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I will be featuring my subscribers in an upcoming YouTube Video. All you need to do is watch this video and follow the instructions.

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Make a Video Response
– State Name
– Where Your From
– Your YouTube Dreams
– What My Videos Mean to You

Upload the Response to YouTube as a Public or Unlisted Video

Submit to http://derralEves.com/feature
Deadline • Feb 24th

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  1. CanadianQueen76 says

    Good idea!

  2. ShakSterTV says

    aww man I wont have time before then. Maybie next time!

  3. The 321 says

    Looks awesome!

  4. Head Dawg says

    I love your channel. You said in a previous video that you would respond to
    all the comments within 24 hours of posting. I posted this 20 min after
    video post. So I ask a favor of you. Please just take at my channel and
    post some advice or helpful hints in my discussion. I would really
    appreciate it. Your channel has helped me to start on youtube with all the
    techy things I can’t do that you are so knowledgable about. So I ask that
    you please help a fellow subscriber and super fan of you. Thanks!

    1. Head Dawg says

      plz derral

  5. JoeMixed says

    Hey Derral! I’ve been watching your videos before I started my YT channel
    and your advise helped me a lot. Will definitely submit a video response
    even if I’m a bit shy to do that.. 🙂 

    1. Derral Eves says

      Go for it …

  6. jamonymow says

    people are getting banned for false flagging and spam in descriptions on
    videos 5 years old, groups are targeting them and getting big channel 3
    strikes and they are banned, this need to be discussed in a video, as there
    must be ways to stop this like you cant flag a video until your YouTube
    account is 6 months old this would stop 50 people opening new accounts and
    false flagging people and banning them,

    I have had trolls target me and my video got strikes for gore but it was a
    game and i am lucky email support fixed it but others are loosing there

  7. Marcus Guiliano says

    Just uploaded my video and filled out the link! Thanks

  8. Nickalot says

    How do you make a video responseÉ I really want to be featured in your
    video!! Please Help me!!

    1. Nickalot says

      nevermind..sorry, I have to submit a response again

  9. TheUltimadeKoen says

    I hope the video i sent you will get me over my fear of talking in my

    1. Derral Eves says

      great +TheUltimadeKoen

  10. BrickTsar says

    Thanks for all your help. Wish I had found your channel sooner

    1. Derral Eves says

      Me too +BrickTsar

    2. Jem Droid45 says


  11. Zyks Nys says

    I am on this, awesome that you give your subscribers a chance to get
    featured! :D

  12. 'NICO-SKETCH-TV" says

    Hey Derral Eves!!!! I learning a lot from your videos. I uploaded my video
    response to you site. Please keep teaching up. I want to get as big as you
    one day.. Please checkout my channel. Thank You.

  13. Ride With Rahul says

    Hey, I was editing a few other videos but I dropped everything else and
    finally managed to make the video response for you!
    So, I am in… now let’s see if I get featured!

  14. ComputingForLife says

    I hope I’m not to late, just submitted mine 3 hours ago

  15. Dontae's Boxing Nation says

    Hi, I’ve been watching your videos for some time now. I have a problem and
    I was wondering if you could help. I have someone using my profile picture
    and a similar user name posting comments making people think its me. I’ve
    reported this person but it seems this problem falls under none of the
    guidelines. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Deon Price says

      +Dontae’s Boxing Nation​​, he’ll likely cancel that account once Mayweather
      beats the living snot out of Pacquiao.
      What kind of person who call themselves a mature adult, and a real man
      would take another man’s profile picture and name, to create an account?

  16. Evan Carmichael says

    Good luck everyone 🙂 #Believe 

    1. Jem Droid45 says


  17. ResQ TeeDee says

    Hey Derral, will you be doing anything like this again any time soon?
    Please let me know, you youtube channel is what finally convinced me to
    overcome my doubts of starting a youtube channel, i was doubting about it
    for over 4 years, so that a lot of time, anyway thanks for your great

  18. Jimmy Hallinan says

    can you do this type of event again please?

  19. Sai Krishna says

    Hi Derral Eves, I have One Question for you..
    (How to find who and where our YouTube channel is featured in other’s
    If you are unable to answer my question..Please feature my channel in your

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