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Hillary’s Weird Behavior: The Cover-Up

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Since my video went viral and catapulted Hillary's health back into the national spotlight, we've seen more examples of Clinton behaving bizarrely, while the establishment has launched a cover-up.

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  1. Amanda Hootie Clark says

    “Press-titutes” God I love this guy!

    1. Kira Heartwick says

      10x15m, maroon, is larger than it appears, your mothers, 2 prominent
      follicles. And yours Mr. Surgery?

    2. Vaughan says

      If you enjoyed that, wait until the term ‘whorespondents’ is used.

    3. FreedomFighter says

      Not sure why my first response was deleted.. but again, It was Gerald
      Celente that invented the word “Presstitues” 5-6 years ago..


    4. Siddharth “Shubham” Shukla says

      Indians have also been throwing that word around for quite some time now.

  2. Karen Mxx says

    Poor thing. She needs help. Don’t get me wrong; I believe she would be the
    WORST president (worse than Obama) this country has ever known, but it
    breaks my heart to see someone falling apart right before the entire
    nation. Being president is not worth dying over. Please, Hillary, GET HELP!

    1. David Vazquez says

      Ok but Maleficent was actually very hot…..

    2. PowderBoy says

      OH boy, I hope a month after your comment you’ve read up on the horrific
      crimes she’s committed

  3. Fabian Patrizio says

    What is scary (scarier even than Hillary) is how in a country like the US
    of A….things like this are covered up!….so much for land of the free
    and free speech! NOT…

    1. Fabian Patrizio says

      wasn’t my point….my point was that you can have a serious discussion with
      them…they dont want to hear you…to them you’re a racist, period.

    2. Daebak69 says

      +Fabian Patrizio
      You want a serious discussion about race? Let’s go for it.

      But if you are a racist, you can expect to have that fact pointed out. Too
      many racists demand that we humor them by pretending they’re not racists. I
      don’t humor people.

      There! Now, tell me what’s on your mind.

    3. David Vazquez says

      Well let’s level the playing field by saying we’re ALL racists, including
      yourself. That way, we can go on to discussing more substantive issues.
      “Racist” has now lost any and all meaning, to the point that I now simply
      call anyone I’m debating with a racist, so they can in turn call me the
      same thing, so that we may then move on and talk about adult subjects. So,
      you’re a racist! Now, let’s move on.

  4. Jonathon Peterson says

    This is my Christian side peeking out. Politically I’d like to see her
    lose, and even be prosecuted, but I wouldn’t wish this kind of
    mental/neurological degeneration on anyone. Obviously if what you say is
    true NO ONE should trust the presidency to her.

    1. George Washington says

      +Jonathon Peterson Sorry man, I’ll pray for your family.

    2. Jonathon Peterson says

      So everyone who suffers disease, or tragedy deserved it at the hands of
      God? Or in this particular case you know that this is a punishment because
      you received some special revelation? What father wishes his children
      misery even if they have gone astray? Seemed you missed the story of the
      prodigal son. No wonder Atheism is on the rise with people like you
      putting malice into the heart and mind of God.

      All I know is that the wages of sin is death. I only know of one person
      who has defeated death, and it ain’t you brother.

    3. Jonathon Peterson says

      +George Washington
      Thank you. Pray for everyone. Pray to be wise. Pray to be made whole
      again. Pray to have the blinders taken from all our eyes, and see a path
      forward. And pray for Hillary too.

    4. Bunny Tail says

      I agree. While this is proof that she has no business being president,
      looking back on this video is a bit sad. The fact that she has to smile
      through a freaking seizure or whatever it was; in a way it invokes sympathy
      in me.

      I can’t help but be relieved that she can now focus on her health and maybe
      even find happiness.

  5. Davita Veritas says

    Maybe Hillary will simply forget where the White House is.

    1. Wendy Wang says

      😀 funny.

    2. materialgirl8707 says

      Amen!! LOL

    3. Ezy Teri Reddy says

      She will enter the black house.

    4. Richard Booth says

      you think she might end up wandering around in her nightie at 2am in the
      morning trying to buy a loaf of bread from a condom machine ?

    5. Davita Veritas says

      +Richard Booth
      Does that not sound more like a WJC thing?

  6. Executive Sonda says

    Why would democrats spend all their resources on her? Don’t they have
    better candidates? (I mean, literally almost anyone else would be a better
    candidate then her.)

    1. billy bob says

      maybe it’s because she’s Bill’s wife?

    2. Executive Sonda says

      +billy bob Yeah. A wife of a rapist…. Real good PR for her.

    3. billy bob says

      more for the connections. As if they care bill is a rapist. They’ll just
      cover up and ignore the bad things lefties do.

