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Hillary’s Bad Hombres | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. SpritzBrille says

    #DrainTheSwamp join –> reddit.com/r/The_Donald

  2. Adonais Navarro says


    1. Pika-kulo XD says

      your crazy!!!!
      is bad idea

    2. WhirlWind says

      Adonais Navarro No

  3. Ghenghy says

    Hillary using hand signals again and obviously reading from a script… why
    hasn’t the Trump team called them on this blatant bullshit? Let them have
    it on Twitter, but don’t expect a reply. Rigged to hell and back, and that
    includes the man himself.

    1. Daniel Burke says

      Because without proof they’d look stupid. The media would never shut up
      about it making him look like a conspiracy theorist. They did the same
      thing when he said that Chicago riots were incited by the Left. Now, thanks
      to Wikileaks and the video by Veritas, we know it’s true. But he took a LOT
      of flak for that. They made him look stupid – because that’s all the Left
      can do… character assassinations.

    2. Daniel Burke says

      People are DUMB. They don’t think “Maybe it’s true…” They think “CNN is
      telling me it isn’t – so it isn’t. CNN is telling me he’s an idiot… so
      he’s an idiot”. Then the same media ignore Wikileaks – so a lot of people
      do too.

    3. Ghenghy says

      +Daniel Burke
      Trumps team knows all about Mr. X who was disassembling equipment from
      beneath the podium at the second debate, and they vowed to be more vigilant
      at #3. Crickets.

  4. pittsburghmcconnell says

    illegal means ” not legal” as in law breakers. of course shame on me for
    mentioning that…it would be…..”Deplorable” to say.

    1. Joey Splats says

      “Undocumented” means we don’t know who they are, if they are violent or
      have diseases. Why are they undocumented? Will they be documented after
      they rape a teenage girl or get a driver’s license?

  5. Matt Keane says

    Trump/Pence 2016 get those hombres out and keep them out

  6. FarRedDead says


  7. Jim White says

    Trump Stumps Bad Hombres

  8. AsianLikesNoodles says


  9. Grub says

    Get em outta here! Get em out! #Trumpforpresident2016

  10. starwreck9 says

    High energy! Trump 2016

  11. Blitzkrieg 1488 says

    My boy Donald will keep out the hombres!

  12. Gliffberg S. says

    El narcotráfico en México es una locura … !!!

  13. DerKlown SoleSkydiver378 xXGH5Xx says


  14. DerKlown SoleSkydiver378 xXGH5Xx says

    Congress will refuse!

  15. John O'Brien says

    Hells yah, Trump 4 realz! He’s gonna save us from them there brown folks
    always coming to america trying to take our jobs at the walmarts and eat
    all our guud ching chang food. Hillary’s just a dirty lizard person who
    probably sexes it with blackies and brownies anyway, we need trump to make
    our trailer parks great again!! Wooohhhooooo!!!! Merika!!!!

    1. Hey Hey says

      John O’Brien You gotta be joking right?

    2. John O'Brien says

      +Hey Hey I ain’t one to joke about how great it’s gonna be when Trump is
      king and he makes those dirty meksicans build us an awesome castle wall!
      Then he’s gonna make them gays pray away their unholy inclinations so that
      jezus won’t hate them for all that buttsex they did to each other, and that
      fo sho ain’t no joke! Then he’s gonna get rid them illuminatis and send
      them back to the moon where they belongs! The south will rise again cuz
      when Trump is president all us gawd fearing white folks will get an extra
      vote for all the oppression we suffered at the hands of the darkies! Amen!

  16. the_Generic_hipster says

    where is the salvia?

    1. Harry Levin says


  17. My account is legit says

    Yeah before you do any of them cool presidential stuff can you not delete
    comments that provides any satirical support? Thanks and remember to buy a
    ticket out of America just in time before they announce the winner of the

  18. Rory Nugent says

    big money salvia for Pres

  19. the informative person says

    Hillary cheated again by the “change the subject sign”

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