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Gary Johnson is a Complete Idiot

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Gary Johnson is a total fraud and a complete idiot.

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  1. Boesball says

    Paul, you are a closed boarders Trump supporter. You are not a Libertarian

    1. iAcTiv says

      +Boesball *Borders

    2. Look_over' says

      He was never a libertarian.And it’s borders.

    3. Andy Goldbaum says

      Boesball I agree. His logic is extremely stupid. The fact that if the
      perfect Libertarian wasn’t nominated meant that he’d vote for somebody who
      doesn’t resemble a Libertarian in any way just doesn’t make sense.

    4. Never Hillary says

      Boesball boarders? like surf boarders?

  2. Adam Smith says

    Gary Johnson is the whole reason the Libertarian’s will never be able to
    get more than 10℅. He is such a moron.

    1. Zachary J. Nixon says

      Omfg you’re so wrong it hurts.

      I don’t know what America you’re talking about when you say it’s becoming
      more left on social issues. Only leftists are becoming more leftist on
      social issues.

      The only problem I will admit is pretty much the entire millennial
      generation. The majority of them are lazy entitled Marxists that just want
      whatever’s a free ride, hence the marijuana, minimum-wage increase, and
      reproductive “rights” they literally worship.

      Also IDEFK what you’re talking about with “sex workers rights
      (decriminalizing prostitution)”, can you please elaborate what country
      you’re referring to that has this problem?

    2. Zachary J. Nixon says

      What the frick is GLBTQ? America’s honestly fk’ed if this is what we’re
      caring about more than actual issues.

    3. Never Hillary says

      Michael Taylor millenial are the least tolerant group I have ever seen and
      I’m a millenial

  3. Joel Richard says

    LOL, I’ve lost respect for those who support this guy. The libertarian
    party is dead to me.

    1. Billbobsly says

      +Blyga Nerium I’m afraid that’s not true, here are some examples from this
      video that are misleading and/or out of context.
      1. Paul shows clip of Johnson calling Hillary a “great public servant” yet
      leaves out all context which would of clearly shown that Johnson was
      mocking Hillary.
      2. Paul claims Johnson wants to have a carbon tax, this is also not
      completely true. A carbon tax is not at all part of Johnson platform, all
      he said was that he was open to the idea as an alternative to forcefully
      regulating carbon emissions.
      3. Paul claims that supporting TTP is not a libertarian value, this is also
      not true as the libertarian party is very divided on the issue.
      4. Paul shows that New Mexico’s debt increased under Johnson. While that is
      true, Paul conveniently left out the fact that Johnson became governor at a
      time when New Mexico had a large deficit meaning it would have been
      impossible for the debt not to increase. Yet despite this large deficit
      Johnson actually turned New Mexico’s deficit into a 1 billion dollar
      surplus while cutting taxes 14 times. So Paul tried to trick viewers into
      thinking Johnson was a bad governor when that is anything but the truth.

    2. Joel Richard says

      +Billbobsly You simply affirmed in more detail what is wrong with Johnson.

    3. Billbobsly says

      +Joel Richard How? All I did was show that Johnson hates Hillary, did
      amazing job as governor, cut loads of taxes, and doesn’t plan to tax carbon
      emissions. Those are bad things?

    4. Joel Richard says

      +Billbobsly He is basically a “light” version of Hillary with less
      corruption. He Panders to climate alarmists, loves globalism and illegal
      immigration. He is just a Democrat with a different pitch to get votes. I
      love that he is stealing votes from Hillary. Trump 2016! The only choice.

    5. Never Hillary says

      Joel Richard yes he did take Hillary’s votes hahahah

  4. Bretton Ferguson says

    @3:58 I robbed the bank because I couldn’t get the money legally!!! That
    doesn’t make me a criminal!!! It’s incendiary to say so!!! Just so you

    1. thšs perssonnn says


    2. Karl Hiramanek says

      Bretton Ferguson I think where Johnson was coming from is that Libertarians
      are opposed to borders at all, and support completely free immigration. So
      from his point of view it’s not the people who have done any wrong, it’s
      the laws that are wrong in the first place.

    3. simplelife233 says

      karl, it cost money to provide public school education to undocumented
      immigrants children and some times even colleges, where is they money come
      from? and without effective border control and documentation at custom
      entries, a hundred million Chinese will move here, if that happen you will
      have to learn to speak Chinese.

    4. Karl Hiramanek says

      +simplelife233 Yeah I agree that’s why closed borders are necessary. Open
      borders and a welfare state simply do not mix. But if we had a completely
      free market, as libertarians desire, then any immigrant would be beneficial
      to the economy.

  5. Robert Green says

    You’re right…he is an idiot!!!

