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“GoT” Cast Dishes on Jon Snow & Sansa Tension | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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"Game of Thrones" stars Gwendoline Christie, Liam Cunningham, and Sophie Turner talk the tension between Jon Snow and Sansa at Comic-Con 2017.

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"GoT" Cast Dishes on Jon Snow & Sansa Tension | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. I hate Google+ says

    Jon Snow is winterfell

  2. 126TCY says

    I hear you Sophie.. if Dany comes to Winterfell.. or even thinks about taking Winterfell away there will be trouble…… Winterfell being….AKA Jon…. your gonna take her out.. Don’t mess with Sansa’s Jon….. LOL JONSA all the way

    1. Dianne Baquiran says

      126TCY yessss!!! JONSA! JONSA!

  3. Duygu Findikci says

    JONSA <3

    1. Roseen Nygma says

      Duygu Findikci OH TÜRK ❤

    2. Duygu Findikci says

      Roseen Nygma Türkler her yerde my dear ❤️

    3. Asmunar Becktenov says

      Duygu Findikci does these mean “turks are everywhere”? Wow if it is your language is similiar to mine 🙂

  4. DameOfTheRose says

    Why does everyone want Jon and Sansa to be a thing. She’s a Stark, that’s not a Stark thing

    1. Laura Senatore says

      Because it happened before in the Starks lineage, Sansa Stark was honored with that name because of an ancestor who had had to marry her uncle, she was a woman and could not be the guardian of the North. So marrying her uncle, winterfell would continue belonging to Starks (Sorry for any mistakes)

    2. DameOfTheRose says

      Laura Senatore yeah but it was only to keep the Stark name running the north. Jon hadn’t been legitimized and if they find out he’s a Targaryen a legitimized by an actual wedding between Lyanna and Rhaegar than her marrying Jon would be even worse then him having a north bastard name

    3. THEAnnEla says

      Well she was actually briefly set to marry Robin Arryn, her cousin, so…. I don’t know about the “not a Stark thing”…. But I also don’t think Jonsa is possible… maybe more because of Jon…

    4. gossipIluvUihate says

      DameOfTheRose Starks have married Starks before. so it kinda is a stark thing lol

  5. MakuTheSpaceArtist says

    Honestly though what they’re saying is so true. Jon and Sansa as a duo could be so much more powerful. Sansa knows how to play the game and Jon knows how to fight the WW. Together they can destroy enemies on both sides.

  6. Myotis Myotis says

    All they are seems not like actors at all-more like a people appeared in another world.

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