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Hillary’s 30 Year Fail | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. randamonium to the MAX says

    go trump…. you crushed it….

    1. Carina says

      Mckann Mckann You are disgustingly foul! U liberals are so sensitive &
      always make yourselves known by replying to an anti-Hillary comment with
      raw hate, disrespect, & personal insults. It only shows how you’re little
      infants that can’t handle the opinions of those who don’t agree with you.
      It’s sad, pathetic, & as immature as it gets, smh! Hope you found your
      “safe space” after reading my “offensive” opinion, lol!! Stop crying &
      learn how to be a decent human being instead! Your parents would be proud
      if they could see how you talk to people you don’t know & did NOTHING to
      deserve your filthy comment. I pray you find Jesus and change your hateful
      ways. Love, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, & unity:
      these are words you should reflect on & add to your extremely limited
      vocabulary. Peace be with you. God bless!

    2. Carina says

      Mckann Mckann I’m sorry, I speak English. I have no idea what ur trying to
      say. Hooked on phonics works wonders, lol!!!

    3. Mckann Mckann says

      why tf you in it ha u don’t understand it because you are 3 years old get
      the hell outta here

  2. Grub says

    Third #Trumpwon
    If I was able to vote, I would vote for you Donald Trump. Don’t let this
    country fall into the hands of a corrupted politician.

  3. alex ortiz says


    1. 23dlc says

      alex ortiz excuse me, my turn…. Love trump to exposing her lies, he will
      be a good president

    2. alex ortiz says

      23dlc hahaha i was waiting for those instagram horns. boo boo boo boo

  4. Angel Baggett says

    Well said Mr. Trump! She has done nothing but bring more corruption &
    damage to our nation during her political career.

  5. Heroic Love says

    An epic Donald Trump takedown of the wicked witch of the west wing. He’s
    going to be an excellent president!

    1. Wide Awake says

      Heroic Love her face at the end of the clip ?

    2. Professor Severus Snape says

      oh wow, she’s fuming… wonder how many staffers are going to get cussed
      out by her afterwards?

  6. 45tone says

    Hell yeah

  7. Joe King says

    “Excuse me, my turn”
    fucking perfect

    1. 23dlc says

      Joe King can’t stump the trump

    2. 23dlc says

      Joe King centipede

  8. Jerry Rose says

    She looked like her feelings were hurt.

    1. SuperFatbastard69 says

      What feelings?

    2. skeetorkiftwon says


      Bank account feelings.

  9. Hamilash Habib says

    Hispanics for Trump!!

  10. Kodiak says

    This is why Casey Neistat is mentally handicapped

  11. deneyso w says

    “Excuse me, my turn!”.

    1. Nicola Reed says

      That was amazing

  12. diazmilton says

    TR(I)UMP(h)You can’t spell triumph without Trump.
    Trump for President 2016.We need a govt. OF, BY & FOR the people.

  13. RAP99 says

    1 like = trump for america

  14. PunkNDisorderlyGamer says

    Trump has a lot of likes to dislikes and doesn’t disable comments. Clintons
    YouTube channel has so many dislikes on all her videos and comments
    disabled thanks for taking away our first amendment mrs Clinton.

    1. skeetorkiftwon says

      Clinton’s channel says everything you need to know:

      Clinton cannot operate within constitutional parameters. She does not have
      the will of the people despite having the will of the vast majority of the
      rich to influence the people.

    2. Drew Brees The Great says

      she’ll take away a lot more then that amendment, if she wins.

  15. Cricket 007 says

    Go trump????????????????????

  16. Rich Guz says

    Mr Trump America loves you , sir you are a patriot and I will support you
    till the day I die ! Get em all , orange jump suits for all of them

  17. George says

    You slaughtered the evil witch Mr. Trump! Trump for President.

    1. Nicola Reed says

      Are you sure she’s a witch? She looks more like a warlock to me…

    2. Christopher Duncan says

      Warlocks are OP.

  18. MindBat says

    Yeah how does $6 Billion dollars just go missing?
    All’s I know is if I see Santa with 2 extra reindeer this year we’ll know
    where some of it went.

  19. lovelylady says

    This was the best argument.

  20. iBallisticKnife says

    why does everyone like Trump so much? He’s in love with his daughter ffs!
    like, in love love. He wants to make America great by building a wall!?
    yeah, okay, let’s wait about 2 years and see the progress he’s made.
    Hillary wants this country to be peaceful and happy, Trump is the complete
    opposite! he wants us to be fearful, tough, and mean! If i was 18 i’d vote
    for Hillary! #Hillarywon I want this country to be a happy one, where no
    one can hurt us! not a tough one where we’ll be triggering a lot of
    countries! #Mexicansftw

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