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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, You know liberals can act like President Trump doesn’t have any celebrity friends, but that’s a load of BS! If Trump didn’t have any A-List friends, then how the hell do you explain what he just got PEYTON MANNING to do for him?!

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  1. Maximus Aurelius Catimus says

    Praise God thank you Peyton Manning, stand up for the country, the
    President and the people.

    1. Yvonne Baur says

      Denise Blalock Well said, he brings class, & dignity, when representing his
      position, to his people. He will maintain, the loyalty, & love of his
      people. as no other has.
      God Bless all.

  2. Deplorable Rob says

    …..and Brady supports Trump, too

    1. Still of the Night says

      +trooperjoe73 Mrs. Pac-Man was an excellent game! I could never make it
      passed the damned Banana stage though lol!

    2. Burnt Toast says

      Jack Mason Same. He voted for Trump in the face of his incredibly Liberal,
      but smoking hot, wife too. That takes some balls imo.

    3. Mr Sir says

      +Burnt Toast
      It’s about time a man acts like one.

    4. Marsha Maxberry says

      Deplorable Rob yes he finally redeemed hisself

  3. Gustavo Alba says

    hands down the best president since Reagan Trump loves America we don’t
    need anymore proof!

    1. O- froggie says

      Gustavo Alba all for the love of God do not compare him to Reagan Trump
      loves America. Trump truly loves America

    2. Shane Hamilton says

      Gustavo Alba hes 10 times better than reagan all ready

    3. Black Mamba says

      Reagan wanted the same things but buckled after they tried to shoot him.
      Trump just has a set of ‘huevos” like we’ve never seen.

    4. Michael Uhlir says

      saint Reagan! ohhh.. I get so moist when saint Reagan is mentioned.. every
      state should build a temple in memory of saint Reagan

    5. ferrum draconem says

      They tried to shoot him? They did shoot him! He got hit in the ribs, and
      survived. Trump is like Reagan, but he has better tools to get the truth

  4. Anastasia of the Hills says

    That’s nonsense. President Trump has over a hundred million class A friends
    known as the American citizens. We’re celebs to our family and friends.

    1. John Winche says

      Anastasia of the Hills Very well said, Thank You !!!

    2. Bobby Deery says


    3. Crystal Guliany says

      Anastasia of the Hills There you go!!!! Woop woop!!!!

    4. Evan Jackson says

      +ничто́ Владимир and your begging from a sexual harassment lawsuit ?

    5. Ragnar Onsager (Bull horn) says

      I’m hungry!!

  5. Dave Jan says

    Man judges man by his friends, God judges man by his enemies. If the
    hellyweirdos hate trump, thats good for the rest of america. Most
    hellyweirdos are satanic scum anyway.

    1. Dave Jan says

      +carefulcarpenter, He also said you can tell a tree by its fruit & to be a
      watchman warning of enemies approach. This same “pope” has also started
      denouncing Christ in favor of islam & his One World Religion. Sleep if you
      want to, but I will warn folks of evil whenever/however possible. The
      catholic church is evil, always has been. A FRAUD, run by power mad men.
      Wolves in sheeps clothing. Jesus ALSO warned us about them. You can hide
      behind being “nicety nice” but were at war w satan in ALL his forms. Either
      stand up or shut up.

    2. mistersolarpv says

      Dave Jan completely agree!

    3. Denise Blalock says

      +Dave Jan Truth!!! Hollywood is just here to brainwash. They have done a
      great job with most of the liberals.

    4. Yvonne Baur says

      Dave Jan Spoken like a true servant, of our Lord. Thank you, & God be with
      us all, during this wonderful, new page of history.

  6. betty hensley says

    GREAT GREAT ! ! ! go trump !

  7. Don't tread On me says

    Wow…this is by far the greatest time in history.

    1. gunsnroses4716 says

      Don’t tread On me nope, not even close.

    2. Denise Blalock says

      Are you blind? Deaf?

    3. Yvonne Baur says

      Denise Blalock More like, dumb.

    4. GolfCityKTA says

      gunsnroses4716 would you rather live in a time where people could raid your
      village, kill the parents and sell the children into slavery and nobody
      would care? didnt think so. This is BY FAR the greatest time to live.

    5. Denise Blalock says

      Absolutely…gunsnroses4716 is a goofball. THIS IS DEFINITELY THE GREATEST

  8. Tree says

    This is The United States of America!!!
    NOT The United States of EVERYONE ELSE!!! This is America, NOT a freakin’
    ALL INCLUSIVE CRUISE SHIP!!! Get over it you Libturds!!!??✌?

