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Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Still of the Night says

    Trump is the man!!!! Eat that Obama!!

    1. No Pointing says

      Obama is a stupid fool.

    2. jon gibson says

      Worst 8 years in American history X10

    3. RaRa Star says

      he is a radical Muslim and a domestic terrorist.


    for your info the peso has ben at its lowest for the past 3 months not now
    that trump signed

    1. Mason Pac says

      MARTIN ZAPATA the grammar police are everywhere motherfucker

    2. Mark Rybeck says

      Mason Pac I HATE spelling NAZIS

    3. MARTIN ZAPATA says

      evry body spell check before posting…… butt buddy mason pac and mark
      rybeck are handing out citations for gramar mistakes!!

    4. Carol Harris says

      MARTIN ZAPATA that’s what the guy said, because other countries go through
      Mexico, like a back door. Good news is you get a lot more touristas.

  3. Regan Causey says

    Thank God Trump came in after Obama, now Americans have real hope and

    1. Carol Harris says

      Regan Causey Trump still has most of 100 days left. 87 days so I hope
      Soros, obuma and especially hitlery don’t try to pull a 9/11, since it
      seemed attacks always happened when they needed one.

    2. Lakhwinder singh says

      Regan Causey ur wildest dreams

    3. Regan Causey says

      Lakhwinder singh ?

    4. Maphiro611 says

      Now h’es letting Putin walk all over him on Ukraine.

  4. Tammy Selvens says

    Free Trump T-Shirts on TrumpRights*com only pay shipping!

    1. shannon Hale says


    2. model nutty says

      yes lets give banking information and home address for a T-shirt so we can
      get recurring monthly charges at some porn site until we finally catch it
      on our bank statement.. WHAT A DEAL!

    3. Carol Harris says

      Tammy Selvens troll.

    4. C Hoc says

      Tammy Selvens made in Mexico and China

  5. Chris Leone says


    1. Jim P says

      Hillary Clinton we love you to hillary, and God loves you.

    2. Karen Kalyen Lee Dunleavy says

      Do you have an impediment to speaking more than a few words or what?

    3. Mr. Nick b says

      Chris Leone Yeah Gary’s pretty good, can e animated sometimes but he’s got
      a really good news network

    4. Tory Amos says

      Karen Kalyen Lee Dunleavy no. he speaks impactfully. I’ve seen so many guys
      talk too much so I appreciate his patience with his style.

  6. Solena Allen says

    Trump is very clever. He is jerking the chains of the brain dead democrats
    and I think they are too stupid to know it.

    1. Maphiro611 says

      Then we have Russians posing as American Trump supporters and perpetuating
      urban legend and myth.

    2. Maphiro611 says

      Care to provide a link to a legitimate source that proves that?

    3. Steve Jovan says

      +all good
      Have you ever seen a university?

    4. Steve Jovan says

      +Tian Zhang
      The fact you think Elites put Trump into office is telling and absurd.
      Hint he is hated by the elite establishment!

  7. Solena Allen says

    This man is very interesting. Interesting video.

    1. Anti-theist Atheist says

      Solena Allen Trump has been playing three-dimensional chess since day one

  8. Child of God says

    I personally have full confidence in my new president Donald Trump I just
    don’t know how much they will let him go or I guess I should say they will
    allow him to go,.. with that I have to say my full trust is in Jesus Christ
    he knows where we’re going and although it may not be far I pray it’s
    far… we will see.

    1. Pam Johnson says

      Child of God HE who has begun this good work, will complete it. That’s what
      God says in Scriptures about His intervention in human affairs. Buckle up
      in prayer, this will be a ride of biblical proportions, and we win!!

    2. Child of God says

      +Pam Johnson Amen

    3. C Hoc says

      Pam Johnson more like child of s ad Satan no God would support this clowns
      intolerant narcissism.

  9. Steven Bemos says

    Trump has been in the public eye more in the first 2 weeks than Obama has
    been in the last 8 years! Obama made himself impossible to find!!

    1. Sherry Duggar says

      Steven Bemos Obama was easy to find. You didn’t look on the golf course!

    2. steve ewing says

      He plays golf with Kim of N. Korea now & Castro plus Iran’s Leader &
      Hillary!!! Now I get the saying in Golf of “4” means!!!

    3. Anti-theist Atheist says

      steve ewing That would be ‘Net’ and ‘Quattro’…….Fyi – that’s 4 in
      Hangul and Espanol

  10. Wasatch Range Railway says

    In this picture, in the middle, this Sally Yates looks like a
    MAN—–what’s up with that?

    1. DR in TX says

      Wasatch Range Railway ha ha I thought it was Bruce Jenner.

