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Home Exercise Routine – Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises! Boost Your Metabolism!

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If you are looking for FIVE INTENSE bodyweight exercises, you came to the right place!

Once you master each one, you can then try my intense 30 minute routine or CRAZY RIDICULOUS 60 MINUTE ROUTINE!

(0:43)- Full 6 week program!

(0:47)- Cannon Ball
(2:42)- Spider-Man Push-Up
(4:41)- Groiner
(7:03)- Burpee
(10:05)- Mountain Climber


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  1. Galo Moran says

    But that accent though, JK great video. I can definitely use these for HIIT

  2. stawg007 says

    What the hell is going on with his voice? Been watching him for years and
    hes never pronounced his words like that

    Great video though, might have to give it a try tomorrow

    1. NIGGAS says

      +ScottHermanFitness lmao you should have spoken with your true accent all
      along. It would have given you more uniquness. All these years I thought
      you were kind generic but you were actually a mobster lol

    2. ntgroos says

      +ScottHermanFitness FWIW I thought this style worked great. The content
      itself had a lot of good tips and advice, much more than just exercises.
      You succeed in making it feel like a training session. It was kinda funny
      hearing your IRL accent, mostly because I didn’t know you were changing it
      for videos! XD But be you bro love your vids. Also, very interesting about
      the low camera angle. I may prefer a higher angle.

    3. taj only says

      +Cee Major lmao it’s Scott style

    4. An Dinh says

      +stawg007 I think he made the video after he worked out. That’s why his
      voice was like that .If you noticed, sometimes he stopped to catch his

    5. edwin lovett says

      Maybe he went to Australia for a while, because that sounds like the accent
      he’s getting.

  3. Brandon Himself Vlogs says

    those spiderman pushups get intense

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Hell yeah. I like doing them for 1 minute straight. Really pushed me hard

    2. Brandon Himself Vlogs says

      Next chest day would make for a good way to finish the workout

    3. ScottHermanFitness says

      +BrandonFruscella yeah man.. I have a SICK finisher I am going to film
      realllly soon for chest!

    4. Brandon Himself Vlogs says

      ok sweet can’t wait to see it

    5. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Russ Parker It’s OK Russ 🙂

  4. taylormade playa says

    What’s with the Boston accent

  5. Brohanism says

    what exact shoes are you wearing?

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Brohanism ASIC WRESTLING

  6. Arcadiality says

    Thanks Scott. Love the accent, it reminds me of Matt Damon’s in The
    Departed film :)

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Arcadiality haha, yeah him and wahlberg both have it 🙂

    2. Arcadiality says

      +ScottHermanFitness I’m not taking the piss either. I’ve read some other
      comments and it seems to be the flavour of the month 🙂 I’m going to use
      your exercises at home on my gym rest days, for added benefit!

  7. Big E Fitness says

    great conditioning movements. BTW congrats on 800k subs

  8. Andrew Kapocius says

    Did this today, it was brutal I love it

  9. juan davila says

    all of these were in the insanity program, i did them all day and they show
    results, great job scott

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +juan davila Awesome Juan!

  10. Jake E says

    How does your accent get stronger in every single video?

  11. AugmentedRealities says

    Stop yelling at me dude I’ve already subbed! XD Great video :)

    1. Steven Labadie says

      if you think this is yelling check out marc lobliner at tiger fitness

  12. ZaediusRA1000 says

    are you from boston?

  13. Olle Nyrén says

    “And that’s how you do a groooiineeeh”

  14. Matiwe says

    “using my a’hms” Dude you are the MAN! I wish I lived wherever you live so
    I could train with you man !! Keep up the good work

  15. streamleazefishhouse says

    Burpees or fartees?

  16. sukhjit d says

    That was great!

  17. Jancarlo Rodriguez says

    Hey Scott I’m natural and train monday through friday in the gym. I love
    training but I’ve read so much that naturals shouldn’t train excessively
    because it could do more harm than good…

    My question is how can I incorporate this circuit in my routine? 3 times a
    week maybe? weights by morning bodyweight routine in the evening? thanks in
    advance man

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