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Happy Father’s Day! Sibylle’s Favorite Quotes on Fatherhood

Today we celebrate the fathers in our lives. A special day to recognize them, praise them, show them our love and appreciation and give them thanks.

Compiling quotes on fatherhood made me realize we don’t have as many quotes available on fathers than we do have for mothers. It is true that there is a special relationship between a mother and her child, enhanced by the unique bonding of pregnancy, but fathers play also a very crucial role and are an important figure in the lives of their children. They are either a role model to follow for some, or a model not to follow for others… Whatever the situation may be for you, a father is somebody that, generally speaking, does the best he can with whatever he has to be a good father for his children. A man who loves, like a mother, his children and wants the best for them.

There are not one but a million ways to be a good father and today, it is a day to pause and thank them. To the newest father like George Clooney to all the fathers out there; to the fathers who will be fathers again and embrace fatherhood with renewed joy; to the future Dads who cannot wait to embrace fatherhood soon or one day in the future; to the step fathers who have children of heart and to the fathers who are no longer with us but are cherished in our hearts, we want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day with much love and appreciation. And to my Dad, I will say it in French: bonne fête papa!


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