    1. Robert Green says

      +Ryan Schneider All we need to do is get rid of the Department of
      Education! States and Local School Districts should be able to set their
      own agendas for educating their children! Why does the Federal Government
      have to be expanded to govern education? …unless the point is to get to
      the children and their educators to influence the future electorate! The
      DOE is the creation of the Democrats! Just like they want to have open
      borders so uneducated immigrants will vote for Democrats, they want the
      U.S. Electorate to be uneducated so they will vote for the party that will
      give them the handouts on someone else’s “nickel.”

    2. -Just Your Friendly Neighborhood- -Libertarian- says

      +Robert Green NO NO NO NO NO! Get the fucking government out of it! Let
      private companies take control of the schools and produce far better, less
      indoctrinating education systems. They have incentive to be the best and
      the least biased since that is how they attract customers! The gov has the
      right to take money from people to fund their schools, so they have no
      incentive to be the best or even improve themselves!

    3. Ryan Schneider says

      +-Just Your Friendly Neighborhood- -Libertarian-
      You are both right at different times. Get rid of the DE now, which we all
      agree on, and their Union can go Chuck itself; a Teacher’s Union that
      doesn’t put the kids first has no meaning to its existence.
      Our ultimate goal SHOULD be total privatization, (apart from Homeschooling)
      but even if federal oversight in this field ended tomorrow, we would be
      YEARS getting to that goal. We need a transition phase that will do the
      Least harm, and Green’s idea is the best, but before we can even get that
      far, we have to kill the federal busybody policy first.

    4. Lucifers Edge says

      Ha! I can tell you’re an intellectual that knows what he’s talking about,
      cause you said “stupider”. lmao

    5. Denise Mullarkey says

      Never even listened to him. But I do realize he isn’t a libertarian

  6. Ronald Caravaggio says

    Gary Johnson is for limited government. He wants to abolish the IRS and the
    Department of Education. He believes in a non-intervention foreign policy.
    He wants government out of the healthcare business. He is pro gun rights.
    He wants to legalize drugs. He wants government out of our lives. That, my
    friends, is a Libertarian. People who say that Gary Johnson is not a
    Libertarian, are not Libertarians themselves, or they would know better.
    They’re Trump supporters who fear that Johnson will take votes from their

    1. Botany 500 says

      Supports TPP and banksters suing governments when products that are deemed
      unhealthy are removed off shelves. Your Monsanto’s will have free reign
      thanks to this SJW clown.

    2. David Vazquez says

      Hey Gus, love your chicken!

    3. Krubukos Fuzz says

      Ronald Caravaggio Well, it’s quite arguable that Gary isn’t a libertarian.
      he is a bit alarmingly leftist…. they call his kind liberaltarians. But
      you’re most definitely right, Gary is far more libertarian than Trump. it’s
      just ridiculous how people can compare Trump to a libertarian.

    4. Ronald Caravaggio says

      He’s no Ron Paul, but I still think he was the best choice in this election.

    5. Never Hillary says

      Ronald Caravaggio I’m so glad Johnson stole votes from Hillary, just made
      Trump stronger. haha you are all a bunch of dumb fucks.

  7. PMeursault says

    3:22 policing language like an SJW fascist and calling himself a
    libertarian, wow what a fraud

    1. Krubukos Fuzz says

      +Joel W Well, Everyone has the right to be offended. You just don’t have
      the right to respond physically or involve the government.

    2. Joel W says

      +Krubukos Fuzz Ok fair enough. People do have the right to be offended, but
      I have the right to offend people as well as have the right to give zero
      fucks should I offend somebody.

      BTW, in its simplicity, your comment contains eons worth of wisdom in two
      simple sentences. Good to find someone with a functioning brain.

    3. Krubukos Fuzz says

      +heppolo Whether you’re harmed or not by words it’s your fault, Not the
      person saying the words.

    4. Krubukos Fuzz says

      +Joel W absolutely

  8. Grey Winters says

    Johnson is a CFR warmonger. Neocons are not libertarians.

    1. Grey Winters says

      Hillbilly ?

    2. Quadrunner says

      He’s quite the opposite actually. He wants to cash in the chips on our
      current issues abroad, primarily through diplomacy, and focus on homeland

      Whhat is CFR? I’m not very good with acronyms. Never had much use for

    3. Grey Winters says

      You’re right Johnson is no politician but he is a gold digger, it’s
      actually his supporters who are the idiots.

    4. Never Hillary says

      Quadrunner wants to take away gun rights but wants homeland defense? that
      is a contradiction.

  9. The Peanut Gallery says

    You’ve actually convinced me even more that I want him to be President

    1. The Peanut Gallery says

      +yopandas Right, it’s definitely not the person who lashes out in anger at
      things that don’t agree with them, and say stupid bullshit like “you are
      what’s wrong with this country”

      Yeah sure. Being different has NEVER worked out and EVERYTHING should stay
      the same. Go tell Abraham Lincoln that back during the Civil War with the
      rest of the south. See how that works out.

