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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Chelsea Handler is a racist. Chelsea Handler is a xenophobe Today Chelsea Handler was accused of immigrant-shaming Melana Trump. That’s because NASTY Handler said that she wouldn’t give Melania Trump an interview because “she can barely speak English.”

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HER CAREER IS OVER! Chelsea Handler Will REGRET What She Said About Melania Trump!

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  1. Honestly, i’m 58 and i’ve never seen anything like this division in the
    country about the President in my life. Its like the new Civil War. Being
    disappointed in the election results is one thing, but this blatant
    violence towards other Americans because of political differences, is a new
    one for me.

  2. Chelsea Handler is a fowl mouthed bigot who believes she is an example for
    women. Chelsea is NO Oprah and far from an an example of feminine success.

    She openly talks about her urination and fecal matters and her personal
    hygiene worse than any man in a locker room.

    She openly speaks about her alcohol and drug use as if it were something to
    expound to.

    She is a racist in the purist form as many Leftists are. Leftist feel
    minorities need someone to fight for them, thereby creating a hierarchy of
    elitism over the very people they proport to be defending.

    She should be taken off the air.

    My wife and I tried to watch her show on Netflix. Her mouth made me ill.
    I’m no prude but, Chelsea is human filth of the worst kind. Disgusting. …

    • Please, Oprahs no better. Worth a billion dollars and begs for money from
      people who live paycheck by paycheck. Just as pitiful….

    • Carmen Cabello …. Trump never disparaged anyone for their disability. If
      you take the time to research the truth and the context President Trump was
      making his statement about the reporter, you would see the truth. Period…

    • Carmen Cabello …. Hi Carmen..I hope you’re doing well. Please send us all
      the video link showing Donald Trump making “any” racist remarks.

      We’re all ears. Please educate us.

    • ??? Like that fashion designer who declared he would not design for
      Melania when she didn’t even ask him to.

      Total narcissists, these people.
      Totally self-important and VAIN.

      How would one explain the threats they made about leaving the country if
      the Donald won.
      As if anyone bloody cared if they did !

    • I know. I was thinking that exact same thing, Devin. I was thinking, why in
      the HELL would Trump waste his time on that show?

    • +TheLaser373 Well you guys watch Fox new they put out that number! Most
      terrorist acts in America has been committed by Americans that’s facts!

    • +Chosen 13 I’m not in America I’m in overflooded with this bs Europe!
      For better understanding read “Killing manual” – koran,couple quotes for
      you “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” – Qur’an 8:60
      “Fight against those who do not obey Allah and his messenger,
      and do not forbid what he has forbidden,
      even if they are of the People of the Book,
      until they pay the jizya with willing submission,
      and feel themselves subdued.” (Qur’an 9:29)

    • TheLaser373 was this before or after the inquisition? before the bible was
      used to enslave africans, native americans, south americans, central
      americans, and anybody that did not follow the teachings of jesus a middle
      eastern born jew that created his own religion christianity

  3. Can you imagine if a conservative media person made fun of a non-white
    immigrant’s accent this way? OMG, all hell would break lose. What these
    elitist liberals don’t understand is that the amount of ignorance they have
    is masked by these cheap so called criticisms of President Trump. Once you
    scratch the surface, you see their ignorance. This awful woman, Handler, is
    a prototype of an ignorant American-born liberal spoiled brat who has not
    experienced any real global trauma in her life, who puts down immigrants
    and thinks that she can get away with it because this particular immigrant
    is our beautiful First Lady, married to President Trump, and she (Handler)
    is a liberal thug, who like the rest of her kind, thinks that she can get
    away with anything. She is elitist, culturally insensitive xenophobe and
    ignorant and arrogant beyond belief.

  4. that Chelsea loud mouth slut,she couldn’t hold a candle to the first
    Lady,she is eaten up with envy and anger President Trump is not Hillery,he
    is not a robber of flood Victims money,he doesn’t have people murdered that
    crosses his path,he didn’t start faulse wars.but Lucifearin worshipers like
    u and the rest of Hollywood.are all Servant’s to criminal Hillary.you
    willow in filth…?

  5. My first lady is a classy and beautiful woman. My mom married my dad and
    came here from Korea. It was not easy for her and she doesn’t speak perfect
    English, but my mom speaks English, Japanese and Korean. My mom and Melania
    are smarter than Chelsea Handler.