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Hillary You’d Be In Jail | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Denise Goodwin says

    Killary is pissed, Trump is calling her out and she can’t take it, look at
    her facial expressions

    1. Prince Telecom says


    2. Prince Telecom says


    3. Toxic Wolf (Danny) says


    4. George McCartney says

      Denise Goodwin True. Hillary is going to kill America.

  2. DisciplineOfSteel says

    Lock her up!

    1. NothingToNoOneInParticular says

      Traitor’s gallows.

    2. Indigosound78 says

      DisciplineOfSteel lock her up for what?

    3. JustinStrife says

      Her illegal private server as secretary of state, moving top secret and
      classified information off of government institutions.

    4. Jonathan Starbuck says


    5. RealThreat 407 says

      DisciplineOfSteel kid don’t u want to be in the generation where we have
      the first girl president

  3. Techman98 says

    This is the greatest thing that I have heard in a long time

    1. Jim Beam says

      Agreed . It’s over. Trump is a groping sexual predator. Groping is
      almost as bad as rape. Trump could be arrested.

    2. SuperSMT says

      +Jim Beam He could be arrested… if any of it was true! (it’s not)

    3. Jim Beam says

      You probably think Bill Cosby is innocent.

    4. The Machine says

      He opposed Obama, and well you see how that went. It’s the same old circle!

    5. SuperSMT says

      Obama: “Russia is trying to rig the election!”
      Trump: “Hillary’s campaign is trying to rig the election!”
      Obama: “Are you crazy? No-one can rig the election!”
      James O’Keefe video: “Here’s proof the DNC and Clinton campaign are
      conspiring to rig the election, and have done so in the past”

  4. windows95ism says

    This centipede is a predator.

    1. Curry says

      +Annette Gillham did you just say Bill Clinton and JFK in the same sentence?

    2. El N00b says

      +1 Knife Party

    3. Nami Woodard says

    4. Night Owl says

      And you’re not. Tell the whole world if you can find someone that is
      perfect. For all we know, you probably have more filth and garbage in your
      closet than he does. Who are you to make quick judgement when you have your
      own filth and garbage to get rid of. Your candidate and your party is the
      most corrupt and that is why this country is in the dumps that we’ve ever
      experienced. Go ahead laugh all the way to grave because your great great
      great great great grandchildren are going to end up paying for the 23
      trillion$ we’re in debt. GOOD WORK DEMOCRATS…..Big Government does not
      work, and neither is socialism. If you don’t like it here, move to
      VENEZUELA…..the latest fallout example of socialism.

    5. Dj Minus says

      windows95ism Even Clinton is not immune

  5. SWAT Paintball says

    Which is where she belongs! #HillaryForPrison2016

    1. Semper Victorem says

      Hell! Yeah! #MAGA

    2. NothingToNoOneInParticular says

      Traitor’s gallows is the proper sentence for Treason! Good enough for
      Julius and Ethel Rosenberg! Good enough for Hildabeast Cunton!

    3. Heartattackgaming says

      SWAT Paintball first of all trump is selfish because he has sued lit ER all
      y 23 people and half for making fun of his hair

    4. SWAT Paintball says

      What does Hillary for prison have to do with Trump??? Besides the fact that
      that’s where Trump will put her?

    5. Jack Riffle says

      SWAT Paintball yeah

  6. P0WERHE4D says

    you ‘ve left out the cheering at the end, for god’s sake!!!!!!!

    1. J MG says

      “S-stop applauding Trump, you guys!”

    2. TGG School says

      +J MG Thank you! Trump sucks!

  7. Justin says

    Thug Life

    1. mike Hunt says

      Just wrote the same thing, this needs to be on top!

    2. Earthgal says

      Best comment!!! lol

    3. Brandonoodo says

      We need those MLG glasses on him when he smiles like that after he said it.

  8. Danny Bate says

    God her creepy smile every time Trump said some truth about her was all
    anyone needed to know..

