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Hillary Clinton Wants Amnesty For Illegals | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. allan espinoza says

    trump 2016

  2. 1catgator says

    Go Trump Go!!

  3. Randy Sheheane says

    you get the illegal immigrants out that’s another 11 million jobs American
    the man’s got the right plan put the wall up and keep the jobs here

    1. Harold Ch says

      Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen nobody really cares where they’re born.
      deport them

    2. Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen says

      +Harold Ch Why?

    3. Harold Ch says

      Because everyone’s sick of changing demographics. They have their own
      country so why not improve it and stay there?

    4. Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen says

      +Harold Ch

      *”Because everyone’s sick of changing demographics.”*

      Whew. What a logical, sound reason to destroy someone’s life. Who’s
      everybody? Because it looks like Trump is losing right now, and not even
      all of his supporters are in favour of his deportation promises, which he
      by the way has retracted and softened drastically since then.

      *”They have their own country so why not improve it and stay there?”*

      If they are born in the United States they are American citizens.

      Why don’t you go there and improve it, if it’s so easy?

      Or do you think they bear some bigger responsibility for single-handedly
      fixing the country than you do, simply because of where their parents are

    5. Harold Ch says

      You’re encouraging mass immigrantion which means less resources and less
      jobs. We both know that “anchor babies” although born here they’re not
      supposed to be citizens. Who gives citizenship to children of undocumented
      immigrants? Of course only this shitty country. Now Mexico has more than
      enough money to help it’s citizens but this money is going to top
      government officials leaving the average Mexican disenfranchised. This is
      what needs to be addressed. You can’t hop the border just because you’re
      experiencing hardship. If so how can Mexico ever be repaired. Your logic of
      unlimited immigration is extremely careless and dangerous to US taxpayers
      (maybe you pay no taxes) and discredits our immigration system of accepting
      people into this country based on merit.

      Actually go look at the cultural and economic effects of illegal
      immigration and then you can offer a reasonable response

  4. Boba Fett says

    Donald J. Trump for President
    My family and I live in Cary NC where there are number caps on our schools
    and that is where Hillary wants to send Syrians on amnesty

    How are you going to counter attack this?

    1. Boba Fett says

      Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen erchky berchky fartin churchky

  5. Chella Taylor says

    how the hell are the illeagal s gettings jobs or aid ????????

    1. Professor Severus Snape says

      Chella Taylor, all the they have to do is file as “asylum seeking ” or
      “politically persecuted” refugee and they can get up to 8,000US$. No joke,
      that San Bernardino couple did just that.

    2. Gamer 49 says

      Chella Taylor you missed all the horror stories over the years with
      people’s SS# being used for decades?

    3. Mr. Dogmeat says

      Liberals that’s why #maga

  6. Nirmanakaya says

    Hillary’s logic: wants to save anchor babies, but a kill a 9 month baby
    in womb. Yeah, that is family enriching SMH

    1. anarchist #1128 says

      Nirmanakaya I’m against abortion unless it from rape

  7. Sub Zero says


  8. Tyler Y says


  9. studdaman420 says

    We are going to build a Great Wall that will make China’s Great Wall seem
    not so great! Mexico WILL pay for it! American built! Mexico PAYS!

  10. kickinitoldschool03 says

    Build that wall!!!

  11. Kid Kool says

    Hillary sucks!

  12. Mr. Dogmeat says

    She says she wants to protect kids, but she laughs at a 12 year old rape

  13. ๖ۣۜNotorious says

    Amazing Speech! Mr. Trump, our future President

  14. Sam Sung says

    I like how she calls illegal aliens undocumented. That’s like saying
    shoplifters are undocumented shoppers.

  15. JerryHD says


  16. TheJackrs says

    Hillary Clinton wants to legalize marijuana across America…

    Because you must be sky-high to vote for that criminal!!!

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