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Hillary Clinton Hates Muslims

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Hillary's policies have led to the death and displacement of millions of Muslims, so why do we only ever hear about Donald Trump being Islamophobic?

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  1. GoogooEyedChihuahua says

    Last time I was this early there were only 2 genders.

    1. GoogooEyedChihuahua says

      +Zhedox ♿️

    2. The RegalPeasant says

      Only if the wheels identify as triangles.

    3. Vytautas B says

      my gender is potato. call me potato

  2. BenMJay says

    I’ve never met him but I want PJW to be the best man at my wedding!

    1. Max Johnson says

      Pffft. I want to marry him at my wedding. And I’m a straight dude!

    2. Cantiaci says

      I want him a my flower girl.

    3. Jonathan Brooks says

      So why are you here, sand fly? Macruzing?

  3. Elliot Duby says

    The media are so desperate to defeat Trump that they’re taking everything
    he says out of context… Honestly, I’m not surprised

    1. Red says

      Buzzfeed news for example

    2. BlackRoseKn1ght says

      Its true every tiny thing they take out of context and blow it up and sell
      it as something different

    3. im going on holiday to Vietnam says

      buzzfeed and huffington post are like a married couple

    4. Matsumoto & Toshiro says

      +Jason Johnson But still way better than te most dangerous hypocrite
      criminal on earth!

  4. H4WK69 says

    Whoever wins at least we know it’ll be an interesting term regardless

    1. ReignM4n says

      +Chris Hansen HAHAHA

    2. private account says

      +Chris Hansen should I be offended? I take it as a complement. The
      fictional Vulcan race is one to be held in high regard. 🙂

    3. ReignM4n says

      +private account Depends on if you are liberal or not

    4. Chris Hansen says

      +private account thats true Spock was great. I would vote Spock in any

  5. daniel rios says

    She got my vote lol jk

    1. Jo Doe says

      Everybody is fucking except me. Can I join the massive orgy or what?

    2. Anonymous Dude says

      I hope you die a painful death, by burned at the stake. And your family

  6. Luke123 says

    Keep calm and listen to Paul Joseph Watson

    1. Jonathan Brooks says

      What in the hairballs of Hogarth are you talking about? The war in Iraq got
      countless military killed, maimed or PSTD, and all that effort got what
      The Christian minority got almost erased, the Shia got in an endless war
      with the Sunni, and ISIS rolls in and sets up a state out of Iraq’s hide.
      Anything Saddam did is dwarfed by what has happened in this vacuum.

      Sure Ghaddafi goes down, but now ISIS flows in, and the same would have
      happened to Egypt if Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood had not been spanked.

      The Arab Spring was an Arab bloodbath, and you know it. The Left knows it.
      The Right knows it. Only Obama and Hillary are popping champayne corks over
      the new Middle East.

    2. Gil Cohen says

      +Jonathan Brooks when fared zakaria from CNN declare Arabs spring,
      commentator in Israel were sicken from his bullshit. this guy should be

    3. Jonathan Brooks says

      I agree. Fareed chafes me like underwear rolled in fiberglass.

  7. Jadon says

    Wasn’t the Orlando shooter’s father just spotted at a Hillary rally?

    1. Raptor Jesus says

      he endorsed her

    2. Dylan Antill says

      Imagine if Dylan Roofs dad was at a Trump Rally people will the media and
      SJWs will loose their minds

  8. gozer the gozerian says

    Those facts are so hateful. You are clearly a misogynist and a xenophobe;
    what else would possess you to smear Hillary with all of those truths? Just
    because she said she would destroy Iran, doesn’t mean that’s what she
    meant. Just ask coal country, they now how to decipher the hidden meaning
    within her complex rhetoric. –RWDS

    1. followtruth says

      +bobby saber digging deeper bobby. BTW – I’m not Jewish. My nic baits
      hateful people- most mulsims. Works like a charm.

    2. gozer the gozerian says

      Again, facts aren’t hate numb nuts.

    3. followtruth says

      +bobby saber but you took the bait.. loser

    4. ung427 says

      Yeah, don’t you know she considers bombing as “tough love”, I mean come on,
      she clearly wants to drop love bombs onto Iran, after she finishes off
      Syria.. it’s all love people. Love Bombs, mmkuayyyy?

    5. gozer the gozerian says

      I like where your head’s at ung427, keep fighting the good fight.

  9. 0816Egg says

    I feel like paul joesph watson’s hillary videos alone could keep her from
    getting elected.

    1. Tasty Footcream says

      +Death Dealers ?

