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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, Liberals are finding out fast just how quickly what can be done with a pen and a phone can be undone by a pen and a phone, thanks to a series of executive orders by President Donald Trump undoing much of former President Barack Obama’s legacy in Trump’s first days.

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Trump Signs 4 Executive Orders in First 72 Hours of Presidency

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  1. Kyle Gerrie says

    I feel sorry for people who support the elite and don’t even know it

    1. Kyle Gerrie says

      No I support trump. He is classed in society as elite because he is rich
      but he is not a corrupt globalist.

    2. Erik Cregeen says

      abraham lincoln Reagan was also bought and paid for. Trump isn’t

    3. abraham lincoln says

      Erik Cregeen 100%agreed

    4. Dmitri Tousaint says

      Yeah it’s true the elite wants to do a mass killing to lower population to
      make it easier to control people

    5. abraham lincoln says

      Dmitri Tousaint 100 % correct and plans of deportations has been going on
      for decades

  2. micro Jupiter 78 says


    1. Rashaan Elam says

      micro Jupiter 78 not until his first 100 days. I’m in no rush. He’s looking
      good so far.

    2. micro Jupiter 78 says

      Rashaan Elam ??

    3. Dark Dan says

      Rashaan Elam…he begining to fizzle out he has no strategic plan to last 4

    4. Erik Cregeen says

      Dark Dan Wrong

    5. Dark Dan says

      Erik Cregeen…we’ll see.

  3. Deplorable Rob says

    Yes please, destroy Nobama’s legacy. Fuckass and his pos NobamaCare, 35%
    corporate tax and bullshit open borders policy.

    1. apeflawless says

      Deplorable Rob… 35 % is the statutory rate, 7.5 to 14 % is the effective

    2. Mob Now says

      apeflawless / Too overly complicated, should be no reason to do all that

  4. Skull Dwellers says

    put the 10 commandments back in the white house

    1. Anti-theist Atheist says

      Joe Canadian Joe…. I will not argue that there could not be a god but
      none of the ones man have created……is that possible god.
      Due to my Asperger’s I’m incapable of given Christians leeway for changing
      the Bible to say what they want it to say instead of what it actually says.
      This is how it was written (paraphrased by me)
      In the beginning the gods created the sky n the soil you walk upon ( you
      can not say Elohim is singular when El is / just to suit what you need)
      with a metal beaten dome (aka : Firmament) that covers the flat, circular
      earth, like a snow globe, with the Sun n Moon (both are light sources)
      revolving around the earth and the stars are stuck into the metal beaten
      dome. Don’t forget the inescapable book of Revelations if you want to say
      the Firmament is gone (lol)
      In the end of times (which will be the 3rd or 4th time to happen, depending
      on how you read the Bible) the Stars will fall out of the sky (apparently
      popping out of that metal beaten dome, that doesn’t exist) onto the soil we
      walk upon.
      Try as you may….that’s what the Bible says.
      Allow me to post an easy challenge for you Christians (who will refuse to
      answer) Question : Can you put the four resurrection stories in the Bible
      into 1 straight time line?
      Ps…that’s the 1st 4 books of the new testament (Not Authored) plus Paul’s
      account…… 🙂
      Pss. Good luck
      PSSS…. why did none of you answer my earlier question regarding what
      would the 10th commandment say if taken out of the Art of the Covenant?

    2. Michael Weston says

      The Gospel is FOOLISHNESS, to those who Parish Ant, Tell me this Genius,
      How did the Hebrew Language come about, if not by Devine Cause? See if you
      can Wrap your GIANT BRAIN around that!!!

    3. Fear the Old Blood says

      Michael Weston
      I told myself i’d stay out of this, but now you’re just being down right

      How did the Hebrew language come about if not by divine cause?

      You do know that dolphins and other animals communicate right? Even trees
      have a way of “talking” to each other through their roots. Communication is
      not unique to humanity, And the Hebrew language is not divine.

      Speech, as in comprehensible words; came about through years of humans
      communicating and becoming more civilized. You can easily tell that its
      through civilization and expanding our knowledge that we can talk.

      Their are still remote human tribes who were not apart of this growth in
      humanity such as tribes in Africa and isolated island tribes.

