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Hillary Clinton’s Phone Bank Servers Breached- YOUR Personal Info is at Risk!

Your president Donald Trump

Thursday, September 22, 2016: Ron Robinson filed this report for RSBN- full story here:


The actual web address is http://hillaryclinton.com/calls – so yes, the open call bank really belongs to Hillary’s official campaign; and no, Hillary and the DNC have not learned anything from the various recent digital indiscretions and hacks… unsecured bathroom email servers notwithstanding.

Hillary is demonstrating that she cares nothing about contact data security for the voters in 20 states. Obviously, the DNC never bothered to check up on – nor advise their lead Presidential candidate that data security is important.

At first it was just their own data that Hillary and the DNC could not safeguard. Now it’s your contact information that’s very openly exposed if you live in any of those 20 states.


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  1. TheBrolyTv says

    she sucks

  2. Deltaexio says

    The Trump administration becomes more and more tangible everyday.

  3. Deltaexio says

    Is Hillary allergic to good security?

    1. Barbara Washington says

      no, just good sense.

    2. Dr Chunky Biscuit says

      +Barbara Washington ??

    3. Slain Liberty says

      That doesn’t pay as well 😉

    4. SuperSMT says

      Yet claims she’s better for national security than Trump…

  4. A mensch says



  5. Vic_Jule says

    they should hack her bank and zero her out.

    1. Barbara Washington says

      you mean the Clinton Foundation?

    2. ZNM210 says

      +Barbara Washington
      Same thing.

    3. Nancy Williams says

      If only.LOL!

  6. Victor Nine says

    Great. Just as secure as Obamacare…

  7. Victor Nine says

    Anyone notice how she went up 6 points nationally overnight? Lies…all

    1. Michelle Saenz says

      WSJ is Pro-H , I don’t trust any! She’s Got Connections Literally To
      In Every Field… *Plus, A Few Poll’s Have Been Ousted For “Adjusting”
      Their* #’s…
      Much Like Our Gov’t Does To Favor Their Agenda….
      Also, They’re NOT Inclusive Of People Like Me, Who’ve Never Voted In 30+
      years Or ALL The Other’s Who’ve Just Stopped Voting After These Past Few
      Failed Terms…
      This Nov.8th, It IS ” *We The People* VS *The Establishment* *Both Dems &
      Repubs Alike* “

    2. Tremendous Cash Flows says

      Rasmussen has Trump +5

    3. JBBROWN says

      Selective polling practices by Liberal media.

  8. l lemons says

    thanks, Rob, great stuff, and keep em’ coming! s’why i donate…

  9. Joyce Nagy says

    What is wrong with the DNC and Clinton Campaign? Guess they just don’t give
    a damn!

    1. Nancy Williams says

      They want a world out cash. The RFID chip. This is why Obama made back
      doors to be opened on everything so they can implement the RFID chip other
      wise this would not be happening.

  10. dedpxl says

    It’s real, I just tried it out.
    Very scary, it shows the full name, home town, age, gender and phone number
    of each person.

  11. Frikkie J. Rossouw says

    yes, now she want you to trust her with national security.

  12. Kim Pierce says

    Hillary is a hack.

  13. jjjjbuddy says

    SHOCKER, hildabeast’s can’t handle her server. YET brain dead will still
    vote for her. STOP THE STEAL, TRUMP! ! ! ! ! 16

  14. TheColonelKlink says

    And these incompetent Clinton idiots expect Americans to trust them with
    American national security? Sorry Hillary. You are done.

  15. Sky Watcher says


  16. Sky Watcher says


  17. Noko Huang says

    Crooked Hillary simply on to something else.

  18. Susan S says

    Treason!! She’s deplorable,despicable, evil, ugly, mean, mean-spirited, has
    no soul, and the list goes on and on. I just shared this on FB. Trump MUST

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