    1. Danny Bate says

      +P. Reed It’s the Palestinian flag. I’m not Palestinian, simply showing

    2. Night Owl says

      Juanito….let me remind you that this is a public forum here in United
      States of America, and as American Danny Bate has the right to speak his
      mind, just like you. FREE SPEECH….Bro.

    3. Night Owl says

      Juanito….You got the POINT. So think wisely and let’s have intellectual
      conversation instead of fuming with no substance.

    4. Night Owl says

      Juanito…..stick to the point and stop fuming with filth that comes out of
      your mouth, is not really necessary. With all the filthy words that are
      thrown from both sides, wouldn’t be that much of interest for both
      candidates. We all share our comments, to hopefully learn from one another
      and not to cause division. First and foremost, we’re all Americans and
      we’re all frustrated of who can best run this country and stop the bleeding
      and we’re already 23trillion in debt. Thanks to Obama. The future of this
      country is at stake.

    5. Shon Brooks says

      Danny Bate Donald is gay fagget op

  9. Sage Thinker says

    It looked like trump destroyed her, How come the media is spinning it as if
    clinton won?

    1. StudSupreme says

      +J.Jones The polls are being quite purposefully skewed heavily for Hillary.
      It’s part of the plan – they want to recreate the repuke lack of enthusiasm
      in 2012 which cost Mitt Romney the election.

    2. Aeolian Ice says

      Keep telling yourself whatever you want, so you can feel better.
      Not even half of America thinks the way trump or you guys do, they are not
      racist, misogynist etc… just because there are more trump supporters with
      spare time going to every single Internet poll and rally doesn’t mean he
      has the biggest support. Productive people will actually use their “spare”
      time to go and vote and not waste it like you guys (and now I) are doing.
      If you really want America to change start innovating and producing!

    3. Earthgal says

      +Aeolian Ice I agree with you on at least one thing here, ” If you really
      want America to change, start innovating and producing! ” It’s the only way
      to ensure your time is not wasted. ; )

    4. StudSupreme says

      +Aeolian Ice You sound pwned.

    5. Jacob Hugo says

      Sage Thinker he doesn’t know how to debate. He roasted her but he just
      didn’t follow the rules.

  10. Sam Adams says

    Make this a commercial

    1. Earthgal says


    2. Hillary Is Evil says

      Very good idea

    3. Si mon says

      brilliant idea

    4. Jamesbond 57 says

      Sam Adams You Are A Fucking Racist

  11. dacmiller says

    Paul Ryan is pissing his pants…nobody says that to his girl

    1. imvexus says

      Ryan will show him trust me! He will write a nasty letter, brood over it
      for a whole week, and then crumple it up and throw it out, in protest of
      those bad things Trump said about his girl!

    2. Abu Antar (Omg This Sux) says

      Paul Ryan is a girl.

  12. NihselAuto says

    This needs a Thug Life montage.

    1. vic mackey says

      it already does have one on fb

  13. Kyle Demoderpifnlikskin says

    *drops mic*

    1. That one guy who just commented on this video says

      s p i c y m e a t

    2. Abu Antar (Omg This Sux) says


    3. AALIMism says

      Kyle Demoderpifnlikskin hillary 2016

    4. no yes says

      that clown never had the mic stupid.

  14. Brian Baker says

    Trump great job. The moderators were so pro Hillary it was sickening!!!!

    1. thedavinator 37 says

      Brian Baker Ikr it got really annoying

    2. Michael Mandeville says

      Anderson Cooper is a fucking fairy

    3. Night Owl says

      You said it. They’re always bias. They’re soft on poor EASY ON ME
      Hillary…..’cause I’m a lady.

  15. The Machine says

    She should be in jail, if it were anyone else they would have already of
    been locked up. PERIOD!

    1. Dust Phoxner says

      A 4 Star General who did a tenth of what she did just admitted it and is
      now serving jail time. Let me say that again… A 4 STAR GENERAL…..

    2. The Machine says

      Yeah it’s terrible!

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