    2. Matías Pierdoménico says

      Yeah, let’s hope he doesn’t get killed for that…

    3. King Aadarsh III says

      0816Egg IT DIS

  10. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman says

    isn’t that a good thing?

    1. Movie Jimmy 777 says

      +Anonymous Dude Because they’re incorrect and add to the confusion. Without
      Islam, there’s no need to call yourself a Muslim. There are no Muslim
      Atheists, Muslim Catholics, Muslim Mormons, Muslim Jews. Muslim is a
      religion, it’s not a race.. Islam is the ideology. The two go together. A
      Muslim that doesn’t follow or practice Islam is an ex-Muslim. Those are the
      good types.

    2. Arbitrary Renaissance says

      +Movie Jimmy 777 That’s a bit of a strange way to look at it. I always
      thought that religion and ideology were always very deeply intertwined, and
      as such, I always used the Muslim faith and Islam interchangeably. Is there
      such a distinction for Christianity? If so, what would that distinction
      look like?

    3. Movie Jimmy 777 says

      +Arbitrary Renaissance It would be like a Christian who says they don’t
      believe in the bible and Christianity. Then they aren’t Christian.. Muslim
      is NOT a race. Arabs are a race. There are Arab Christians, Arab Agnostics,
      etc. Muslims are from many races and it’s a religion..or, rather, if you
      know Islam, it’s a death cult.. If someone said I hate muslims, that’s not
      racist.. If someone said I hate Arabs, depending on why they hate them,
      then that WOULD possibly be racist because Arabs are a race.

    4. Arbitrary Renaissance says

      +Movie Jimmy 777 That’s clear enough to me. I was confused when you said
      “Muslim is the religion, Islam is the ideology.” I always thought that
      “Islam” is the religion while “Muslim” was the adjective/characteristic
      noun form of the word (e.x. Muslim extremists, I am a Muslim, etc.). There
      was no real difference between the ideology and the religion, save for how
      seriously you take the latter.

  11. Tom Finnq says

    Us conservatives don’t hate Muslims…we hate Islam.

    1. freedombase says

      muslim is not a race

    2. freedombase says

      Comments Noted and Reported to the NSA and FBI
      Americans will not bow down to Racist Sexist Anti Semite sharia law get
      over it

    3. freedombase says

      No moron non of what you said is true
      Jews and Women are smarter then you will ever hope to be

    4. freedombase says

      Moron its not every religion that did the Charlie Hebdo Jihad
      isis is Main Stream
      Soddom was a Pedophile who raped boys

  12. DanTheMan says

    You know what muslims should do? Actually read the Qur’an and see what they
    are supposed to do, and hopefully reject that religion.

    1. Lalla i says

      oh you think we don’t read the Quran sweetie ? we never opened it ? how
      cute you are… 🙂
      YOU never opened the Quran, oops your never opened a book at all

    2. RED Dayz says

      +Dindu Nuffins. Am not sure of whom you are talking about but if you are
      talking to me then let me tell you what you wouldn’t expected I just said
      let’s respect and tolerate Each other and if you can’t do that then Game On
      Baby Girl I don’t mind kicking some asses So what do you say It’s better to
      Fight to death than Talk bullshit like a Girl and you do know that Talking
      bulshit every now and then won’t do you favors but make you tired I don’t
      argue with Low Class bitches I give them A Fist of Justice

    3. Lalla i says

      +RED Dayz ??? I didn’t read your comments i was talking to DanTheMan

    4. RED Dayz says

      Lalla i Oh well its Alright Man i am sorry i told you thise things So Sorry
      bro 120% Emotionelly sorry

    5. Kenstreme says

      DanTheMan We did read the Quran
      Paul joseph watson and you are wrong this time.

  13. xx xx says

    A few months ago, I identified as very left wing, pro feminism, pro BLM; I
    also beleived that gender was a social construct, I was pro islam/mass
    immigration, basically your average passive aggressive, first world tumblr
    femenazi, i would pretty much die before identifying as a conservative.
    After watching PJW and other conservative youtubers, that incited me to do
    my own research on my political veiws. I gotta say my mind has really
    opened and I see how messed up my veiws were, I would happily call myself a
    conservative now, which is still mind blowing considering how Anti
    Conservative I was. What I’m trying to say is that thanks to the influx of
    videos/info debunking and exposing the lies of the left more and more
    people are starting to see the truth. Hey, if a self proclaimed extreme SJW
    can see the error of her ways, y’all are making a differance.

