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Hillary Clinton: Rape Enabler

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Hillary – the women's rights champion – defended a child molester who raped a 12-year-old girl, then laughed about knowing he was guilty.

Thanks to 'placeboing' – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqYJRc0TJkQ

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  1. Julia J says

    Is the audio tape of Donald Trump 11 years ago Hillary’s October surprise?

    1. Zach Lang says

      Julia J Maybe. But I think there’s going to be a counterattack to that.
      WikiLeaks is only getting started. They HAVE Hillary’s 33,000 deleted
      emails. They are being released in sets and will be fully released by
      November 1st.

      They are also claiming that every single MSM poll is in fact RIGGED for the
      Clinton campaign, and the MSM is staging a fake drop in Trump’s numbers.
      The polls ARE NOT real. WikiLeaks is even claiming that Donald Trump is far
      ahead in the only unbiased poll. Trump is actually winning!!

    2. Julia J says

      Their counter-attack are all those fake sexual harassment accusations about

    3. Dog-gone Dogs says

      +apeiceofmoldedclay “and Hillary is a lesbian..”
      Yep! I just read an article where Yoko-Ono testified that she had a lesbian
      affair with Killary back in 1994(i think that was the yr?)

      Her and Bill have more of a political business partnership that was started
      before Arkansas. The plans were laid then that Bill be gov then pres, then
      start Killary’s run through positions until now as she becomes the first
      woman pres. It has all be planned for a long time. THEN ALONG COMES TRUMP

    4. Dog-gone Dogs says

      +Zach Lang I AM GOING TO SHARE what you just wrote about wikileaks!
      We need to get that out to as many of the brainwashed as we can before
      election day!
      WE HAVE TO!
      Thanks for putting it out there!

    5. miko Dafoot says

      Turns out that was the best she could do

  2. EvilTim1911 says

    “The mainstream media will be forced to cover this very soon.”

    Please let this be true, Paul. We’re counting on you.

    1. Nanasu says

      That’s the joke :^)

    2. British Bronson says

      “lol” 🙂

    3. Nanasu says

      Cucking at high speed

  3. Paul Joseph Watson says

    If you really think Hillary will be a better president, vote for her, but
    please stop with the ‘champion of women’ BS. It’s revolting.

    1. Lloyd Sargent says

      Trump will mire the US in a four year recession. And, yes, that will affect

    2. RUSSIAN ROBOT says

      +Lloyd Sargent Excellent comment.

    3. 88mike says

      You mean like Obama did and Clinton or sanders would have?

    4. Gaara Kazekage says

      It’s funny how ignorant you are. But look who won the election.

    5. RUSSIAN ROBOT says

      I predicted that Hillary would win the election but NOT serve as President.
      Trump has a very strong destiny. Time will tell if he can live up to it.

  4. Heil The all father says

    If women are so enraged by trump using bad words against them, then who
    bought the 80 million copies of 50 shades of grey.

    1. Kacey Cruz says

      Heil The all father true. Hypocrites. Women get all bitchy and if they’re
      explicit about sex, supposedly you can’t slut shame them.

    2. Sydney O'Bier says

      Who are the woman that all these “choke me daddy” memes are based off of

    3. christopher gardiner says

      wow Heil The all father that comment was very clever .. lol lol lol lol ..
      love it..

  5. CoffeeCat says

    If Trump were to say ‘One of my merits is that I’m a man’, there would be
    an uproar. Same uproar if he were to say ‘Vote for me because I’m a man’.
    How does Hillary and her, um, ‘fan base’, and MSM, all fail to acknowledge

    1. Third Position Pepe says

      Penis envy! Feminists r women u hate themselves for not being men! Anyone
      who disagrees… is a PC cool-aid binge drinker!!!

    2. Raven Cochran says

      CoffeeCat lmfao EXACTLY PENIS ENVY!! That’s it too.

    3. Kacey Cruz says

      CoffeeCat of course! No one can say I’m proud to be a man or I represent or
      stand up for men! But apparently being a woman is reason enough coz she has
      no other valid reasons for people to vote for her.