    1. JG system says

      Tree Amen to that!!

    2. Tree says

      JG system, We The People have caused a disturbance in the force, the Death
      Star is growing very dim. That, is a good thing!
      ??America First!??✌?

    3. Hgffhj Hhgffdf says

      Tree awe dang. truth at its finest!!!

    4. The Keys321 says

      Tree Hell yeah brother ?✊

  9. 33drummerr says

    I’ve Always been a fan of the Manning family!! Archie, Peyton, Eli and
    Cooper!! Class acts on the field and off!! Glad to see Peyton will be
    speaking this weekend at the retreat!! ????

    1. Rich Whiteman says

      couldn’t agree more!!! All class acts!

    2. 33drummerr says

      Rich Whiteman

  10. lindalovesmusic1 says

    I suddenly have more respect for Peyton, like I’ve never had.

  11. UPW IR says

    Trump didn’t do that, must have been the Russians!

    1. Sock Puppet says

      UPW IR lol

    2. UPW IR says

      It’s becoming a classic joke these days. I’ll tell u that much 😉 hehe

    3. UPW IR says

      *That much I can tell you, believe me!* ? … “just had to throw it in

  12. Caffine addict says

    Will he tackle Barak,Mike,and Hillary for us?Kick them alike a football
    between the goal post.Than give all of us PAPA Johns pizza to celebrate.

    1. Sock Puppet says

      Caffine addict #pizzagate

    2. Thoughts Manifested says

      Sock Puppet he said Papa Johns yo! Not fucking scum bag ping pong pizza. xD

    3. Sock Puppet says

      At least he didn’t say Dominos Pizza. Google pedo code domino.

  13. Robert Helring says

    more I hear Trump more I love him if your a true American how could you not
    like this guy

  14. mary kalinowski says

    way to go Peyton . He is my husband’s cousin

    1. Denise Blalock says

      That is so cool. I am from TN and have followed Peyton since his first play
      at The University of Tennessee. Sure do miss him playing. You could tell it
      was Peyton if he had on any teams uniform. I could always recognize his
      playing technique, stance, movements.. He is a class act and is a great
      role model.

    2. mary kalinowski says

      He sure is

  15. Trebor Trahrebe says

    leagalize steroids in pro sports!

    1. Evan Jackson says

      That just gets dangerous to the public ?

    2. Trebor Trahrebe says

      Naw. Legalization of any drug including steroids is a good thing. Holland
      is a prime example.

  16. Colorado Cyber says

    The most amazing thing… Trump is doing what he said he would. Not that I
    doubted that, just that he is NOT a politician making promises just to get
    elected. The next eight years will be… AMERICA!

    1. Denise Blalock says

      I am going to enjoy these next 8 years. He has done more in 6 days than
      Obama did in 8 years. President Trump is a workaholic. He is going to
      straighten out this country.

    2. Colorado Cyber says

      +Denise Blalock – I will be up front. I am not a Trump fan, but I agree
      with you. As a matter of fact, Trump did more between the election and when
      he took the oath of office for this country than that POS islamo commie
      ali-bama did in eight years. What ali-bama did do was advance the cause of
      his mooseslime people.

    3. Denise Blalock says

      +Colorado Cyber Maybe you have seen in President Trump what we have seen
      all along. I truly believe that he loves our country. Let’s see what he
      does in 4 years. You may like him even better and possibly vote for him in
      the next election. I hope so anyway. Thanks for your honesty. I appreciate

    4. Colorado Cyber says

      +Denise Blalock – I voted for Trump in this election. I am also one of the
      Colorado State Delegates that voted to give Ted Cruz 100% of the Colorado
      National Delegates for nomination. And I do believe as long as Trump
      continues to give Mike Pence a wide berth, things will continue to go in
      the direction they are. Trump is a good businessman and leader. His
      greatest strength is listening to the good people he has surrounded himself

    5. Denise Blalock says

      I agree with you. Thank you for being an elector. That is an honor. I think
      that Trump is a great business and leader, also. I truly believe that he
      loves the USA and wants to make it a great country again.

  17. Larry Eisenberg says

    Peyton is a real class act. Way better A lister than Beyonce!

    1. Denise Blalock says

      Absolutely!!! Payton has real talent. Beyonce, not so much.

  18. Pablo Aguilar says

    the peyton family are cool!

    1. Osama Hussein says

      Manning Family.

  19. Triath says

    How many videos do you make in a hour?

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