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Hillary Called Black Servant the ‘N-Word’ Claims Former Clinton Chef

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A former travel chef in the Clinton White House claims that he personally witnessed Hillary Clinton angrily call a black servant the 'n-word'.

If accusations of Trump's sexism are worthy of blanket press attention, are accusations of Hillary's racism equally worthy?

Will the media dare touch this story?

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  1. Hakkapeliitta says

    This guy is going to commit suicide with his hands tied behind his back

    1. keanu griffiths says

      Hakkapeliitta no no no he is going to be in a “accident”. we all know how
      this story goes. r.i.p. to this guy though.

    2. Slayer Princess says

      Funny how people around the clintons always seem to commit suicide by
      shooting themselves directly in the middle of the back of their head. weird
      how that happens.

    3. Empire Gaming says

      He’s gonna commit suicide with a sniper round in his head that came in from
      a high angle

    4. Strahd VonZarovich says

      yep and Double tap him self in the back of the head………
      And then Hilary the feminist will say Male suicide rates are
      inflatted……..yeah inflated by you killing male staff you fucking witch

    5. MemeMagicIsReal says

      We have a term for that long long time ago, its called arkancide.

  2. Rational Polemicist says


    1. Jman Thorn says

      First Last Sorry but many who worked around her have heard the N word come
      out of her mouth. They all say she’s not pleasant or friendly much of the
      time. There’s books about her too. I’m pretty sure she hates most people.
      When she smiles and laughs it’s usually because she’s being accused or
      drilled about her scandals, which there are many. She also laughs about
      people dying. “We came, we saw, he died. Hahaha” Evil. Really.

    2. Guess Guesz says

      Fascist and Rappist trying to became shitty President, who interesting
      about destroyed Usa, who hide email, made violation for crime, and her
      husband give to children part of life rapists this is for what they are
      trying to get position on President

    3. Jman Thorn says

      +A RB That’s how they worked together all these years I guess. And both are
      pedophiles who like girls. And rapist liars with no conscience!

  3. shawnski001 says

    I’ve seen Wheel of Fortune.

    The word was N-A-G-G-E-R….


    1. william dollar says

      I thought it was whiteboy or crackers

    2. Butthurt McWowimacunt says

      thank you for correcting the record, 5 sheckels have been added to your
      paypal account.

    3. Preacher Payne says

      Butthurt McWowimacunt LOL

    4. guering says

      poor Randy ..

  4. Deplorable Pepe says

    If the Titanic sunk in 2016:

    “Sorry sir. Women and children first”

    … Did you just assume my gender?”

    1. Deplorable Pepe says

      +Unfunnny Meme For Gondor!

    2. Unfunnny Meme says

      +Deplorable Pepe For the memes!

    3. pepe the frog says

      #pepelivesmatter #notallpepes

    4. G_Boy says


  5. Jason Blaha Fitness says

    *Do you want a president that collapses walking 15 feet to her car or do
    you want a president who bodyslammed Vince McMahon?*

    1. Vilgax 327 says

      Greatest comment ever lol!

    2. Glycerin says


    3. Jack Farley P/S TV says

      Clorox Bleach Trump! He’s a savage! I like Trump!

  6. Frances Haypenny says

    Today’s American black voter is hopelessly brainwashed by the democrat
    party. The party that enslaved them and has been the main force of black
    misery. So the more Klan-like the democrat, the more blacks will vote for

    1. Frances Haypenny says

      +Valerie Henderson
      Of course not all. But it;s a depressing majority. I do think a great
      awakening is on the near horizon though.

    2. Gimme your ring says

      +Frances Haypenny Black vote has doubled from 8% to 24% so it’s a start

    3. Frances Haypenny says

      +Gimme your ring
      If that’s an accurate number, it is indeed a hopeful sign.

    4. king fish says

      +Gimme your ring it was for Obama tho

    5. Jared Dowty says

      That, and black conservatives are viewed as Uncle Toms in their

  7. Adaept Zulander says

    Hillary will NOT get 90% of the black vote, unless the media outright lies
    about it. The black community is splintered and fractured.

    1. Not Telling says

      Are you being sarcastic?

    2. Doctor Detroit says

      I dunno….my experience is they vote lke lemmings for their own democrap

    3. guering says

      fractured but whole

    4. Brandon Gillette says

      aguering Yea that makes total sense…

  8. NecromancerNinja88 says

    I’m pretty sure Hillary could slaughter an entire school full of children
    and the media wouldn’t report on it.

    1. Brett Brown says

      NecromancerNinja88 And even if they did report it, most of her idiot
      supporters would still vote for her.

    2. Backyard Buck says

      ain’t that the truth

    3. Collective Consciousness says

      NecromancerNinja88 Of course, it’s her weapon of mass deception.

  9. Randy Bills says

    3 reasons this won’t gain traction:

    1) accuser is a man
    2) accused is female
    3) accused is democrat

    1. Harry Wu says

      +michael shiel-lantry Actually, there is proof that the MMR vaccine is
      linked to autism. It says that right on the vaccine insert package, if you
      even care to read the vaccine insert at all. Anyone who is saying that
      vaccines don’t cause autism, whether indirectly or directly, is lying to
      your face!!

    2. Jman Thorn says

      Yeah Wu man. That point has been proven to death. In fact, just look at all
      the young people with autism today. Autism used to be very rare before
      these vaccines. I think they cause other disorders as well because the
      doctors have parents giving babies vaccines. Antibiotics are bad too.

    3. Harry Wu says

      +Jman Thorn You are spot on! The seasonal flu shot that people get every
      year carries the risk of contracting Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Instead of
      flu vaccines, I rely on nutritional intervention such as liposomal vitamin
      C and vitamin D3 to prevent illness. These natural remedies are far more
      effective than any flu vaccine can provide, minus the adverse effects of

    4. Jman Thorn says

      +Harry Wu Nice. Watch a video it’s very powerful “Alex Jones & Stefan
      Molyneux: Donald Trump is America”. Very important for people to hear this
      before the election!!!

