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‘Have cake and eat it’ MP’s aide secret memo ‘gives glimpse into May’s Brexit plan’

The document may prove to be damaging for Britain’s international relations and outlined reasons to say “no” to a trade relationship similar to the one the EU has with Norway.

The document has also revealed that the preferred option is a Canada Plus deal first proposed by Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman, a European Parliament trade committee member, in the Daily Express.

The idea, which is also popular among many on the continent, would see an improved version of the trade deal recently agreed with Canada which involves tariff free access for most goods and services.

While a deal on manufacturing is said to be “straightfoward” not least because the German’s biggest car market is Britain, there are concerns that financial services would be “harder”.

Meanwhile, it makes it clear that staying in the European Economic Area, which also includes Switzerland and Norway, would be “not good” and specifically appears to reject a Norway style solution.

Norway’s model could be dead in the water because it would be subject to the European courts.

Writing on the sheet of A4 paper shows control of borders and not having to adhere to the European Court of Justice are key factors in negotiations.

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