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Give Back Money To Countries That Don’t Support Women | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Donovin Lamm says


    1. Slip Kid says

      We must elect Trump!!!!!

    2. Natalie Harris says


    3. Tourist Sites1237 says

      Natalie Harris TRUMP is awesome

    4. Lilian Gurley says

      Donovin Lamm you are so right

  2. Matthew Korpas says

    And she laughs? Unreal. She is so fake.

    1. Wide Awake says

      Matthew Korpas was real glad he mentioned this, I kept thinking earlier in
      the debate “mention the money she gets from countries that suppress women!”

    2. Milen Baykov says

      “Hahaha! Look at me! Don’t pay attention to that twat who hates mexicans
      but to me! Hohoho, hahaha! He’s just pooping out of his mouth hohohahaha!” **I’m
      disapointed of the candidates**

  3. SShaw6174 says

    why the hell is she smiling… looks like an evil clown…

    1. Professor Severus Snape says

      SShaw6174, she has to laugh because it is a defence mechanism. she can’t
      let anyone know it gets her deep down inside

    2. Toni Martin says

      She has no deep down inside. She’s a robotic mindless evil wench with NO
      CONSCIENCE. She is responsible for countless murders. She is rotten to the

  4. Turner Sutherland says

    Hillary for fucking prison. Seriously is this even a choice. Trump for

  5. Dog The Bounty Hunter says

    Trump will win.

    1. gnarly sniff says

      Dog The Bounty Hunter doubt it. minority is the majority, ironically.

    2. Professor Severus Snape says

      … especially a minority that cheats.

    3. Jeremy Buchanan says

      Dog The Bounty Hunter I think he will win too.

    4. Fallout3ProHunter says

      Dog The Bounty Hunter as much as I love the guy it is to rigged Shillary
      will just buy her way there

    5. Milen Baykov says

      No. The old witch will get elected.

  6. Maria Guarino says

    Go Mr Trump!

  7. skeetorkiftwon says

    She smiles while he talks about them killing gays. What a monster.

    1. Milen Baykov says

      This is because she is against gays. Or wait, she was in favour of gays
      last time… No, she was against because…, but she then said… uhh…

  8. Domo says

    Saudis do not support women’s rights at all. And majority of 911 attackers
    came from Saudi Arabia. So why didn’t we invade Saudi Arabia?
    No answer to return that money.

  9. 3boyzero3 says

    14.3 billion for Haitian relief fund donated…
    2% use for bribes the rest pocket money for bill and Hillary’s criminal

  10. Brandon Hebert says

    Mr.Trump one Gemini to another ? GREAT JOB

  11. Angel Baggett says

    Great corruption exposure Mr. Trump!

  12. Tyler Y says


  13. KiloSierraAlpha says

    Just look at that EVIL MONSTER squirm as Trump just keeps on piling FACTS!

  14. Hugh Jardon says

    Phucking owned that debate!

    GO TRUMP!!!

  15. Sumer Bradshaw says

    As a woman, I am offended and disgusted that Hillary Clinton took money
    from countries that practice Sharia Law. Why aren’t other women bothered by

  16. diazmilton says

    (0:47) Look at her face, when she knows that Trump is speaking the truth
    and millions of Americans just found out of her corruption. Also a sign of

    1. diazmilton says

      (0:51) Trumps words really hit hard in her devilish soul that she closes
      her eyes, after every truth. WOW. Truth & Trump hurt hillary.

  17. studdaman420 says

    This is why we LOVE Donald J. Trump! I voted for Donald Trump today. I
    voted for FREEDOM!

  18. Woody Carson says

    She smiles at hearing gays being thrown off roofs. WTF

    1. Milen Baykov says

  19. mylifeintheknifetrade says

    What a vile creature she is. She’s for women then takes millions from
    countries that treat them poorly.

    Just like everything else, she has a public and private position. In public
    she’s just a loving grandma who cares about women and children, but in
    private she’s a greedy individual with a lust for power and wealth and
    doesn’t care about anyone besides herself and MAYBE her own family.

    1. Nicola Reed says

      She doesn’t care about her own family – I mean, she might care about bill,
      but she doesn’t care about chelsea at all

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