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Hillary Has Failed Every Single Time | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

She lacks the fortitude, strength and stamina to lead. Trump will NEVER let us down!

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  1. Mr.Sauceman X says


    1. Mr.Sauceman X says


    2. Meta tron says


    3. Goswellen Jorae Tommy says

      I subbed, ?

    4. LOL says

      I hate to Donaldo Trompetas

  2. mr. bubble says

    I hate the Clinton’s.

    1. BluntRevvs says

      jc lopez trump 2016


      whatever3210 shut up you obsessed american no one cares what you dooo

    3. Awesome Guy TV says


  3. Bill Tolles says

    #TrumpTrain #CrookedHillary

    1. Christofer Thabboc says

      #KillAllNigger #TrumpPence

  4. Zerocookiecake [Karnipex] says

    #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Vote Trump!

    1. Christofer Thabboc says


  5. Amiibo Lover says

    I wish I can vote for Trump. Why can’t they lower the age

    1. Amiibo Lover says

      I hate people who can’t spell.

    2. Rocki - Football Games, Madden Highlights and More! says

      +LOL *Donald, *Trump, and you forgot a period. Seriously though, did you
      type this “sentence” with your face?

    3. David Schultz says

      1.8 million dead people are registered to vote, i have a feeling turnout
      will be low…..

    4. Sub Zero says

      +David Schultz You could say six feet below.

    5. John Anon says

      Hillary would win if they did that

  6. 142 says

    Trump doesn’t hide the comments like Hillary! He is no coward! #TRUMP2016

    1. Money Mike says

      Rainbowhamster 22 who’s the production manager?

    2. Jorge Amador says

      oh my gosh! the host of a tv show struggling more then a worker of
      government! That is totaly believable

    3. The_Blazer says

      You can bet he’d hide them too if he had most of Youtube against him.

    4. MJ says

      Rainbowhamster 22 are you saying he doesn’t control his channel but she
      controls hers? Or are you saying this is not his official youtube channel?
      Because this is his channel…on his campaign website, this is the youtube
      channel he has listed, as well as his facebook and twitter etc…

  7. Oh-Billy says

    +Donald J. Trump for President

    Dear Mr Trump,
    Mr Trump you should go over how to use a voting machine or have Fox do so
    because in years prior it has been confusing. This will especially be
    concerning to elderly voters. We need all the votes we can get and with all
    the corruption that has been and still is happening we cannot have any
    Thank You and God Bless You,
    Nicholas Rychlik

    1. Neil LeFrancis says


    2. Jackie Treehorn says

      Oh-Billy — It is actually more likely that millennials and those first
      timers will find a huge “?”
      Floating over their hydrocephalic heads. We older folk have been here many
      times before, sonny. Oh and… Vote Democrat right down the line!

    3. Oh-Billy says

      +Jackie Treehorn Not really when the way of tallying votes has changed to
      changed a couple of times, this will be confusing for elderly and ignorant
      people. I work in a health care setting so I think I would know. Why are
      you voting democrat?

    4. John Anon says

      Democrat is a vote for Hillary, you don’t want a corrupt criminal as our
      president do you?

  8. Mr. Gamer says

    Mr. Trump please focus on voter fraud! That’s how they’ll win!

    1. yueiscute says

      These terrorists are not Islamic even if the call themselves that, many
      Islam priests have stated that violence is against their religion and if
      anyone commits an act like that they are not truly Islamic. and as for
      their families, THEY CAN BE COMPLETELY INNOCENT! its like if i go join
      Isis, and then they go after my family even if they have nothing to do with
      my actions, and always remember that Isis is the MINORITY of Islamic
      people, saying that killing children will stop future terrorists is one of
      the most close minded things iv ever heard. if anything it will spark
      hatred and make more people turn against the U.S.A, then we will really
      have a problem.

    2. Cody says

      +yueiscute You have no idea what you’re even talking about. Almost everyone
      of these terrorist attacks are by radical Islamic terrorists. I mean, they
      walk into a mall and freaking shout “allahu akbar!” before stabbing
      multiple people in the throat. How could you be so stupid and ignorant to
      the truth? Their religion says that they need to kill the unbelievers to go
      to heaven. How much more clear does it get? Just look at all of the terror
      attacks that have happened. All have been committed by Muslims. End of

    3. Cody says

      +yueiscute To add onto that, they are also *permitted* to lie in the name
      of Allah if it’s for their religion which means they can deny that killing
      the unbelievers is how they go to heaven. Just look at the terror attacks.
      They’ve all been carried out by Muslims. It would be so sad for you to get
      blown up, stabbed or shot by a radical Islamic terrorist and regret ever
      saying they are not evil – because they are and they want to slaughter you
      in the most slow, painful and brutal way possible.