      If you want to go preach the Holy Books to them in hopes they’ll learn
      Hebrew from it then good luck.

    4. Michael Weston says

      You did not look into it obviously, Hebrew and Sanskrit are known as
      Mathematical Languages, not naturally formed… Check for yourself, you
      might be missing something.

  5. John Sobizzr says

    Obama and the Clintons and the skull and bones bush fucked not only
    America. They fucked the Mid East and South Asia. They destroyed peace.

    1. Ahzek Ahriman says

      Marie Miller I agree. The Middle East has pretty much always been a
      shithole ever sense the mountain fuckers took over in the 70s and regressed
      to the stone age.

    2. John Sobizzr says

      King Richard . I think and I hope the pattern has been halted. All the
      shits that’s been going on was because the American policy is to dominate
      the world , to topple governments, and blind its citizens that America is
      the greatest nation on earth, oh yeah! With 20 trillion bucks in debt?

    3. Richard Reyes says

      John Sobizzr thought the war started before Obama got in office, wouldn’t
      blame the middle East on him… lol he was in office 8 years, how long have
      we had soldier’s deployed in the mid East.. get your facts straight then
      I’ll be glad to read your more informed comments lol

    4. Richard Reyes says

      Feel like when there is a hurricane it may take time to clean up, we were
      in a active recession with bush and how many wars?we are no longer in a
      active recession with Obama leaving office… Progress is a process not a

  6. R Johns says

    I feel sorry for Trump, he’s gonna get writers cramp! The power of the pen
    and phone, how you likin’ that obama? LOL!

    1. bill johnson says

      Trumpcare will cover it and you won’t be forced to use it with heavy
      penalties each year.

    2. Steve Emery says


    3. bill johnson says

      +Steve Emery
      I am sure they will be reasonable and instead go back to work.

    4. Steve Emery says


  7. Skull Dwellers says

    psalms 83:18

    1. Sue Catlady says

      Amen and amen!!!
      Thanks for the reminder, brother.

    2. Skull Dwellers says

      Your welcome sue

    3. BVale says

      God is not an American.

    4. Skull Dwellers says

      Wow really God created everything

    5. Dmitri Tousaint says

      No body in the American government likes god. Hey support or even created
      isis then they praise to Satan to help them take over the world. Russia and
      Vladimir Putin a true Christian and a believer of god wants to crush the

  8. 40RTY 7EVEN says

    Is there an executive order to arrest Killary as Trump promised ?

    1. Derek Danese says

      No its not his job thats the judicial branch job, not the executive branch
      he can if he wants, but it would over step his bounds.

    2. MisterBeans says

      40RTY 7EVEN he said he would get someone to investigate her more, and he
      will do it. Everything else he said he was going to do he has either done
      already or is in process of getting it done.

    3. Zane Leonard says


  9. Mr.Sauceman X says

    Obama ruined America! Time to MAGA! *BLM IS A MENTAL ILLNESS – MY NEW VIDEO
    HAS 100% PROOF.*

    1. Egypt Wesley says

      Mr.Sauceman X

    2. Bob Smith says

      Sauce. YOU are one of the most FOUL MOUTHED POS on YouTube!!!

    3. evil llama says

      Mr.Sauceman X make BLM a terrorist organization now.

    4. TM3000 says

      +Bob Smith​ You want the sauce, but you can’t have the sauce mother fucker

  10. Brian Gale says

    Trump forgot one thing bringing Obama up on charges of treason and selling
    America to other countries and Trump needs to make Obama pay back all the
    money him and his tranny wife used to go on vacations

    1. Riffelj says

      Remember – after a public tally, his family spent nearly ONE HUNDRED
      MILLION DOLLARS on vacations over the course of his “presidency”.

    2. Carl_Marks says

      That’s sick and deeply surprising he got away with that. He should be
      brought before some kind of tribunal and forced to answer to some of his
      actions. That guy was painfully irresponsible in his role as president.

    3. Bob Smith says

      Brian. Trump has not forgot. Right now there are more important things to
      process than Oblamer.

