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Holyrood in HYSTERICS as Sturgeon claims everyone uses ‘independence’ as a ‘smokescreen’

“Toxic policies like austerity cuts and extreme Brexit, and, of course, removing the rights of pensioners.

“They key question tomorrow is how we stop the Tories getting a stronger hand to do more damage to Scotland – let’s make sure we don’t boost Theresa May’s majority, let’s make sure we send strong SNP MPs to stand up for Scotland.”

Ms Davidson given her chance to snipe back at her Holyrood rival stepped up, still struggling to contain her laughter, to deliver another blow to Ms Sturgeon’s attack on the Conservatives.

The Scottish Conservative leader said: “Well, she’s rolling back today but everybody now knows; don’t have a private chat with this First Minister because if it suits her purposes everybody will get to hear about it.

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