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Hidden Easter Eggs From Superhero Movie Trailers

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Did you spot all the Easter eggs from the Thor Ragnarok trailer? 10 Hidden Easter Eggs From Superhero Movie Trailers! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Trailers for movies get a lot of us excited for their release. Some specifically look for Easter Eggs hidden in them. Today we’re going to talk about some of those movies.
In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 you can kind of tell that music will play another big part in the movie. We also see that Baby Groot is wearing a Ravager outfit which hints at the Guardians running into them at some point. Wolverine is a sad and depressed man in Logan. The song “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails and performed by Johnny Cash sheds light on the feeling of the movie. In the Captain America: Civil War trailer we got to see Black Panther and his vibranium suit and you can also see a glimpse of Crossbones. In the Dr. Strange trailer we got to see his cloak of levitation, the book of Vishanti, and his Crimson Bands of Cyttotrack. Suicide Squad’s trailer showed the jail’s motto, ‘firm but fair’ written on a beam of the prison block. We also got to see The Joker jump in a vat of chemicals to go after Harley Quinn. The Wonder Woman trailer revealed that her sword and shield were different than the comics, she has her trusty lasso, and Etta Candy, and Steve Trevor are in the movie. In Peter Parker’s class the trailer reveals that there is a picture of Dr. Bruce Banner next to other famous scientists. We are able to see Black Panther’s personal shuttle the Royal Talon Fighter, as well as Warrior Falls in the Black Panther trailer. One of the Easter Eggs released in the Justice League trailer is a hint at the Green Lantern. There was also a silver Superman “S” in front of a black backdrop which hints that Superman may be wearing his resurrection suit. In the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok we see a large totem with carved heads. Those that represent the Hulk, Beta Ray Bill, Bi-Beast, and Ares.


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      Dog being electrocuted? Poor dog.

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    The movie is bolt right?

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    Loved all the movies except Spider-Man, I hated it.

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  12. Larry Gieco says

    All these Easter eggs are really Loki

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    Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 is the best movie yet!

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    the movie emoji is bolt I’m guessing.

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  16. C Ledet says

    For Spider-Man the Painting also has a photo of the doctor from captain America 1

  17. DaRealDMASTER says

    Idk why in justice league they’re not going to use the actor that played the flash in The cw show the flash

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