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Future First Lady Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention

Your president Donald Trump

Very proud of our next First Lady, Melania Trump! #MakeAmericaSafeAgain

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  1. Dino Con says

    It’s a shame America isn’t a constitutional monarchy. I would be very
    satisfied with being knighted by Donald and Melania Trump.

    1. Chandler Games says


  2. The Godfather says

    Vote Trump!

    1. 1994CPK says

      Yes Godfather.

    2. StealthVice7 says


  3. KingDragonCat says

    Donald if you reply to this comment that would make my day 🙂 I’m voting
    for you

    1. Kyler Noe says


  4. HAMZA dahy says

    nice from the first lady “Ms.Obama” copy /past

    1. Sorcerer Logan says

      Btw it wasn’t even plagiarized, just intros sounded similar for the first
      40 seconds, rest of speeches were completely different

    2. HAMZA dahy says

      +Sorcerer Logan oh really? okay.

    3. Chandler Games says

      +HAMZA dahy yea really

    4. HAMZA dahy says

      +Chandler Games​ alright let’s make trump win again. Crooked Hillary is
      beating the sh*t out of him

  5. monica jean says

    I love you Melania!!!!⚘⚘⚘?



    1. outlander says


    2. James Herrin says

      president trump it is,definately worth it.

  7. victooer says

    rip sub box

  8. outlander says

    we love you and want you to be the President of the United States.
    that’s all that matters.
    🙂 smile.

  9. Heroic Love says

    She sounds un-American.

    1. Влади́мир Ива́нович says

      +Heroic Love How is Ivanka the first lady?

    2. FroztDrake says

      +Влади́мир Ива́нович you know….

    3. Heroic Love says

      +Влади́мир Ива́нович Because Donald wants to date her.

    4. Влади́мир Ива́нович says

      +Heroic Love wtf

    5. Bob John says

      Heroic Love, YOU ARE SO RACIST! WTF?!?!?!

  10. The_pizza_piggy3 says

    Wow these cancerous fucks even had the balls to use such a great band as
    Queen in their shitty little speech thingy

    1. Trugg says


    2. SnakeOil Joker says

      QUEEN = BULLSHIT. TRUMP 2016. trump rulessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    3. The_pizza_piggy3 says

      +The Joker if you’re not joking you should get cancer

  11. Theresa R says

    She will.be a wonderful first Lady!?

  12. Rudy Roo says

    melania you are so wonderful.we all love you..

  13. Diana Prince says

    wow This lady is extraordinarily Beautiful, and this just kicks the dems in
    their copperplated nuts, they have Aids-ridden Bill as their first lady
    Trump is the NEXT POTUS, The Whole World Knows Theres A True Leader Coming,
    Thank you Jesus!

  14. Elliot Almqvist says

    I think they should thank Michelle Obama instead…

    1. David Dang says



    please help make USA great please vote for Trump!

  16. Samuel Wolfe says

    Fucking foreigners.

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