  6. theQiwiMan says

    Silly Paul, her supporters have ZERO INTEREST in reason and evidence. Why
    do you think reason and evidence will sway a single person who holds ZERO
    VALUE to reason and evidence?


    1. save USA says

      +theQiwiMan we need observers for Trump

    2. Jessie Wilson says

      The observers are there, what we actually need is a big reporter from one
      of the MSN outlets to post something negative about Clinton, or something
      positive about Trump.

    3. save USA says

      +Jessie Wilson Not happening, we need to take matters in our own hands, we
      need to post this video many times a day in social media like facebook ,
      and prompt others to share it, the more people watch this the more they
      will stop voting for Hillary

    4. Daniel Burke says

      You’ll sway some of them – especially the ones on the fence. And the
      greater population. But the rest there is no hope. The vote should be
      removed from anyone not in full time work, under the IQ of 100 and under
      the age of 30. That would solve our democracy in an instant.

    5. Kyenza says

      yeah who needs free speech

  7. FroggieTheR0gue says

    Strange that it takes a guy from England to wise up Americans.

    1. Will Mazeo says

      Yep, I’m from Brazil and here 99% of politicians think like the Dems
      (especially like Bernie) and US is becoming more and more like BR during
      Obama admin. We got no right wing here after leftists stayed on power for
      nearly 30 years. It’s crazy Americans aren’t seeing the examples of this
      around the world and keep giving powers to Dems.
      Worst thing is: when US does a bad choice the whole world end up paying for
      it. If American paid alone for their own mistakes would be less bad

    2. Giovanni Ching Autheman says

      Sometimes when a house of the neighbors is on fire another neighbor has to
      come at their rescue, specially when no firemen come to the rescue or when
      the neighbor himself wants to burn his family despite most of them oppose
      the idea or even if all of them want to suicide.

    3. Giovanni Ching Autheman says

      That’s why all of us around the world care about the US, their policies
      affect the world directly and indirectly since their bankers are the same
      in your country or mine that dictate politics like in the US. The global
      government has not wait to be born, it was born centuries ago, they don’d
      brand it like global yet because there are a few who resist like the
      Russians or you the Brazilians who resist this Jewish traitor Temer.
      Globalists are just waiting for their obscure Messiah to finish the job.

    4. Alfred Punkers says

      that’s RACIST!!! lol

  8. Ronnoc Neerb says

    My mom and I just watched this whole story being told on CNN. The whole
    time she desperately tried to justify everything, the underwear the
    laughter all that, because she just refuses to believe that Hillary could
    do any wrong, and just kept pointing me back to Trump and Alicia Machado.
    Yeah because that is SO much worse.

    1. marino deželak says

      +Kyle G I don’t like that kind of generalization, you might be right, that
      it’s on average like that, but I’m convinced there’s plenty of women voting
      out of reason and plenty of men voting out of emotion. so blanket
      statements like that have no place in a functioning society, to suggest
      that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, takes balls but not much else.

    2. Kyle G says

      +marino deželak
      Blanket statements? You mean citing statistical averages which is
      absolutely necessary when talking about large groups of people?

      If you go on death row and find a couple of guys who are actually innocent,
      does that mean the other guys there are any less guilty? Of course not.
      Just because there are a few rational women out there does not change the
      fact that the overwhelming majority are voting for her because of emotion
      and irrational, nonsensical reasons.

    3. marino deželak says

      +Kyle G wait, you’ve got statistical averages that confirm it to be the
      overwhelming majority ?, well have at it, link them. Yeah , that’s why I’m
      against premature judgment and death sentences…

    4. Liliana Votruba says


    5. Cupid says

      I’m lucky to have a mother who’s extremely aware and wise about how bad
      this country is getting.
      She wouldn’t vote for Hillary if you held a gun to her head.

  9. andtv box says

    Let me get this straight. Hillary supports Bill after 3 rapes at least 2
    sexual harassment furthermore helped a monster to get free after rape a 12
    years old girl. And people are worried because Trump like pussie. Well if
    this is the standard women will get confortable being less valuable
    compared to a home dog under sharia law and muslim misoginy rules given by
    Hillary as a gift to stupidity.

