz Patel says


  7. AshPlayzGaming ironlad223776 says

    lol dab

    1. Warriors fan since 2015 says

      The first dab ever lol

    2. Swokit says

      Vous pouvez pas test le pogba style :p

    3. Sans says


  8. Zappypanda says

    3:11? He just hail hitler

    1. illegal Llama says

      +Δημητρης Παπαχρηστος theres a video of his fans doing…plus there’s a
      reason why his teammates had to put his hand down and not join in on the

    2. Marianna Hatzitheodorou says

      +Δημητρης Παπαχρηστος δεν το έκανε από λάθος επίτηδες το έκανε

    3. Marianna Hatzitheodorou says

      +Δημητρης Παπαχρηστος δεν το έκανε από λάθος επίτηδες το έκανε

    4. Richard Dick Roman says

      Yeah he was banned from football

  9. KacpeR says

    0:51 Rey Myaterio wwe

    1. Orfeas Zois says


    2. Gio Rayado says

      CF Monterrey

    3. Randon Ralte says

      1:03 rko

    4. Oliver DaBuzz69 says

      u can see it on my channel

    5. _ PIOTREX says


  10. salava6661 says

    ese fafarn la cagada hahahaah

    1. Eridan 24 says


    2. salava6661 says

      Farfan es un jugador Peruano, y sale en este video festjando con el nombre
      “mueve el toto”

  11. The Beast says

    Whos the team blue who celebrates in most of the video?

    1. Matthew 901 says

      +The Beast it’s starjnan from Iceland or somewhere like that

    2. Smurgle Jr says

      Stjarnan* 😉

    3. wardah abdi says


    4. wardah abdi says

      I was playing

  12. Sparta games says

    Lol at 7:12 did that Guy ever come back?

    1. Croatiaboy11 says

      there have been rumours of his ghost on that pitch

    2. Marcelo Ascanelli says

      Muy buenooooooooooo

  13. Neno says

    Pogba DAB!!!

    1. Faithyboii says


    2. Nabila Ammarijnknn says


    3. Limitz says

      beautiful mornin’

  14. Viconstanze says

    Who are those blue guys? They are amazing !!

    1. Gumy Worm says

      iceland if u were wondering 🙂

    2. EternalDestruction says

      Ikr they are like the kings of celebrations

    3. Vishaal Lollbeeharree says

      there is a compilation video of them.its awesome. check it

    4. Alla Hamada says

      seems like they work on their celebrations more than actually trying to win
      a game …

  15. Dark_ Lux says

    0:35 è la migliore ma manca la dub del polpo

  16. Gaming Boy Bishesh says

    blue team was awesome … ;)

  17. ‫*مروجج مخدرات سابق*‬‎ says

    0:41 هذا شكله يتعاطى ?????

  18. Princecullan AJ says

    3:52 RIP number 21 got know one to dance with

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