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Hillary Should Be In Jail | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. No Body says

    $HILLARY FOR PRISON 2017 (after Trump’s inauguration)

    1. Sgt. Esposito says

      No Body exactly, #trumpmakesjokeshillarykillspeople

    2. No Body says

      +Esmeralda Mateo​​​​​​ If they are *Mexicans*, and not *Americans*, they
      have to go back. Mexican-Americans who identify more with illegal
      immigrants, on the basis of race, than their fellow American *citizens* can
      join them.

  2. Bill Phan says

    i totally agree

    1. Mia Borja says

      you are mean but I am not trying to me mean

    2. Mr.Buckets says


  3. Bwab Gaming 702 MCPE & More says

    I gotta say, I heard the 2nd debate and Trump was way better than Hillary.

    1. Winters Rose says

      +gimchi Just who are you referring to?

    2. Ed Collins says

      +Bwab Gaming Trump was better–a better liar! Anybody who gets beat
      by Hillary on fact-checks, shouldn’t be running for President especially if
      they hate women, blacks, and Mexicans.

    3. Winters Rose says

      +Ed Collins LOL Hillary is the *Liar* and a *Murderer*. She has
      accomplished nothing in her long political career. It amazes me how
      ignorant people are when it comes to Killary the Barking B*tch. If she wins
      America is finished. The Middle Class will be taxed to death, babies will
      be murdered on demand and for any reason. Our Religious Freedoms will be a
      thing of the past and people like you will reap what you sow. People need
      to pull their heads out of their hind quarters.

    4. Ed Collins says

      +Winters Rose You are absolutely right. Hillary sucks and she is a liar
      and a murderer. I also agree that Donald Trump seems to know more about
      the problems that plague the middle class. However, understanding people’s
      woes are only half the problem. I think Trump’s political promises are
      nothing but rhetoric that is used to win votes and I believe the only thing
      he truly cares about is helping the rich especially if their last names are
      Trump. Hillary may be a liar but what do you expect from a career
      politician that is always being targeted by the other party.. On the other
      hand, everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is a lie or a distortion
      of the truth. Trump thinks it is ok to twist the truth as long as he’s the
      only one doing it.. Trump has made Hillary such a villain that his
      followers think it is perfectly acceptable to lie, cheat, and steal as long
      as they are doing it to defeat Hillary. My dad always taught me that 2
      wrongs never makes a right. If Hillary had begged the Russians and
      Wikileaks to hack confidential emails as Trump has done, you guys would
      want her hung for treason. What irks me the most is the fact that Trump
      urges his followers to spread his lies and deception and this includes all
      kinds of fake news. Trump knows nothing about good sportsmanship and his
      attitude toward women and minorities is disgusting. While I like most of
      his political agenda, I just don’t like the man nor do I like the way he
      manipulates words and uses people. Hillary may be a chronic liar, but
      Trump proves there are a lot worse things.

    5. Ed Collins says

      Whoever becomes the next president it is our job as good citizens to
      support and respect the president even if we don’t agree with everything he
      or she says. I’m from the state of Kentucky. Since 1980, it has become
      common practice to unfairly demonize Democratic candidates for President.
      Democratic presidential candidates are aware of this and they rarely
      campaign here because they know it is a lost cause. Meanwhile,
      Kentuckians are mad at Obama’s EPA policies and the devastating effect it
      has had on the Eastern and Western parts of Kentucky that once depended
      upon coal mining. They think Obama could do more for Kentucky. Although I
      can’t read Obama’s mind, I think there is some truth to this. In fact, if
      I was Obama, why would spend a lot of time, effort, and money on helping
      parts of the country that unfairly demonized me. People have to realize
      that there is a price for such behavior. Hate only breeds hate.

  4. AUNTIE LORAX says

    HILLARY for jail!

    1. AUNTIE LORAX says

      Strange how it just happens to come out now. Curious timing. Also there is
      skepticism because statements have been proven false and seem to change by
      the plaintiff. Dubious indeed.
      Also a civil suit asking for 100 million dollars. Sounds like only after
      $$$$$. False information provided in suit have been found.

    2. Jessica Fin says

      I agree

    3. Pogues Mahone says

      Do you believe your lies will help Hillary? Or are you just a troll wanting
      some human interaction, even if it is only through the inter web?

    4. AUNTIE LORAX says

      Your reply doesn’t make sense.

  5. troy krepps (TLK) says


    1. NothingToNoOneInParticular says

      Traitor’s gallows more like it.

    2. pickl3dud3 says

      troy krepps yes do it

  6. Jason Goldthwait says

    Get her Trump!

    1. Jason Goldthwait says

      Hillary For Prision!

    2. Jason Goldthwait says

      I like how he said he will get her a special prosuctHER!

    3. Mei mei Franklin says

      +Jason Goldthwait i like how he’s racist!

    4. Jason Goldthwait says

      +Mei mei Franklin He isn’t racist! Dumbass

    5. Jessica Fin says

      Me to

  7. TheSarge12 says

    Hillary is a lying snake

    1. boaman5435 says

      That’s an insult to Snakes.