    2. Duncan Rolinson says

      inbred degenerates who use the term libtard are what’s actually wrong with
      this country. and ones who cant even spell libtard correctly are about 10
      times more fun to laugh at.

    3. dmjsra04 says

      The Peanut Gallery you are the idiot that Paul was referring to at the end
      of the video. lol

    4. The Peanut Gallery says

      +dmjsra04 Thank you, I’m glad to be one of the many people who recognize
      what is good in the world.

    5. Never Hillary says

      The Peanut Gallery SJW filth. die die die.

  10. BP 27 says

    Still not seeing how Trump is anything close to a libertarian.

    1. BP 27 says

      +Lin Y This whole fucking channel is about Trump, you doughnut.

    2. Forced to penetrate says

      BP 27 Trump doesn’t rely on corporate donors and Trump is against TPP,
      forced vaccinations and abortion. Trump is for competition in the health
      sector and has free market ideas in most if not all other areas too.

    3. Thomas Jensen says

      +Forced to penetrate
      He relies on loans, wants to change the trade deal to allow more of his
      activities (such as outsourcing), doesn’t know a damn thing about
      vaccinations and is hypocritical about abortions. As far as health care is
      concerned, all citizens should be guaranteed health care as a right.

    4. BP 27 says

      +Thomas Jensen Healthcare should absolutely be a right. In so much as
      governments cannot make any law that restricts or regulates healthcare.
      This is absolutely correct. Same goes for firearms, education, everything.

  11. Jason Lewis says

    Dude, I like your muslim rants, and your Hillary rants, and the fact that
    you haven’t sold your voice to pawning mmiracle pills yet like Alex
    “sellout” Jones. Lets face it though, you know that Trump is just as
    crooked and dishonest as Hillary, but you refuse to report on it which
    makes you just another media shiller, spreading disinformation around like
    peanut butter on a hot summer sidewalk.You have become untrustworthy in
    your failure to remain impartial and lack of journalistic integrity.
    Johnson is creepy, no doubt, but he left NM with a surplus,not a deficit.
    You lied. Also we has always maintained that vaccines were a matter of
    choice. Another lie. I’ll be honest, this dude is super eccentric, and a
    bit silly as well, but at least he’s honest. A far cry from the idiot
    you’ve been supporting

    1. Inferno “money” Goode says

      Alex is a sellout for selling products? Do you know he and many others work
      damn near around the clock to get info out to the people? Have you donated
      any money to them? Should he put his life on the line for free??? The
      people would put their blood sweat and tears into Infowars deserve a

    2. Lucifers Edge says

      Jason Lewis NO ONE is as crooked as Hillary.

    3. Never Hillary says

      Jason Lewis Trump won. hahahahahaha

    4. Izack Soto says

      debt is has nothing to do with deficits and surpluses. two completely
      different measurements. he didn’t lie. I’m at work or else I’d explain more
      but just look it up.

  12. teeonezee says

    When he says the word “IS” it sounds so cringeworthy.

    1. teeonezee says

      These are the ramblings of an insane man. 0:59

    2. teeonezee says

      cant handle this man’s lone stupidity.

    3. teeonezee says

      If I was law enforcement I would so apprehend this guy at this point for
      yelling at the reporter like this. This was totally uncalled for and its
      scary to watch 3:47

    4. teeonezee says

      “Hows the crackdown” – Gary Johnson
      lmaooo This is hilarious, the man think he’s smart.

    5. Jesus Christ says

      teeonezee *IhEs*

  13. Taprman says

    All children should be vaccinated, nomatter what you think, not vaccinating
    them is putting their life at risk, and if they die because of you not
    vaccinating, you should be in prison for life.

    1. fos sch says


    2. Follower Of Christ says

      +fos sch Stop encouraging poison injections, money-hungry eugenicist.

    3. Never Hillary says

      Taprman LMAO, wow you are a complete moron, even a doctor would tell you
      how dumb your statement is

    4. Taprman says

      +Never Hillary I Guarantee you that most doctors say that vaccines work

    5. Follower Of Christ says

      +Taprman And I can guarantee you that most drug dealers say that cocaine is
      good for the body.

  14. Kenneth Knutsen says

    The man isn’t a libertarian hardliner, and that makes him an idiot?

    Remind me again what other candidate is nearly as Libertarian as Johnson?

    The only thing I don’t like about him is the support of TPP.

    Otherwise, he seems 10,000% less corrupt than Clinton or Trump

    1. Andy Goldbaum says

      Dustin Stevens You’re the one who is triggered. Unlike you, our candidates
      actually have to campaign well because we’re a third party. It is actually
      hard to run a grassroots campaign for a third party. Congratulations, your
      candidate won through special interest pandering and deception. Gary did
      his best in a tough situation and polled the highest in third party
      history, topping ten percent. The only way Trump made history was by being
      the first President to not know one iota about politics. You can pretend he
      is this patriotic godsend, but he is just as corrupt as the rest of them.
      Johnson was the true patriot in this election.

