Gavin McInnes: Why is the Left Promoting Pedophilia?


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Why is the leftist media lecturing whites to be ashamed of their skin color, while telling us to be proud of pedophiles?

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  1. Pedophilia is a mental disorder, plain and simple! The people running Salon
    must also have the same mental illness for giving Todd Nickerson a

  2. It’s weird how these people who want to end racism and support equality
    make white dudes not as equal as everyone else because they’re white. I
    don’t even know how they came to this conclusion and don’t see how
    hypocritical it is.

    • It’s because they’re stupid, illogical, irrational hate mongers. They don’t
      want to end racism, by the way. They love, cherish, and depend on racism to
      get the votes to keep them in office and in power. If we woke up tomorrow
      morning and all racism was gone, the Democratic Party would cease to exist.
      It wouldn’t cease to function, it would cease to exist. Anti-white,
      anti-male, anti-heterosexual, anti-cisgender(?), anti-morality,
      anti-religion… all of these things are bandwagons created by the Left and
      are good places for the simple-minded to jump. Hypocrisy is their
      Scientific Method.

  3. Both paedophilia and homosexuality ARE mental illnesses.

    Homosexuality is a mental disorder, and a choice, as the scientific
    research indicates. There is no evidence whatsoever that people are born
    gay. In fact, all the evidence indicates that they aren’t. In fact, two
    homosexual paedophiles called Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen have
    confirmed this. In their book (After the Ball), they state that although
    homosexuality is not something people are born with, people have to start
    lying about that in order to deceive society. In fact, the gay movement was
    started by a homosexual paedophile called Henry Hay, and even he believed
    that people were not born gay. The fact that people have allowed mainstream
    media to brainwash them is very sad, and very pathetic. .

    All the evidence indicates that gays are in fact not born that way, but of
    course mainstream media will never tell you. look up the work of a man
    named Ryan Sorba (he’s on youtube as well). He has done tremendous work
    exposing the frauds who who’ve been systematically lying through the media
    .He has gone undercover as a gay man, and shown undercover footage of
    mainstream pro-gay politicians ADMITTING that gays aren’t born that way,
    and he was uncovered why the mainstream media is lying to society. His
    undercover footage also features gay man after gay man admitting that they
    became gay after something terrible happened to them. The vast majority of
    them were raped.

    Then there are the studies.

    -A 1992 study found that although gays were less than 2% of the population,
    they accounted for more than 30% of all child molestations.

    -A 1979 study (buy pro-gay activists, mind you) found that 73% of
    homosexuals had molested boys aged 16 and younger.

    -A 2001 Dutch servey found that mental illnesses were “systematically
    higher” amongst homosexuals, DESPITE the Netherlands being very supporting
    and accepting of LGBTs. being “bullied” or “marginalized” had nothing to do
    with it.

    -A 2014 study, found that over 70% of adolescents who identified as
    homosexual or bisexual, later identified as exclusively heterosexual as
    young adults.

    The studies go on and on.

    In fact, the former president of the American Psychiatric Association (the
    man responsible for removing homosexuality from the list of mental
    disorders) has admitted that the APA is sponsoring “fake research” and is
    spreading pro-gay lies after being infiltrated by “ultra-liberal” pro-gay
    activists. He admits that no one is born gay, and that gays can change.

    -Clinical Psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, treats homosexuality and
    successfully cures SSA among his clients.

    Brainwashed people many deny reality. and hide their faces from the facts.
    It’s not my “opinion” that gays are mentally ill. It’s fact.

    • nico austin I dont think any of the christians or anyone who claims to be
      anything other than satanist can say anything. If you do not read the word
      of God , and focus on Him alone you are no better than satan himself. There
      are symbols of satansim in everything around us.

    • +nico austin
      Considering that most homosexuals are the result of homosexual paedophilic
      molestation, and that the vast majority of child moelsters are homosexual,
      you can in fact compare homosexuality to paedophilia. They are strongly

  4. They opened Pandora’s box when they used the phrase ” you can’t help who
    you love” to justify gay marriage. That set a precedent for ANY and every
    kind of sexual attraction and behavior to be justified. Including

    • That might be true for attractions, but certainly not for behavior. Sexual
      attraction is a feeling, behavior is an action. You can’t help who you feel
      yourself attracted to, but you surely can control, and are responsible for
      your behavior.

  5. Remember when Isaiah Washington was fired from GRAYS ANATOMY for his views
    on gayness….and they forced him into an apology tour then fired
    him….double humiliation.