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Sub for more: | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, John McCain and Lindsey Graham probably thought they were so smart when they got together and released a joint statement claiming that Trump’s immigration ban is a “self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism.”

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HERE IT IS! President Trump Just OBLITERATED Lindsey Graham and John McCain in 2 Epic Tweets!

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    • Gail Johnston Oh, who gives a rats tail what you, or you or thumbs up
      buddies think or say, I say drain that swamp!
      We as a nation have been being succurd on poo poo for the last eight years
      anyway, so to coin a phrase,” what difference does it make now?” But yes!,
      heck yes!, if we have to sip Obama left poopy out with a straw, I still say
      drain the dang that swamp!
      That objectionable act would be preferable to another eight years of being
      spoon fed a never ending ,always growing pot of liberal poop soup, seasoned
      with the arsenic of death to the middle class!
      So save your witty little nasties for someone who cares, because I say
      drain the swamp!, then scrub it like the toilet it has become. Then we can
      all go home brush our teeth, gargle, take a shower, get on our knees and
      thank God the nasty Jobs is done. Then after all our personal clean up, and
      badly needed buissness with God is done,we can take a moment to relax, but
      not to much relaxing, because we then need to get back to the hard labor
      intensive job of putting our pilliaged nation back together, and sending
      people like you on a long extended vacation to a Canada with a no return
      ticket! Now that would be a job well done ,and good and momentous day for
      our history books!i

    • Russell K. Bonney The hat does not fit, but I have said my opinion and you
      have yours! As far as the the Son of God the Bible says Jesus is the son of

    • +Beccas Bull Well yes that’s correct , so like He said to the pharisees who
      asked if he was the son of David. he said. How could David be talking to
      his son if he said “my Lord said to my Lord”. So Jesus is not a Jew. He is
      We need to be clear that God has taken the kingdom from the Hebrews/Jews
      and given it to another will will bear fruit.
      I don’t really see your problem. where do we differ? I was talking about
      the name ‘Jew’ when I said if the hat fits wear it, not you. sorry we are
      having a prob communicating… better to leave it for now huh. God bless
      you though. You’ve got your heart in the right place.

    • Jacob’s well outside the town of Sychar—while waiting for his disciples to
      go into town for food. When our unnamed woman appeared with clay jar in
      hand, Jesus made a simple request: “Will you give me a drink?” (John 4:7).

      Uh-oh. (1) Jews weren’t supposed to speak to Samaritans. (2) Men weren’t
      permitted to address women without their husbands present. And (3) rabbis
      had no business speaking to shady ladies such as this one. Jesus was
      willing to toss out the rules, but our woman at the well wasn’t. “You are a
      Jew and I am a Samaritan woman,” she reminded him. “How can you ask me for
      a drink?” (John 4:9).

    • Canada!!!! America loves you. We are praying for you and will be cheering
      on your next election. I’m rallying people to all support the Euro and
      Canada elections and with Nationalism. We all need o comment and thumbs up
      comment to help swing your people to the far right!! That was a pitiful
      interview with your Quebec JEW saboteur “journalist” against Le Pen. Le Pen
      kicked her butt. Pass that interview on. Post it on many Canadian channels.
      It will help convince your people who are not convinced for National Front
      election. Le Pen totally handled her and did a lot of persuading with her
      very sound logic. I would exploit that video. It is tops. Don’t wait till
      elections. Keep rallying people now.

    • Traci, I dont often say things like this, but an approriate holiday for you
      would involve a time machine, Germany in the 40’s and some dirty showers.
      Just go and lie down on the nearest motorway you complete fucking scumbag.

    • Junior Tabo the media tells us the pep of England is against Trump. He is
      not welcome to visit etc.
      It’s good to hear from the citizens. hang in there things are changing.

  1. I cannot understand why the Republican voters in Arizona and South Carolina
    keep voting McCain and Graham into office. They are self serving Dems
    posing as Repulicans. They need to go!!!!!!

    • exactly anybody who has betrayed our country and committed treason should
      not be allowed to retire but should be sent to prison I mean made president

  2. Thank you Jesus for my president !!!! I love you Donald trump !!!! I love
    my president and will always be in the from lines to protect you and defend
    my beautiful country !!!! God bless you mr trump , we love you !!!!!

    • The problem with people like you is that your sooooo InTouch with your good
      intentions that you haven’t a clue as to the damage you are doing to our
      country. Trump is trying to save us. You just can’t handle having a alpha
      male in the Whitehouse after having a sodomite for the last eight years.

    • Gary wait you’re too angry my man, cool it down, I voted for Mr. Trump, my
      President. and he is kicking butt. I know about the songbird, the traitor
      who take photos with Isis leaders, and funds their causes. We are seeing
      all the repercussions of undoing, fixing what the hole with all his
      boyfriends president did or no do, no he is an imitation of a president. I
      proud to be an American and trust President Trump will clear the path
      to our victory here in this great nation.

    • He was never an actual war hero. He was a POW that talked and it resulted
      in numerous US deaths back then. He was nicknamed “The Songbird” for it. He
      has no honour and was an actual traitor.

    • War Hero?? Meh…. I like the guys who didn’t get caught!!! Not to say
      EVERY soldier who gets captured is a Loser….NO NO NO…. But in McCains’s
      case it’s true!! He is such a self-serving self-preservationist that I
      question HIS being captured and surviving (probably spilled some beans)
      even though I KNOW many True Heros have also been captured!! I also know
      that Many Heros have chosen death over capture. So, I’m not calling just
      Anyone who gets captured a Loser….. I’m calling McCain a Loser!!! I
      prefer Winners!!!

    • Hi. I’m a veteran. I’ve ALWAYS spitted on McCain. He was a traitor then and
      has been since. He’s even involved in a multi-trillion dollar scheme that
      robs our veterans of care. It is the reason why vets wait on average 8
      years to settle a disability suit. JEW SCUM BASTARDS ARE SIPHONING