    1. MiMi SeeYou says

      Unfollowing after reading the bullshit about white nationalism. Not playing
      into that negativity. Labels are the problem, yet you lay out 45 to discuss
      and support your theories. It’s the labels themselves that are the problem.
      Peace tho ✌?️ humanity is where it’s at.

    2. xx xx says

      +Utnapishtim the Faraway Never said I was free thinking/ enlightened, all I
      did was inform myself on my political ideologies and realized how flawed
      they were . I opend myself up, that’s how people evolve. I spent a lot of
      time being overly defensive towards anyone who criticised left wing veiws,
      even wile the anti feminist tirade was going on. Sure, on the internet
      anti-political correctness and right wing veiws are gaining more popularity
      but the vast majority still subscribe to leftists ideology, you see it in
      mainstream media, with celebrities etc even in real life I know few people
      who are open about their right wing opinions and they are ostracized and
      seen as racist/intolerant, infact I avoid discussing these issues due to
      fear of exactly that. The internet and reality are two different things my
      friend, and frankly I don’t care what makes me look ‘cool’ on the internet.

    3. Zarahification says

      Haley Bonham Wolf Please don’t take it personal but how in the world could
      you for one second believe the crazy claim that gender is a social
      construct despite the fact that reality proves it wrong. I just want to
      understand why almost all college educated or intellectual people believe
      all the out of touch with reality opinions they hear at college or
      universities? Why do educated people adopt blindly left wing ideologies in
      oder to claim that they are subversive, radical, fresh-thinkers?

    4. Hi Lob says

      Well done. Give Nigel Farage a chance and ignore the media.

    5. Rogue Slushy says

      I think what’s holding people back is the fear that being considered a
      conservative means being a racist and what not.

  14. MEGA says

    Can’t wait till she puts the nuke codes in her home computer LOL.

    1. ro bot says

      maybe in her phone

    2. bombislamdotcom says


    3. Nubmeister says

      I can’t wait until she gets thrown in jail for funding ISIS.

  15. hejsantxu says

    Who does not hate muslims these days ?

    1. Stefan says

      +mini wishes And why do you believe you have more of a grasp on reality? If
      anything, the media is constantly promoting the “Islam is a religion of
      peace” line.

    2. Stefan says

      +mini wishes Well, ISIS is Islamic. But an Islamic peace organization is
      also Islamic. Religion in general can be used for good and evil, doesn’t
      mean it isn’t religious when its bad and they give religious justification
      for it.

    3. Kenstreme says

      CWG90 bs


    The same Jewish neocons who orchestrated the Iraq War are the same people
    backing Hillary Clinton.

    1. babbisp1 says

      +what ever you’re a dumbass. Even Carl Bernstein himself (a Jew),
      specifically blamed “JEWISH neocons” on live TV

    2. freedombase says

      sharia law backers did 9/11

    3. freedombase says

      says a Failure

    4. freedombase says

      people who hate Jews are Losers and Rapist Pigs

  17. João Miguel says

    Well… I’m glad. I don’t want Muslims in the west.

    1. john lewis says

      it does not really matter who you voted for the west has a long tradition
      for getting themselves embroiled in this sort of thing. We get rid of one
      dictator and he is replaced by another one. I have always considered myself
      to be compassionate but now i say if these people in the middle east want
      to kill each other let them get on with. Whoever you help you get no
      thanks. The road to hell is paved with oil wells and good intentions

    2. A Z5 says

      They didn’t want America to destroy iraq

    3. imam syed says

      “Violence” that United States foreign policy has created under the
      establishment zionist necon shill.

    4. Condemmed Account says

      Well, +stabilisedchaos. That would make sense, if not for the fact they
      would just kill all the populous we just worked up. Eventually we will need
      to kill them, or they will kill us. It’s that simple. Though your plan is
      part of the counter to theirs’. It along with slaughtering there populous
      both must be done to ensure our way of life isn’t threatened. Sadly, most
      of the people in our societies are too fucking stupid and ignorant to get
      it. Hopefully that changes when enough people get killed in terrorist
      attacks. Just hope none of my own are taken out. Hope you have a nice day.

    5. PetShark Studios says

      So we kill them all first

  18. Muhammad Ahsan says

    Am I the only Muslim that isn’t brainwashed and would take Trump over

    1. The MLG King says

      Anonymous Dude can’t stump

    2. Anonymous Dude says

      +The MLG King
      Can’t stump emperor Trump!

    3. Johnny Carlos says

      me too

    4. Kenstreme says

      Muhammad Ahsan Im here too.

    5. Kenstreme says

      YouAreDumb Its because arab are sheeple

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