    4. yueiscute says

      they are extremists who call themselves Islamic, they are like the crusade
      who killed in the name of God, but we all know that Christianity is against
      any murder. Islam is a religion of peace and nowhere is it stated they have
      to kill the nonbelievers, that’s just something this fucking idiotic Isis
      people believe. Muslim people have suffered a tremendous amount from Isis
      and they probably hate Isis more than we do.

    5. Alex Manganais says

      yueiscute Christians lead in death tolls

  9. AUNTIE LORAX says

    Still don’t believe she had pneumonia, too many lies!

    1. Adam Baum says

      You’re 100% correct, Hillary was also on drugs during both debates, FACT!
      That is the reason that she had so much energy to be so nasty to Donald

  10. chris dominic says

    Finally a video against her

    1. Christofer Thabboc says

      we need to kil her too

    2. Neil LeFrancis says

      are you a troll Chris?

  11. Turtle Person says

    if Hillary is elected, we’d have feminists on the streets all day, every
    day, complaining about how men are basiacally Hitler.

    but if Trump’s elected, we’d still have feminists, but atleast *most of
    them* would have a job.

    1. Samra Netnographer says

      haha what a brilliant comparison.

    2. Samra Netnographer says

      Hi, I am conducting a research on Donald Trump’s YouTube channel and I need
      interviews of some YOuTUbers. Would you guys like to participate in an on
      line interview. There will be few simple questions. Your identity will not
      be revealed in the study and results will be shared with you at the end.
      Its my university project. If you are interested then just reply here or
      you can follow me at Google +. Thank you.

  12. Viva Las Channel says

    Tramp Train all the way to the white house! Mr. Trump focus on voter
    -Team TRUMP

    1. Viva Las Channel says

      +Pastel Piggy5 Triggered Killary supporter. Like Trump say “Get em’ outta
      here, get em’ out, get em’ outta here!”

    2. Pastel Piggy5 says

      Viva Las Channel I don’t really even care about the trump supporters
      because everyone already knows their dumb and can’t make simple decisions!
      Just keep using that small brain of yours till you make the decision to
      drink some poison! Bye dummy!

    3. Viva Las Channel says

      Said dummy.

  13. George says

    If this evil, lying witch wins the election, we are all doomed!! Trump for

    1. Broc Theil says

      if trup lsses we need to revolt on the day after election day

  14. Amuness Trovolock Creeps says

    The democrats are gonna steal the election…they probably will

    1. Si mon says

      well they steal everything else.

  15. quick response says

    hitlery will look like such a foolish crook if she steals the election

    1. Pastel Piggy5 says

      quick response she is gonna and trump is gonna have another 3 year old
      temper tantrum!

    2. XxxHakerzzGamingxxX? says

      Pastel Piggy5 If you are a Hillary supporter then you don’t belong in this
      comment section, so gtfo.

    3. The Pixel Dude says

      go jump of a cliff

  16. Maddy “Tater Salad” Perennity says

    Haha, YouTube’s #SJW employees pwned by the Donald. Censorship on the
    internet is impossible – resistance is futile. Go Donald! #FreeSpeech

  17. DCTib says

    Everyone…Register NOW! Tell all of your friends and family too. We need
    to massively vote for Trump to overtake the Democrat voter fraud.

    Forward this message to everyone you know.

    1. Pastel Piggy5 says


    2. whatever3210 says

      Says the cartoon. lol. We don’t need immature people like you anyway, we
      already know you’re brain-washed.

  18. Han Valkenberg says

    From the perspective of an outsider Trump seems like a symbol of hope.
    Running for office wasn’t a choice for him, he felt it was his duty because
    he’s a patriot. God willing #TRUMP2016 will be a reality.

    1. John Anon says


  19. Jayson J says


    1. Broc Theil says

      she did

  20. Broc Theil says

    like this time

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