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Gov. Kasich on Trump’s proposed budget, Manchester bombing

Here is News Insider…

Millions of people in Ohio Gov. John Kasich's state could be impacted by President Trump's proposed cuts. Kasich, who as a congressman chaired the House Budget Committee and whose tenure included the 1995 government shutdown and a balanced federal budget, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Mr. Trump's budget proposal, the nation's opioid epidemic and Monday's Manchester concert bombing.

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  1. SASI D SANYASI says

    CBS fake news network

    1. danny notofconcern says

      Я согласен с тобой, товарищ

    2. Jordan Martirossian says

      SASI D SANYASI Is that the only way you can respond to information that conflicts with your opinion?

  2. SCPDTEAM says

    why is this waste getting interviewed left and right like he matters?

    1. PIZACLATON DDD says

      he matters more than you

    2. Alton Browne says

      Why do you call him waste?

  3. Sean Hall says

    We lost Chris Cornell from Benzo meds, not opiates.

  4. Laura A says

    Legalize cannabis in Ohio to ease the opioid deaths and bring in jobs and revenue. You won’t stop deaths from hard drugs simply by saying “no, don’t do that” or by locking people up.

    1. vinnyusa2009 says

      Laura A, i completely disagree with you, legalization is not the answer, look, in the states that have legalized marijuana so far there are more healthy people buying cannabis than the sick ones

    2. Laura A says

      Studies have shown that cannabis can help treat those with addiction. We should legalize it so 1) it can bring in revenue, I don’t care if healthy people buy it and 2) so it can be used to treat people who need it.

    3. Silver Jaguar says

      Laura A Ohio should have legal cannibas it would bring a lot of revenue to the state

  5. CrazyCookieMarcia says

    such BS!! the people in America who need help would get help easily if not for the freeloaders who take without need! Kasich believes he has some answers and he was shown the door by millions of Americans, and he is still stinging! the fact Charlie Rose gives him any time at all tells us what we need to know about both of them!

    1. Freshtex Blackman says

      “freeloaders who take without need!” Yep, like the 1 percent & the other rich people with all their Kickbacks & Tax breaks! I’m sure you’re one of those people who loves thanking Vets for their Service!

    2. PIZACLATON DDD says

      like you??

    3. Payman Beheshti says

      Freshtex Blackman
      very good point!

  6. Corinne Yaworski says

    I have cancer and my oncologist does not want to address pain control.

    1. Angel says

      Talk to your general practitioner. If they won’t listen move to another one. I have never had a specialist that would give me pain meds.

    2. Corinne Yaworski says

      You would think the cancer doc would understand. I don’t like him anyway. Only a couple choices with my insurance.

  7. Tone Balone says

    cornell died of prescription drugs lol

  8. darthalba says

    Manchester was the epitome of cultural enrichment

  9. Karmiangod says

    And if there’s no jobs then they’re not going to work.

  10. web says

    STOP wasting our money, balance the budget, and pay down the debt. What ever happened to people helping people? Why does it have to be inefficient government doing it??? Gov John Kasackofsheit is a RINO. Yes you can move quickly. We’re tired of the establishment’s crap.

    1. Payman Beheshti says

      simply because inefficient government does not take a profit off the top, like the efficient private thieves.

    2. Donald Mckee says

      web There not going to pay down the debt, they’re giving it to the top 1% in tax cuts. Taxpayers already subsidize Walmart, America’s largest employer, in providing food stamps for 10-15 % of their employees. You want to pay down the debt, you have to raise wages for the working class. Higher wages, means more taxes in the system and less people needing assistance. It also creates jobs because if people have more money they’re going to spend it. Billionaires get money and they hide it offshore. How many times do we have to have these idiot Republicans try supply side economics for them to realize it doesn’t work? Trump’s budget is W. 2.0 which sent are country into one of the worst depressions ever. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is a good start!

  11. Windows Sucks says

    Did Charlie Rose have a stroke?

    1. vinnyusa2009 says

      i hope he does cause he needs one

  12. Michael Sinclair says

    Are we totally sure he’s Republican?