  11. Goldclaw837 says

    Best vote I ever cast was for Donald Trump!

    1. Andy Gascon says

      Goldclaw837 didn’t it make you fill PROUD AGAIN ?????

    2. Goldclaw837 says

      Andy Gascon Yes Indeed!

    3. Goldclaw837 says

      C Hoc You are a fucking Saul Alinsky communist Moonbat!–Stupidity abounds!

    4. Joseph Gomalo says

      Whom would you want to appease as a world leader? Islamic dictators in the
      middle east? The communist currency manipulators of Beijing? that create
      massive trade deficits? Insane Merkel who is enslaving her own citizens to
      appease islamists and jihadists? The globalists such as Soros, and
      non-elected EU Bureaucrats that are being rejected by member countries such
      as England, FRance, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, etc that want their
      sovereignty back?? Besides, Trump didnt campaign to become a world
      president.. He is a US president. He wants to make his country Great
      Again.. and he can do that WITHOUT going down as a popular president
      outside the US; while 50 million Americans are unemployed like obama did!
      Trump DOESNT need to be loved by idiots like you and the globalists.. All
      that he needs is to encourage and facilitate the power of the free market
      to drive the US economy again.. ! Already jobs are returning to the US and
      stock markets and optimism hitting high..! Meaning more jobs, security and
      prosperity for Americans. If the majority didnt support his campaign
      policies.. which he is implementing now.. then Trump wouldnt be the
      president today. You must be having a massive meltdown coz your head is
      burried deep in killary’s and obama’s assholes..pull it out from those
      filthy holes, bathe the stench away so you can use it for thinking.. you
      dickhead you! Trump2017!!

  12. Vicky Villeneuve says

    Mexico can start to build a middle class now which will provide a balanced
    revenue economy. instead of guns, drugs and sex slaves. kinda hard to tax

    1. William Pabon says

      Pam Johnson Mexico does not have a middle class. ive been by the border
      since 74 and my wife is from Mexico. i go there on weekends. i know Mexico.
      The main problem in Mexico is that there is no middle class. In Mexico govt
      control everything.. heck you cant even open a pawn shop there.

    2. Vicky Villeneuve says

      +William Pabon… There you have it. It does appear that that is so.
      Otherwise, why run to the US?

    3. Jay says

      William Pabon like a Communist nation?

  13. levi6104 says

    People need to get over it this wasn’t a Muslim ban it was a temporary ban
    on all people in 7 countries. Our president knows what is good for America
    and I trust him to protect and defend the constitution of the United States
    of America

    1. Debra J Messmer says

      its the leftist grabbing at any chance with soros in the background an
      Hillary quietly trying to slow things down so he inst successful the
      leftist wants to keep up down an needy so they can control the masses . He
      wants us all prosperous and to succeed.

    2. Armadyl Featherbreeze says

      First Obama does temporary ban from 7 Muslim countries, Liberals are
      silent, then Trump does the same temporary ban from same 7 Muslim
      countries, Liberals are outraged. #hippocrits

  14. Janet Diaz says

    Thats why Chuck Schumer was really crying … Trump cutting their funding.

    1. PezX Candy says

      Janet Diaz Yes something is going on. they have Smth BIG to lose and trying
      to stop him with those idiotic protesters’ hands.

    2. john k says

      LOL ………”Cuck” Schumer.

    3. David B says

      You look like Michael Jackson.

    4. C Hoc says

      David B much uglier than michael Jackson.

  15. democracy forever says

    The best thing to ever happen to Trump is Starbucks stating they are going
    to hire illegals. Now Trump doesn’t have to look for the illegals He simply
    sends the immigration police for a coffee at starbucks Easy arrests

    1. DR in TX says

      democracy forever awesome idea ?

    2. Mae Branham says

      democracy forever he’s doing something far more clever than that.

  16. Miss Kathy says

    Trump is brillant with an IQ of 156, he is using Sal Alinsky’s “Rules for
    Radicals ” back at the Liberals. Fun to watch

    1. Mutso Njo says

      Shoshannah B. You cant make billions if you’re stupid or idiot 🙂 he is no
      lightweight, good pick for American 😀

    2. Maphiro611 says

      It’s not true and if it is, why doesn he fail so often?

  17. theodore kushaba says


    1. Debra J Messmer says

      their coffee is overrated. I make my own less calories .

    2. Armadyl Featherbreeze says

      Starbucks said they’re recruiting 10,000 Muslims… yanno they don’t even
      wash their hands, so best course of action is to #BoycottStarbucks

    3. deborahw0 says

      Should have boycotted 7 years ago when they charge 4bucks for a cup of
      coffee, kinda dumb America

    4. theodore kushaba says


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