    4. Derek Danese says

      Once again he cannot do this its not his job, its the Judicial branches job
      to bring charges on obama, understand prez trumps in the executive branch
      not the judicial branch.

    5. Brian Gale says

      Derek Danese yes you are right but wouldn’t it be awesome if it Obama was
      brought up on charges of treason

  11. none of your business says

    Awesome! Ours will go up to 121% where I live.

    1. Gloria Jean Iommie says


    2. none of your business says

      Exactly. Not sure if Arizona has the highest. But it’s pretty high.

  12. Johnny B says

    If its determined Obama was not born in the USA all benefits as x –
    president should end including any retirement benefits and all executive
    orders he created need to be abolished as illegal.

  13. Timothy Hyde says

    ONE DAY!

    1. BVale says

      +Riffelj, also, it is a new doctrine of modern feminists that they can look
      as unattractive as they wish and men still have an obligation to slaver at
      their feet. It doesn’t work, of course. It will, however, increase the
      ranks of MGTOW.

    2. Riffelj says

      +BVale Very true.

    3. Sabine S says

      Timothy Hyde I love this! Lol! ❤

    4. Erik Cregeen says

      Timothy Hyde Wow! Lol

    5. Nomberry Gaming says

      Timothy Hyde lol!

  14. OMG LMFAO says

    We’ve only been on the ‘Obamacare’ for one year and they’ve already doubled
    our monthly payment!!!! I can’t afford it, either, now.

    1. Scottie Currie (NerdKing) says

      OMG LMFAO And unfortunately you were forced to go on it too. Let’s tear
      this disaster down!

  15. Amanda Anderson says

    While I support Trump I do not support the over use of the Executive Order.
    Now it’s being used as a magic wand. That’s not what it’s for.

    1. Amanda Anderson says

      Taking us out of the TPP was a good thing. 95+ milkion Americans are out of
      work and half on welfare. Most of these stats are women. That march was
      ridiculous and shameful. Made us look bad. Trump just got jobs back.

  16. Daniel Hamenoo says

    Am quite puzzled here. The Trump makes the presidency look soo easy. why
    did obama struggled so hard, with Grey all over his head.

    1. 187 onsight says

      Daniel Hamenoo because they made it hard for him.

    2. Sue Catlady says

      Daniel H
      Most presidents get gray, but Trump likes to work, it’s air to him.
      OBummer, not at all. Not Michael either. He was known for that. I pray
      Trump doesn’t wear down under all these obstacles.

    3. Scottie Currie (NerdKing) says

      Daniel Hamenoo He wanted things that Congress simply would not allow. I
      believe Obama even offered up the idea of making America a police country,
      complete with factions, curfews, and police control everywhere. He was a
      terrible president in general, and though I do not know how true this is, I
      know that he divided America greatly and ruined what used to be peace and
      replaced it with fear

    4. Derek Danese says

      No ti is not as easy as it looks, he makes it look easy, but its not, its
      very tough, look at obama in 2009 and now look at him before he left,
      mostly white hair, very stressful job. Trump working keeps him feeling

    5. YoursTrulyTaylor says

      because it’s stressful lying to the American people for 8 years

  17. Andrew Bartello says


  18. Russ Josey says

    I am praying for an executive order that restores the sanctity of marriage
    to only members of opposite sex. Prayers in schools would be nice too.

    1. Russ Josey says

      +Roberta Cucinotti
      The way I live was written on my heart before I was born, proving Gods hand
      in creation. God chooses to give some people eyes to see and hearts to do
      what is right.


      Oh my god you’re an idiot.

    3. Hunter Hess says

      And you are an amazing human being 🙂 Roberta Cucinotti

    4. Dmitri Tousaint says

      Russ Josey I know your going to get hate but gay rights is not right.
      That’s my opinion

    5. Russ Josey says

      +Dmitri Tousaint
      I dont care what some pervert or pervert lover thinks about me, I care what
      God thinks. These people are going to get seven years of hell on earth to
      think about their sins while I am with my Savior. What bothers me that they
      do not understand is that they are the reason that a horrible judgement is
      coming very soon. I thank God that he provided an escape for those who
      believe in and love his Son Jesus. God bless you Dmitri, stay strong

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