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Funny Football Stretchers Moments | Football Doctors

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  1. clint ehoue says

    haha 2:21 wtf hahahahahah

    1. FootoZ says

      +clint ehoue ahahahah

    2. Duvan :v (ʊռ քɨռʐɦɨloko) says

      +FootoZ :0

  2. Muller Jiji says

    bonnes video

  3. E7Comps says


  4. ArtTVFootball says

    Good video )))))

    1. FootoZ says

      +ArtTV79 Thank you

  5. Maman1002 says

    If they weren’t injured one of them would get punched

    1. drmayeda1 says

      I wondder how many had additional injuries from the misshandling of the
      stretchers. I have to wonder how many hours of training these guys had

  6. EL COCHILOCO says


  7. pratystevie says

    Lol at those African guys at 1.25 anyone knows which match is that from?

    1. Elchapo “Sanchez” says

      Hahahahahaha the dude took off runing??


      CAF Champions league, Soudan side “ALhilal” against Moroccan side “Hassania

  8. Aaftab Ahmad says

    Very funny video!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  9. 23Guille23 says

    2:57 why so faast!! AHAHAHA

  10. Rock on or go home says

    Guess who got fired later?

  11. Yacine Tolba says

    Hahaha 2:54 & 3:50 & 5:01 hahahahaha wtf ?!!

  12. superman iscoming says

    A Door. A FUCKING Door 4:35 XD

  13. Nicholas Suharsono says

    CAF really need to train their personnel better lol xD

  14. Sean Wilbert says

    4:50 its a door

  15. Tiaimo says

    hahahaha XD

  16. Ηλίας Μπρούζας says

    to trito binteo einai to kalitero

  17. Nine Lives says

    2:55. Rofl!

  18. Gerard Compte says

    1:27 im dying hahahah

  19. Sir Blazin Bowl says

    idiots medics!

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