    2. Dustin Stevens says

      I’m gonna go do something interesting, you have fun with your convo. Trump
      won. I won. 🙂

    3. TubeDavid says

      Wow, you really think that? Trump getting less regulations on businesses
      isn’t just for him, it’s for EVERYBODY, imagine how many people could start
      there own businesses if there wasn’t that much regulation? Taxing less is a
      great move to et economy flowing in America. You don’t seem very educated
      in economics, i recommend you watch Peter Schiff and his debates, or buy
      his book, it will teach you a thing or two.

    4. Never Hillary says

      Kenneth Knutsen you’re fucking stupid.

    5. Krubukos Fuzz says

      “you’re fucking stupid (argument slot open)”

  15. Voi Elämä says

    You can be Libertarian and still think Government can impose law.
    You can be Republican and still think that the people deserve some kind of
    safety net if they lose their jobs.
    You can be Democrat and still think that the social security is too high.

    A person can join in a party and have his own opinions. All you’re
    promoting is no true Scotsman fallacy. Is Gary Johnson smart person? No
    he’s not. Is he Libertarian? Mostly.

    1. heppolo says

      Trump has changed party registration a couple of times, so the actions
      probably describe him best this way.
      Reform Party was the best, Ross Perot was a man of principle. Donald Trump
      is just going with the wind on so many issues.

    2. Malcolm Campbell says

      To be honest, this video seems, for the most part, seems to be singing
      Johnson’s praises to me. It’s not the maker’s intention, but he did a damn
      fine job of arguing FOR Johnson.

    3. Never Hillary says

      Voi Elämä Libertarians imposing law…. then uphold the law and deport

    4. Never Hillary says

      Malcolm Campbell SJW filth.

    5. Ronald Caravaggio says

      The basic argument for government rules and regulations is that human
      beings, by nature, are too fallible and irresponsible to govern and
      regulate their own lives, and that my be true. But as much as I hate to
      admit it, politicians are also human beings, which means that they too are
      incapable of governing and regulating THEIR own lives. So what qualifies
      them to govern and regulate anyone else’s life? It is not their job to rule
      or regulate anyone or anything in the private sector. Governments’ only job
      is to prosecute any individual, or individuals who infringe on the life,
      liberty or property of others. Yes, that includes pollution. The
      environment belongs to everyone, and anyone who pollutes it is infringing
      on the property rights of others. However, if we let politicians go beyond
      their basic duty to the people, they will gain too much power, and that
      kind power will always corrupt, as we have seen so many times.

  16. Siba Burck says

    Gary Johnson is an idiot and so is Paul Joseph Watson

    1. Krubukos Fuzz says

      +Siba Burck Agreed.

    2. Roy Carey says

      you may disagree with paul, but he is a bright guy. Hes a tad extreme at
      time but is definitely not a idiot

    3. Krubukos Fuzz says

      +Roy Carey I felt the need to call him an idiot because he seems to think
      Trump deserves the libertarian vote over (Despite his many leftist stances)
      Gary Johnson.
      2nd. He’s ranting about this but not stopping to think “well since gary is
      so leftist do you think he’s maybe sucking up leftist voters and
      millenials?”. Gary is sucking equally as much from trump as he is from
      Hillary, If not. More from hillary.

      But in the end, Perhaps he is a bright guy Kinda hard to see that, he seems
      to only make rant videos. Makes him look pissy all the time.

    4. Collective Consciousness says

      The latter’s still smarter than you.

    5. Never Hillary says

      Siba Burck nah. you’re the fucking moron. We won you filth. hahahhaa

  17. CountArtha says

    Johnson and Weld are so incompetent that they’re taking more votes from
    Clinton *in spite* of their best efforts to take down Trump instead.

    1. whoobibi says

      Which is why the MSM started giving them lumps instead of a pass. The op
      failed, now they have to kill their creation to save Hillary.

    2. Kristoff Bjorgman says

      Tell me about it. He doesn’t even know where Aleppo is!

  18. caz bit says

    LOL….you watch him and he looks mentally unstable, he can barely string a
    sentence together…just like 90% of the people I come in contact with, no
    wonder the trendies like him.

    1. gbravi22 says

      Seriously, the guy is a nutcase. I don’t see how an informed person could
      actually support him. Especially real Libertarians.

    2. Toxy says

      so does “Paul Joseph Johnson”, he can’t stop shouting, has to put on a
      pretend voice the entire time, I would certainly back away from this nutter
      if he was in the same room because he seems unstable.

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