    1. Nanasu says

      Trump raped me in the 17th century

  10. Ore0 says

    The problem here isn’t her shitty disgusting actions, her lies, or etc,
    it’s the fact her supporters don’t care.

    1. robert rainford says

      +British Bronson sadely the people are to lazy our brainwashed also the
      soilders would be a major help to since that’s who the government hides

    2. British Bronson says

      robert rainford.. True, people are lazy and to scared to take
      responsibility for themselves.. Soldiers need to realise they are
      pawns and not heroes and people should refuse to fight wars for this beast

    3. robert rainford says

      +British Bronson thank u well said

    4. Enforged says

      +British Bronson Wow awesome paragraphs. Very well said.

    5. Laserdemon Frostmage says


  11. Janis Hart says

    Exactly – Clinton is a MONSTER for what she’s done!!! She seems to have NO
    human feelings!!!!

    1. blanchetv says

      That’s because she is a sociopath

    2. Janis Hart says

      +blanchetv Agreed – that’s certainly how it appears!

  12. Clintonomo Bay says

    I’m losing all hope if Hillary Clinton wins.

    1. Cookiequestplays says

      HumanBeing and what Hillary is better?

    2. Bennett Tan says

      he won numb nuts

    3. Clintonomo Bay says

      +Bennett Tan i heard, bud.

  13. adolfarrakahane says

    fascism has come to america,draped in a rainbow flag,wearing a che guevara
    tee-shirt,holding a peace sign.

    1. Evin Grost says

      +Mr Mr I never said that our current government is fascist. You said
      “You’re confusing communism and fascism,” I said they’re the same thing.
      Our current gov’t is not communist, nor is it fascist. However, the
      tangible manifestation of those two concepts is always the same. From Mao,
      to Stalin and the Soviet Union, to Cambodia. There are tons of examples of
      these being the same things.

    2. FrstSpctr88 says

      If I remember correct, Che Guevara was a homophobe and persecuted

    3. Evin Grost says

      +FrstSpctr88 He also believed in racial cleansing. He believed in black
      genocide. Great guy… *sarcasm*

    4. Matías Pierdoménico says

      +FrstSpctr88 He also loved to execute people, including children.

  14. Brendan Mahoney says


    1. Disrupted says

      that’s animal cruelty.

      or possible cannibalistic act

    2. KilluaXIII says

      those poor snakes! you monster

    3. Twitchy says

      +Alex Beyer
      A miracle happened.

    4. Alex Beyer says

      +Twitchy I know, thank god for the electoral college.

    5. British Bronson says

      Look up the word “Plebeian”…..

  15. Angel Lopez says

    what kind of person would downvote this video?? seriously. please, explain
    yourself. ::dumbfounded::

    1. JustCause says

      +Gen Lay Exactly wrong. I guarantee you would have a completely different
      view if it was your daughter that was the rape victim.

    2. Gen Lay says

      What do you suggest she does for defending the rapist. Show his good
      reasons for the rape? ^^ Of course a defendend will attack the client of
      the other side. That’s normal I think. I’m sure, it happens every day at

  16. Aston Bright says

    Hillary is a former lawyer. REMEMBER WHO YOU VOTE FOR. Can you trust a

    1. Nick Tafoya says

      British Bronson at least Trump won’t rape children & he certainly won’t
      have people killed.

    2. British Bronson says

      Nick.. [EDIT] All presidential candidates are hand picked, for you to
      choose from. They are an illusion of choice and decision making for your
      country. They all have a hand up their arse. The people in power are
      deviously clever..

    3. Pavel Averyanov says

      The problem is – Putin is also a former lawyer, at least he has lawyer

    4. Laserdemon Frostmage says

      British Bronson Well looks like you can join us.

  17. Frosty says

    There’s never been a person that more deserved to be in prison.

    1. The King says

      A ninth woman has accused Dumpf of groping her,he’s going down in flames.
      No one wants a pervert for president! Everyone who runs windows 10 has just
      received a notification on this!

    2. Dillan Brown says

      You have a typo there

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