  13. Crimsonphilosophy says

    At least he has good taste in music

  14. Henry Spagnew says

    Jesus said his gospel will be preached in the whole world before the end. The interned has done this. The end is neigh, repent and accept Jesus for eternal life!

    1. Angel says

      wish Jesus would hurry up already.

    2. Henry Spagnew says

      Only God knows when the time is right. I trust God.

  15. Mike merrill says

    Go back to stuffing your face Kaisch

  16. stephen tubbs says

    I know that some of you Republicans and Trump supporting idiots have a hard time hearing intelligent proposals from a Republican governor. Kasich was the best choice for the Republicans in the election, but so-called Conservatives wouldn’t support him. The Republicans need to start working with Democrats to remove Trump from office, and fix our problems.

  17. Kyle Ruth says

    The answer to drug addiction is mental health treatment. If someone is suffering from PTSD, ADHD, depression, an anxiety disorder, etc. then heroin or another opioid would be a rational choice to relieve anxiety, pain, discomfort etc. for someone who is self-medicating. We must address mental health from an early age. If a kid gets in trouble at school, they shouldn’t be looking at how to punish them, but should be looking at if they have one of these disorders that leads to drug use. If you treat anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression, ADHD (ADHD is a natural phenomenon. Genetically some are prone to easily be distracted and are not fit for a traditional classroom or desk job. Stimulants do help those with ADHD perform functions as most people do), etc. then will you reduce the use of illegal drugs. This will include opioids for some people. Studies have found that there are people who actually do better taking an opioid on a daily basis. We have to realize that those who are self-medicating by using illegal drugs such as heroin must be treated by reducing the symptoms of the disorders and conditions that they are self-medicating to reduce or escape from. Otherwise, their drug use will remain as a rational choice to them. Any hope for them to use traditional rehab will fail, as their mental health has not been treated and they will relapse. Same thing with alcoholics.

    1. Johnny Fritts says

      Kyle Ruth
      YOU ARE A LIAR…!!!
      That’s all lies… I am a Combat Marine. I was an alcoholic/ cocain / oxy cotin addict for years… 12 pack & 8 ball everyday.

  18. Cobra9876 says

    wrong…pounding a message of anti drug use into kids is exactly the wrong approach. when will these old idiots understand, rather educate vs saying dont do it.

  19. David Te'Kannon says

    Dear Governor Kasich and distinguished panel of guests. What is wrong with the current drug problem in the United States? What’s wrong is it’s obviously not working. It must be so depressing for people who don’t have drug or alcohol related problems to see their communities ripped apart by people getting hooked on the new powerful substances. Why don’t people working in government take a look round the world where the problem does not exist? In Switzerland where I live, addicts are given the drugs they need under supervised conditions. The state provides clean syringes and places to go where a doctor and or a nurse is duty all the time so they can get precious feedback and support. The police are not involved. It works! President Ruth Dreyfuss put it into place a dozen or so years ago and there has been no looking back. Oddly, no other countries are willing to try it out. There is no drug-related crime in Switzerland because the addicts have their daily dose and don’t need to rob stores and attack and steal from people to get what they need. The addicts are not a pleasant site to see on the streets but they are at least harmless to others and some make it back into society. There is no easy solution, but why not try what is working somewhere else? People are people after all. Why would American people be different from Swiss people? The main point is when I see how much money is being spent to contain a crisis that is out of control and half a world away the same problem has been eradicated it is absurd. It’s like if in America they discovered penicillin but over in Switzerland they don’t want to know about it and so they keep losing people to infections. It is too easy to criticize anyone who is living a nightmare and one can only imagine how painful it is to see so many people falling into addiction. But if the drugs were given under medical supervision to the addicts, it could change the equation. Drugs are for sick people; let’s give them their drugs and change it to a medical problem. Governor Kasich, wouldn’t you like to see the problem ended in Ohio and across America? Why not send a committee or come to Switzerland yourself and see how things work here? I live here and all I can say is that there is no drug-related crime because the addicts have their daily dose. There is a solution to the epidemic and it’s very human and not violent and does not destroy lives or have young people treated as criminals.

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