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Funny & Crazy Goal Celebrations ● Football Theater ● HD

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  1. Inzucht Dreiundächzig says

    Gomis is the best by far… So provocative ??

    1. Priceless Toast says


    2. koenig says

      where is it ?

    3. colombia up says


    4. Dr Gaming says


  2. Lino Footballistique Gamer says


    1. Tbob2141 says

      you are fourth

  3. JennLePetit Footeux says

    i speak french

    1. zLoRd CrUeL 47 says


    2. TheUltimate Truth says


    3. Buk Lau says

      Tu es fou

    4. The Green Leaf says


  4. Dziękuję za pozostałe 残ってくれてアリガトウ! says


  5. Football Challenge says

    kurzawa ? where is he ?

    1. Polish Idiot Fraser says

      In France, why do you ask?

    2. Big Adrian says

      +Polish Idiot Fraser ur funny bai

    3. Ninja X GAM3R says


    4. MR. SR4oficial says


  6. Brandon Hernandez says

    Paul aquilar??????

  7. NzoYTB says

    3:12 ,it’s so funny…?

    1. Ali-A says

      it is

    2. Avenger Revenger says

      its my favorite

  8. Smitty says

    Well done, you added a total of TEN new celebrations…

  9. Evil Judge says

    What the Music?

    1. Naruto Uzumaki says

      Evil Judge darude sandstorm

    2. Soccer Place says

      Evil Judge ncs back from the dead your welcome.

  10. Derisiah Ahmad says

    first cr7

    1. Yannick Oliveres says


  11. Maka Law says

    7:39 ITS NOT FAIR! :”(

    1. Rasmus Toft Janik 4Y Vestermarkskolen says

      Maka Law x

    2. Laura Mucciacito says


  12. Vortex Playz says

    Most of them got a red card after their celebration?

  13. saksham jain says

    Best at 7:40
    Thank me later ;)

  14. Soccer Place says

    Song is Back From The Dead By NCS Your Welcome.

  15. Its Serg Yo says

    Oh yes it’s my lucky day

  16. Maximusen XD says

    First song pls

    1. Nebulous Alvin says

      Maximusen XD Desmeon – Back from the death

  17. Santiago Gonzalez says

    un festejo nazi hizo el hijo de su puta madre

  18. Jonathan Bransgrove says

    The team in blue do so many different celebrations

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