    4. Charles W says

      They don’t. You will not find a more pro-corporate, pro-establishment, and
      pro-status quo candidate on the Democrat side.

    5. Itsaboutthewaterlife says

      Hillarrry is very SICK , , , she is likely to DIE.

  7. Black70Fastback says

    Mccain was slammed about health just because of his age. he was 71 at the
    time. hillary is 68, not THAT much younger but shows ACTUAL concerns for
    health and no one gives a damn in the media????

    1. James Gonzalez says

      It goes to show where their loyalties lie. Their supposed to be impartial,
      give both sides of the story and once again they do their masters bidding,
      like the lemmings that they are. Their dispicable.

    2. Pumpkin says

      Black70Fastback that’s because McCaine picked a total moron as his VP and
      people were worried he was gonna die. Me being one of those people.

  8. Stony Tark says

    even her own body thinks she shouldn’t be president. smh

    1. BringIt64 says

      +CorkyBurrito hey pls dont talk

    2. Barbara Wasilak says

      +Zombifyed just look at her!!!!

    3. Barbara Wasilak says

      +Coconut Spam well, if you decide NIT TO VOTE, you have no right to
      COMPLAIN later, as simple as that

    4. Ezy Teri Reddy says

      Hillary Clinton is a walking war. Mind vs. Body.

    5. Beverly Cline says

      Ezy Teri Reddy, and both of them lost

  9. James Smith says

    *God help this country if Hillary is elected*

    1. PowderBoy says

      it’s October 14th, 2016
      and sadly things are taking a turn for the worse
      It looks like Hillary will win, she’s leading the polls
      God help this country, because we will 99.9% start a war with Russia
      I will also not serve this country if she is elected president, Im not
      gonna join the airforce to become a pilot and then be shot down by Russian
      Anti Air, like another piece of equipment just like the US soldiers in

    2. Dawn Moore says


    3. JDVIII of Inveon says

      James Smith Hillary won’t win bro, (I’m from the future! woooo!) seriously
      though, Trump is already starting strong!

  10. Steve Savage says

    Hillary needs a neurologist, psychotherapy, and most likely an exorcist. If
    hospice care can get an office at the white house, she might be able to
    pull off half a term. George Soros is running everything for Hillary anyway
    … Right!

    1. materialgirl8707 says

      amen!! QUICK– someone find a priest and some Holy Water!!! Pretty soon her
      head will start spinning 360 degrees 100 MPH!!!!

    2. p o o p says

      Too bad exorcism isn’t real.

    3. Steve Savage says

      +p o o p I have said the same thing about the material world.

    4. CL Rbg says

      Yes, I think there’s possession here for sure.

  11. Daniel Miller says

    It’s hilarious how forced it is when people defend Hillary especially those
    on msnba, cnn etc

    1. Guy Pseudonym says

      Chris Hayes: “Its-bbb-it-bss-ff-from Infowars!”

    2. materialgirl8707 says

      Amen, Lester Holt was so soft on her, I’m amazed that she didn’t ask her on
      a date!!

  12. Taura Helms says

    Something is definitely wrong with her.

    1. Cameron Reeves says

      You don’t say

    2. Double D says

      She probably just needs to play more golf.

    3. Diana Liu says

      Let’s hope she will join Obama soon on the golf course:) will be so nice:)

    4. Conaill Mac Daid says

      In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

  13. 21stCenturyHandyman says

    This whole Hillary situation kind of reminds of a Twilight Zone episode
    where this system has this dictator propped up and tell him what to say
    during broadcasts.


      Your “sources” are a joke.LMAO@U.
      How does this scenario, differ from the kenyan in chief? He is a sick, gay
      man, with a tranny wife, and rent a child, kids. I’d rather have Trump.

    2. IWumbo Zin Uru says

      theres a Star Trek like that too

    3. AndrewWolfPro says

      To Serve Man perhaps?


      Rod Serling. Episode 89 from 1962’s “Twilight Zone”. Classic.

  14. itsalie says

    she is not well enough to run let alone take and run the office.

    1. Daebak69 says

      She’s fine. She coughs when she has pneumonia. So does everyone else. She
      got dehydrated while standing in the hot sun on Sept. 11, and left the
      event, feeling woozy. Lots of people who have pneumonia get woozy if they
      stand in th ehot sun for an hour or more. Your comment makes me think
      you’re woozy.

