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YouTube is all about building communities with subscribers. I have author Patrick Hanlon (Primal Branding & Social Code) come talk about 7 elements all YouTubers need to build a massive audience and create a powerful community. This is powerful stuff here. I use this will all my clients and for my self!

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  1. I hit over 10k subscribers recently providing healthy, simple, filling
    comfort food plant based recipes. People are crazy engaged and passionate.
    They like my recipe pics being doable and not overly staged. I also avoid
    the click bait drama-filled videos even though they get more views. Focus
    on the viewers and what they want.

    • +Potato Strong How slow was it for you in the beginning to gain some
      traction? I’ve been publishing for a little over a month now and am trying
      to gauge the standard (if there is one). How much did the quality of the
      videos and such play into your success, do you think?

    • +Lemon Productions Inc. I didn’t really track it but what I did was after
      doing videos on a consistent basis (2-3 per week) I started commenting on
      other videos, as well as Facebook pages. Reach out to influencers in your
      niche after contributing comments to their channel, one guy liked my first
      video and that kicked off my channel. I don’t feel it has to be
      professional quality, in that as long as the audio is okay and lighting
      isn’t bad. I mostly use my iPhone or built-in iMac webcam. In my opinion
      it’s the content that people want. I don’t even do much in terms of
      entertainment or exciting. Just a normal guy sharing tasty healthy recipes
      and weight loss tips for the most part.

    • +Potato Strong Thanks for the tips! Would you say that getting between
      50-100 views in a week for a video is good? I’ve been posting regularly for
      the past month. I’ll try the reaching out technique and see how that works!

    • +Lemon Productions Inc. It’s a good starting point, hopefully over time
      with consistency you get more subscribers and each video will get more
      views. Also you might see which videos get more views and do more of those.

    • +Potato Strong I would hope so. I’d love it if you would take a look at a
      video and tell me your thoughts. I’m open to all thoughts.

    • I think that persona you put on, on your channel is great! you even have
      the looks that professional actors have. I could definitely see you in the
      next hit movie!

    • +Derral Eves thats another thing I really liked about your channel Derral,
      I feel like I’m sitting next to you, its so real and enjoyable.

      I will continue to watch and promote your videos, have had a number of
      youtubers ask me for help on what cameras to buy and how to better optimize
      there channels I start off by saying have you checked out Derral Eves

  2. Reached my 1000 subscribers, rebranding my channel and took your advice on
    famebit. interesting experience so far. will keep you posted.

  3. I love this video…the two of you feel warm and sincere. Thank you for all
    of the info…I took notes and plan to watch again tomorrow and implement
    the ideas. Good night and God bless.

  4. Thx for the great info! I’m exploring putting my passion into the YouTube
    world and if I’m going to invest the time I want to do it the best possible
    for the viewers. I’m going to watch the videos you recommended. Thanks

  5. Love this video. I read the book a while back and watching the Q&A brought
    a lot of information back to the front of my mind. You have a new

  6. Thanks for the interview Derral. Great content from you and Patrick. I’m
    going to buy the book Social Code

  7. This was fantastic it gave me the clarity I was looking for. I am about to
    commence online marketing and had been toying with the idea of creating a
    community centred around personal transformation and then boooooommmmm this
    came around just at the right time.Thanks Derral and Patrick for giving me
    the clarity I needed. I will definately get hold of Patricks Primal
    Branding and Social Code books. Thanks.