    5. Collective Consciousness says

      Randy Bills 4) Media is Clinton’s Weapon of Mass Deception.

  10. Y.A.Q 200 says

    I am not american , and i am wondering
    In news they say hillary is leading with big difference
    but in twitter , facebook , youtube comments
    maybe around 90 % against her
    what is the truth ??

    1. Peter Negan says

      +YAQ 200
      This is why youtube started the new YOUTUBE HERO system.
      So these youtube nazists can remove all negative comments about Hillary.
      The new world order have just started to shut down the internet.
      And you and me are the targets.

    2. Polis Ranger says

      YouTube heroes? More like self appointed Gestapo.

    3. Bisha mon says

      Y.A.Q 200 Most of all mainstream medias are Hilary biased. . . You hear
      about Trump sexual assult accusations all the times along with praises for
      Hilary and her leading campaign. Even the British medias trying to cover
      Hilary by cutting her losing moments in debates and audience applauding for
      Trump’s points.

    4. Ebubekir Tas says

      The truth is that the polls are inaccurate, they are trying to dissuade
      voters. Go out and vote.

  11. Danielle Siena T says

    RIP chef. I see an accident in your future.

    1. NowOrNever says

      Chef makes dish with death cap mushroom. How the heck did that get in there

    2. Tanner Littleton says

      He dies after falling when a wooden bridge is struck by lightning, then
      gets mauled by a bear and a mountain lion.

    3. billi244 says

      its tough times so can only rent a gun and buy a bullet , cant afford the
      gun rental late fees

    4. FuckPropertyRights says

      Sounds good to me.

  12. Reality Searcher says

    And she gets most of the black vote…. more proof of the race-IQ link.

    1. Joshua Carpenter says

      +Bob Normal Sorry, bud, but claiming that another racial group is
      intellectually inferior is a racist claim. I’m sorry that definitions are
      hard for you to understand.

    2. luke quixere says

      Talk to your friends that can vote, and encourage them to get out and stop
      this evil swamp-donkey before she gets in and destroys what’s left of our

    3. James Norris says



    4. cabematt101 1211 says

      James Norris trump can’t get that wall think about it Mexico has to agree
      and it costs around $6,000,000

  13. MrRepzion says

    We’re doomed

    1. TheKidzkick says

      +MHM EEKK Tell me about it, I even scare myself with it.

    2. Daneita Hargett-Hayes says

      MrRepzion y y 5 ‘

    3. No One In Particular says

      MrRepzion, Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of, filth. xD

    4. toulouse666 says

      That reminds me, where’s Undoomed when you need him?

  14. krninja22 says

    Chef will end up dead with 4 steak knives in his back.

    1. Marcos Santos says

      He will shoot himself twice in the head as suicide

    2. Siegetower says

      Yeah. Suicide by steak knives in the back. Well documented and happens all
      the time!

    3. Italian Soldier from WW2 says

      I am pretty sure you are right.

    4. Grand Negus says

      …surrounde by baby vege-tables with a apple in his mouth

  15. Dying Slow Dog Patch Wino says

    Hilary groped me…then called me a ni—

    1. PD Gaming says

      +zero yea that’s what I’m doing and so far it’s doing good

    2. zero says

      +PD Gaming 🙂

    3. PD Gaming says

      +zero Clinton lost it worked

    4. zero says

      PD Gaming – thank God 🙂
      God bless you all, and God save Assange!

    5. PD Gaming says

      +zero YES

  16. Tyler C says

    Almost guarantee that this guy will go missing. Stay safe my friend. Stay
    armed. Stay vigilant

    1. Daniel Malice says

      The Clintons have hired assassins on stand by just in case anyone gets in
      their way. Indeed by EXTREMELY vigilant.

    2. Hasaad Green says

      ctfu they both racist

    3. Tony Brown says

      Noooo. Cointel doesn’t go missing. Haven’t looked at this channel in years,
      he’s sure got a lot of you fooled. Dummies, lot’s of ’em.

    4. Ruthieal says

      Makes you wonder if Paul would ever go missing.

  17. Cardshistory says

    Is it no surprise that a southern Democrat is racist?!

    Go figure.

    1. Daniel Sutfin says

      Cardshistory Hillary was born in Park Ridge IL an upscale suburb NW of

    2. Cardshistory says

      Daniel Sutfin But Bill wasn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if she learned it
      from him and his friends.

    3. cronicjointpain says

      Its really not that upscale. Just sayin.

    4. Zach Lang says

      She’s a Democrat but she was born and raised in Chicago all the way up
      until college. She’s not a New Yorker nor a Southerner.

      Most Democratic politicians are still racist though. So you’re still half

    5. lesterclaypool1 says

      Because there’s no black folk to use derogatory terms against in Chicago,

  18. KeeptheFaith says

    Typical. Everything Clinton accuses Trump is or does, she is/does.

    1. MrDikfer says

      Mr. Generic what do you mean by automatic calls?

    2. My Channel says

      +Gaze73 He already secured the real estate in 2012. He is now living out
      his end of the deal by taking the fall for her. Open your eyes already. The
      reason Trump’s taxes can’t be released is because it will show how much
      money, recently over the last few years, he has donated to the Clintons and
      their foundation. This info will come to light eventually, but after it’s
      way too late, people have moved on to the next issue of distraction and no
      one one cares anymore. We need to wake up and see these things happening
      right in front of us in real time.

    3. Raymond AndHisCat says

      +My Channel
      Do you have a source to back up that claim?

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