    2. Marilynn DeSilva says

      “She’s fine. She coughs when she has pneumonia.” Yeah, coming down with
      pneumonia on a regular basis and coughing your lungs out is no big deal.
      She’s fine. Your comment makes me think you’re woozy, but you’re fine, I’m

      Enough with the BS about her getting dehydrated. First, it was not an
      unusually hot day in NYC on Sept 11. Second, she had her ever-present
      medical aides by her side. Do you think they might have made certain that
      she had enough liquids and electrolytes during the event, especially seeing
      as she allegedly was suffering from pneumonia? (Why she was in public with
      pneumonia is another matter the MSM is content to ignore.)

      Clinton didn’t simply feel “woozy.” At the curb she went rigid and started
      to topple over. Her aides had to hold her up and insert her into her
      personal ambulance. She couldn’t even move her legs properly and left a
      shoe in the street. She is an extremely sick woman, if she isn’t already
      dead. The healthy, slimmer and younger looking woman who emerged from
      Chelsea’s apartment without a doctor or nurse at her elbow was NOT Hillary
      Clinton! You don’t make a complete recovery from pneumonia 90 minutes after
      having a seizure. For that matter, whose brilliant idea was it to go to her
      daughter’s apartment instead of the hospital. Unless, of course, she never
      went to Chelsea’s apartment….

    3. Kristin F says

      The does it

    4. GUBAR Studios says

      Well, she lost, and you’re an idiot if you think world leaders don’t have
      body doubles. All conspiracy theory aside, world leaders most definitely
      use doubles to keep themselves out of harms way. Not always, but I’m sure
      she has a double at her disposal.

  15. Nbpoih Fiheqw says

    luckily she will die of a stroke before the elections…

    1. Mikawesome Hyakuya says

      people are becoming heartless these days, I see

    2. Mikawesome Hyakuya says

      +Nbpoih Fiheqw Oh so wishing death is not heartless? Yeah, I wonder where
      your brain is at

    3. Nbpoih Fiheqw says

      +Mikawesome Hyakuya
      wishing death to somebody who killed hundred of thousands of people is not
      heartless at all.

    4. Daniella Galvan says

      Nbpoih Fiheqw there tomorrow

  16. Anthony Ferrara says

    If she’s healthy, then release the records! Nothing to hide? Great! Show
    us. She is supposed to work for us. So, as of one of her 300,000,000
    potential Supervisors, I need your health records (at least), because your
    resume sucks.

    1. Itsaboutthewaterlife says

      Good one , , , I like your ending, “because your resume sucks” , , , My
      friend, if I ever open up a Company; I would want you as my Personnel
      Director , , , Seems you have a knack for spotting frauds.

    2. keith moore says

      I wouldn’t trust anything they put out on paper!!! they fake everything
      else be it jobless numbers to the debt why should we take their word on
      this? let them both have an independent doctor examine them and make a
      report that way we know it’s legit!!!!!!!

    3. Sean Dermont says

      what does her breff smell like

    4. Christian XianLeather Marsh says

      Babies, fecal matter and road kill ooze.

  17. liljgoneman says

    And THIS is what leftists consider to be qualified to be president……
    Let that sink in a moment.

    1. Maxine Del Fante says

      NOT leftists but neoliberals

    2. Bethany Hunt says

      Lefties do NOT support Clinton!

    3. liljgoneman says

      +Bethany Hunt Leftist twat, identified….

    4. Kidknapped says

      Wow good point liljgoneman, he said that leftists don’t support Hillary so
      you called him a name, pretty mature man xD

    5. liljgoneman says

      +Kidknapped I don’t waste time defending my position with losers like you,
      son. I’m only here to ridicule your ilk. Does that twigger you?….

  18. Robin Sattahip says

    Hope her health problems are terminal. This is one evil woman America would
    be better off without. Nice to see bad things happen to bad people for a

    1. E. H. Morrison says

      Yes, Trump has no moral, legal or ethical issues. Physically, can’t comment
      on because I have no idea as do you. #AmnestyDon

    2. Faust1169 says

      Why do you think Hillary is the immoral one? The government is made up of
      FAR MORE than one employee. And all you people know that.

    3. David Vazquez says

      So in your book, there can only be one immoral one? There can’t be
      Hillary, plus millions of others? The point is, of all the millions of
      immoral ones, only Hillary is running for President among them. If all
      millions of them were running for President, we’d be saying it to them too.

    4. Faust1169 says

      +David Vazquez Immoralinty can be good anyway. 🙂

    5. Katelyn Rose says

      E.H. Morrison you’re so childish

  19. Ricardo Garcia says

    They need to make a Hilary bobble head

    1. mootbooxle says

      We already have the real thing! lol the human bobble head.

    2. Frederick J. Valentine says

      Underappreciated comment mate, but I got you. 🙂

  20. Lester James-Brooks says

    shes like the motherfuckin sith lord

    1. DJT says

      More like she is Emperor Palpatine, or worse

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