Help honour military like PC Keith Palmer who gave their lives for us all


Nicola and Fiona’s names will be among 1,400 officers and military staff who laid down their lives stamped on to a 50ft high relic that will be built within a dedicated observance garden. It will turn a place of thoughtfulness and element other sites around a country, particularly a National Police Memorial in The Mall in London.

Bryn, 52, said: “To run towards somebody with a blade or a gun who is perplexing to harm people, that’s doing some-more than only a job, it’s brave, in each sense.

“Even a some-more paltry stuff, like being stood during crime scenes for 3 or 4 hours during a time in a pouring sleet and cold, takes a special kind of chairman to go behind each day and understanding with some of a things that Nicola and Fiona dealt with, and no doubt Keith did.

“We’ve got a choice of branch a TV over, we’ve got a choice to travel or run from danger, they haven’t. Nicola and Fiona were not what we would call large ‘roughty toughty’ forms though they did an unusual pursuit and are accurately a kind of people policing the streets each day.”