    2. TheSarge12 says

      boaman5435 yeah really lol

    3. swaggypancakes02 says

      boaman5435 she is an insult to snakes

  8. Yout Tuka says

    Her smile is so creepy ; – ;

    1. Ed Collins says

      +zorthorn jay Israeli’s have dual citizenships.. Do you hate Jews, too,
      or just blacks?One of the reasons why so many minorities are in jail for
      sex offenses is because they can’t afford proper attorneys. Public
      Defender’s are not proper attorneys.

    2. zorthorn jay says

      +Ed Collins The reason donald has not gone to trial is because their is not
      sufficient evidence (there is none) to start one. the niggers that rape and
      get convicted only go to trial because the evidence is against them, you
      dont need a good attorney if the evidence or lack thereof is in your favor.
      Learn how our legal system works. Many states have a law against taking
      audio recordings of people with out them knowing AND consenting to it,
      video is okay in most states.

      Something to think about: your vote means nothing just as mine because we
      are not electoral voters our vote is NOT the final say it is merely a

    3. zorthorn jay says

      +Ed Collins You need to understand that the American democrats were for
      slavery and were for oppression of women persecuted gays and were all
      against public protesters. Democrats understand now that stupid people are
      the majority now and have been for some time

    4. zorthorn jay says

      +Winters Rose I Have been replying to comments that I have only read once
      before I posted my first until now. I have to point out a mistake you made
      (Even though my point still supports you) about Hillary deleting 33,000
      emails. Hillary deleted 33,000 PERSONAL emails when she was ASKED to hand
      over her computer. I assure you that the FBI does not care about the
      personal emails of a EXPERIENCED political figure.

    5. Olivia Taylor says

      I think Donald trump should not be president.

  9. Tim Rainey says

    hillary is going to jail with her daddy obama! THANK YOU JESUS

    1. Mei mei Franklin says

      Her dad can’t be Obama because as your leader said best “Obama wasn’t even
      born in America”

    2. Tim Rainey says


    3. A Kid Does Pokemon says

      +Winters Rose Grammar please?

    4. Mei mei Franklin says

      +Winters Rose geez youre just about as obsessed with me as Donald is
      obsessed with making discriminatory “jokes”!

  10. oklikeuknow says

    I wanna wipe that smug smile off her face

    1. Brian Patronie says

      We ALL do brother, we ALL do…


      Brian Patronie nope not all of us

  11. ESLteacher62 says

    WHY in the world is she smiling?? There’s NOTHING entertaining about this

    1. James Ward says

      she wants the world to take what he is saying as a joke……or maybe she
      feels the media and fbi is on her side anyway

    2. Esmeralda Mateo says

      ESLteacher62 yuor momo

    3. Ananymouse 30 says

      She’s arrogant

    4. Harley Quinn says


    5. Karly Leavitt says

      ESLteacher62 she thinks that she’s above the law because she’s running for

  12. chadissmexyyeah says

    I want him to win so badly

    1. Mei mei Franklin says

      +Winters Rose yup. Even as a 2nd grader I’m smarter than you.

    2. Esmeralda Mateo says

      chadissmexyyeah your an maxican dump head cant you see your coloer

    3. chadissmexyyeah says

      First of all, my picture is of the beautiful Zendaya Coleman . Second of
      all, she is an African American. Lastly, regardless of your race this is
      about who you feel is the better of the two candidates. I believe its
      Donald Trump and I’m going to be vocal about it whether you or anyone else
      likes it or not.

    4. JLF1998 says

      hes our only hope

    5. Clark Wayne says

      chadissmexyyeah Don’t worry, Donald Wins

  13. Matt Roberts says

    You Americans would be mad not to vote for this guy.

    1. Nightmare Munoz says

      Trump is just a pampered rich rascist. people just cant get over the fact a
      women could be better than a man at president or their just rascist so
      thats the way there gonna swing. or theirs blacks and some mexicans that
      think their white or got whitewashed, like i said if i ever get locked up
      in prison, im not rolling with the nazi’s so dont think im voting for um.

    2. Aaron says

      Nightmare Munoz Highly untrue I can’t even count the number of mistakes

    3. Nightmare Munoz says

      Aaron go back to the rally brother

    4. Mustapha S Rashiduddin says


  14. SlapDashMC says

    I want to RIP that smug smile off her her DAMN face!!!

    1. Johana M says

      me too!!!

    2. Sanch Arino says

      Mikey Elizondo usually works for me. Girls around here seem to like it.

    3. Hui Lasy says

      YouTube payed troll here to defend Hillary. The thing is your not changing
      anyone’s views with your insults. We all know Hillary is too corrupt to be
      commander in chief

  15. Bass Face says

    She is evil in human form.

    1. Rocksteingirl13 says


    2. John Wallace says

      no good leader

  16. Johana M says

    And all she does is laugh? She makes me sick to my stomach.

    1. Johana M says

      Mikey Elizondo and I’ll punch you in the balls .

    2. Rocksteingirl13 says

      +Johana M shut up idiot.. what r u? 5???

    3. Johana M says

      Rocksteingirl13 so speaks the person calling someone an idiot for no
      apparent reason. smh. GTFO

    4. Christopher Duncan says

      Meh. Cool Story Bro. You are playing the same cards as Crooked Hillary

    5. robin 1k says

      Johana M shes laughing at his stupidity, he cant do that. you would do the
      same if someone as stupid as him was attacking you i front of an audience.

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