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Gavin McInnes: Why is the Left Promoting Pedophilia?

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Why is the leftist media lecturing whites to be ashamed of their skin color, while telling us to be proud of pedophiles?

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  1. Adam D says

    Pedophilia is a mental disorder, plain and simple! The people running Salon
    must also have the same mental illness for giving Todd Nickerson a

    1. Tim O'Sullivan says

      as soon as they act on this they deserve to die, they know it’s evil but
      they do it anyways, there’s no rehabilitating a monster and they don’t
      deserve it.

    2. Trevor Hurd says

      +Tim O’Sullivan
      It’s not monstrous, assault and rape are monstrous, but I’ll bet you enjoy
      rape porn vids anyway. Monster.

    3. The Titanium Tyrant says

      Trevor Hurd …witty……

  2. Johnny Ma'boy says

    It’s weird how these people who want to end racism and support equality
    make white dudes not as equal as everyone else because they’re white. I
    don’t even know how they came to this conclusion and don’t see how
    hypocritical it is.

    1. Young Frankenstein says

      It’s because they’re stupid, illogical, irrational hate mongers. They don’t
      want to end racism, by the way. They love, cherish, and depend on racism to
      get the votes to keep them in office and in power. If we woke up tomorrow
      morning and all racism was gone, the Democratic Party would cease to exist.
      It wouldn’t cease to function, it would cease to exist. Anti-white,
      anti-male, anti-heterosexual, anti-cisgender(?), anti-morality,
      anti-religion… all of these things are bandwagons created by the Left and
      are good places for the simple-minded to jump. Hypocrisy is their
      Scientific Method.

  3. Jack Gerald says

    They opened Pandora’s box when they used the phrase ” you can’t help who
    you love” to justify gay marriage. That set a precedent for ANY and every
    kind of sexual attraction and behavior to be justified. Including

    1. Zane Ruby says

      That might be true for attractions, but certainly not for behavior. Sexual
      attraction is a feeling, behavior is an action. You can’t help who you feel
      yourself attracted to, but you surely can control, and are responsible for
      your behavior.

  4. Kathy12Ray says

    Remember when Isaiah Washington was fired from GRAYS ANATOMY for his views
    on gayness….and they forced him into an apology tour then fired
    him….double humiliation.

    1. Give me your Money says

      Kathy12Ray what did he say ?

  5. Melba Marie says

    it’s not bravery
    it’s BULLYING

  6. Sheera Macfarlane says

    Anyone who will lust after a vulnerable party is a predator.

  7. endofscene says

    What are they talking about?

  8. loliH9 says

    “Sarah Silverman”
    Of fucking course the kike is not going to apologize, what did you expect?
    Goddammit, Gavin.

  9. vlad patriot says

    in this LGBTP NWO, you can only be normal if you have a severe mental

  10. Mrelisrael777 says

    I can’t help it but Paul is so SEXXXXXY!

  11. Shae Ross says

    WELP- WE KNOW WHY NOW….#pedogate

  12. M Mohan says

    Liberals can not be child molesters. They are just baby sitters.

  13. Michael Nicholas says

    because basic decency is for fascist patriarchal shitlords

  14. Rev. J. Roger Allen says

    The left will eventually approve of sex with animals also.

  15. Steve Burnside says

    I’m glad that the left continues to lose.

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