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  1. TAP TAP says

    I dare you to click read more.

    I started a new series were I try to recreate top 5 premier league goals
    every week
    (click my name and see and let me know what you think)

    1. Cameron Luck says

      TAP TAP z

    2. Antonio Barrongallegod says

      TAP TAP

    3. Karen Irwin says

      TAP TAP

    4. محمد شافي says


  2. Nintendo Fanboy says

    I now these kinds of youtubers have a lot of money but you got to feel
    sorry for minor soccer youtubers that lose their balls and therefore lose a
    lot of their money especially if they break something

    1. Pandu Hakim says

      FootBall Life

    2. rodrigito y sus amigos XD says

      FootBall Life y lo

    3. sagar Adhikary says

      Well its almost like they don’t care.

    4. Mega Bad 7 says

      What now

    5. Ryan Keleghan says

      FootBall Life it’s know not now

  3. brennen doyle says

    Did ur mom have a pillow under her sweater

    1. Mario And Maxim says

      Ninja_ Unity

    2. brennen doyle says

      Just asking…

    3. Adam Brown says

      you or full basyerd

    4. Mouna Soualem says


  4. Milton 002 says

    Your mom is Neuer like the comment.

    1. Maxlikes2playgamezz Thegreatestgamingchannelaround says

      Milton 002 ᖇEᗩᒪᒪY

    2. Raffa Putra says

      Milton 002

    3. Jamie Black says

      The best way to fart is to eat beans and the best way to poo your pants is
      the next time you do a poo don’t clean your bum

    4. Josh Cohen says

      Milton 002 yep

    5. Amira Sobhy says


  5. CrySpy says

    harry got the best family eva tho…

    1. Tori Reynolds says

      CrySpy q

    2. ชัชวาล สหายา says


    3. JM Football says

      Hope he gets better soon

  6. Neil Meza says

    Does anyone know what size goal that is?

    1. Michael Roberto says

      Neil Meza 7 meters

    2. BedKidOficialPokemonGo Walter Andres says

      Neil Meza yes

  7. Vin FaZe says

    Harry your mum is good in goal

    1. Botan the beast says

      can I get 100 sub today’s my birthday my channle is called Botan the beast
      please give me 100 sub

    2. Safi Hidar says

      zues1000 your sexy man with a fukking dad

  8. mia knights says

    trump can help you build a higher wall

    1. Rem says

      and make your neighbour pay for it

    2. Fast Gaming says


    3. Adriana Daflla says

      + Mia Knights

    4. Arturo Linares says

      mia knights shut up you redneck

    5. Liam Coldicott says


  9. Berzerkkube says

    there mom is only doing it for the yt money

    1. Vloging Madness says

      Berzerkkube you could be wrong

    2. Benj Arrey says

      Cubing Madness thanks

    3. Jennan Hannah says

      Berzerkkube LOL shes fat

    4. Christian Dos Santos says

      Jennan Hannah she is wearing something under her jacket dickhead did u not
      pass kindergarten

    5. KEVIN SINGH says

      Luke Pillay suck your mum have sex with her put your penis0 in her

  10. Patrik Szuper says

    4:43 xD

    1. ARJUNIO LIDDAR says

      Patrik Szuper is

    2. yahaira pinales says


  11. Caden Converse says

    4:23 to 4:36 the best goals!!

    1. Keaton Davidson says

      Caden Convers

    2. Erwan Wolter says

      Caden Converse

    3. Balqees Fatima says

      Caden Converse h

    4. Noah Bruckmann says

      Caden Converse the camera couldn’t hade the beast mode

  12. Zumbuz Cruz says

    4:19 at least he saved it

    1. Doody Dev T says

      Kevin Negrete yep he did save it

  13. Football Monster says

    What happened to Josh?

  14. Will Hart says

    Tbf tho he literally has 9 mil subscribers and does garden football videos

  15. GrumpyChannel says

    i wonder how many balls do they have

  16. Veljko FullTV says

    your mum is a pro keper

  17. LFC M8 says

    I’m pretty sure Zinedine Zidane wants your mum as a keeper in Real Madrid.

  18. Liam Coldicott says

    I think his mom is better than his dad in goal

  19. Hi my name Is says

    His mum is like vikstar in goal

  20. Joanna Lemieszka says

    im from poland

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