Giada De Laurentis is worried with ‘touchy-touchy’ fans


Giada De Laurentiis needs her personal space.

The famous Food Network cook suggested during a Vegas Uncork’d Grand Tasting Event during Caesars Palace that some of her true supporters can be overzealous.

“For certain [fans wish to get close]. It’s a usually place that people design to see me and arrange of be means to hold my brand. we wish we could contend no touchy-touchy, though it doesn’t work that way,” De Laurentiis told a New York Daily News.

The 46-year-old mused that maybe her gender plays a purpose in because fans feel they can get up-close and personal.

“Since we am a womanlike cook they are a small reduction intimidated to come adult to me, and secondly they only wish to appreciate we for what we do,” the TV cook said.


De Laurentiis pronounced her celebrity done her “uneasy” in a past.

“I am apropos some-more gentle being myself in my possess skin, and we consider that happens with anybody as we get older,” she said.

De Laurentiis has copiousness of eyes on her right now. She’s got her possess Food Network series, “Everyday Italian” and Food Network recently greenlit a new array with a star, “Giada’s Summer Entertaining.” She also frequently pops adult on other Food Network shows like “Beat Bobby Flay.”


She is also set to open her second grill during Caesar’s Palace Casino by a finish of a year.

She told a Daily News, “We’re on a third year [in Vegas] and we wanted to do something a small some-more infrequent for anybody who can’t do a excellent dining thing, arrange of as an introduction to my food, so we consider this will be a unequivocally good event to do that.”

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